Great Demon King

Chapter 757 Surrender

GDK 757: Surrender

With every breakthrough in demonic arts, Han Shuo’s soul characteristic would transform. When Han Shuo was still on Profound Continent, Han Shuo was nowhere as powerful as he was today. Therefore, the current ‘appearance’ of his consciousness was very much unlike that in the past.

However, it was not at all difficult for Han Shuo to modify his soul characteristics given how miraculous his consciousness was. As he walked into the Demon Mountain, his consciousness had started to transform to imitate its previous state back when Han Shuo fought Rose on the Profound Continent.

When Spider Goddess Rose saw that Han Shuo was still proceeding onwards even after hearing her warning, she felt annoyed and was ready to end Han Shuo’s life.

Although Rose must abide by the rules of the City of Shadows and she must not make unprovoked attacks on others, she was allowed to kill those who intrude into her territory and do not immediately leave after being warned.

Rose was about to fill the mountain with her darkness divine energy when she suddenly heard Han Shuo asked, “Remember me, Rose?” She immediately ceased her actions and sized up Han Shuo puzzlingly. Rose grew more and more suspicious as Han Shuo’s soul characteristic transformed. Then, when the transformation was complete, from within the cave, Rose’s chilling voice sounded, “So it is you!”

“That’s right. We have spoken with each other back on Profound Continent! What an honor that you still remember me. Very good, very good!” replied Han Shuo as he walked into the mountain unhurriedly, going deeper and deeper into the cave with complete disregard to the menacing danger within. Han Shuo added, “Oh, right, those divine essences here that you lost here, they were taken by me. You should remember that too, right?”

Rose was enraged. She sneered, “So you have come here offer your soul? I’d gladly take it!”

Multiple small spiders crawled out from the depths of the cave, went around Han Shuo and to the cave entrance behind him. The little spiders began spewing silks and sealed the opening in no time. The silk carried intense darkness divine energy.

Han Shuo could see everything that was happening behind his back. He knew that Rose intended to kill him. However, Han Shuo did not mind her action at all as he had no need to escape.

His stepping into the mountain was ample demonstration of his confidence!

While the small spiders were weaving webs to seal the entrance, Han Shuo flew through the winding tunnels at rapid speed and arrived at the large cavern that metal elite zombie previously visited. At the center of the cavern covered with spider web sat Rose’s enormous body. The pair of cold, ruthless eyes on her beautiful, alluring face was staring straight at Han Shuo ahead.

Any ordinary person would find the Spider Goddess attractive for her beautiful face if one could look past her enormous body. Her face was fair and seductive looking. She had eyes that glistened like dim moonlight and full lips as red as rose. No matter from any aspect, she had the face of beauty.

“Hey Rose, just curious; Why do you, a highgod, so insisting on staying in this cave out of the reach of sunlight?” asked Han Shuo nonchalantly after he walked into appearance with a smile and looked around the cavern.

Rose’s chilling gazes stared fixedly on Han Shuo but she did not answer Han Shuo’s question. From what Rose saw, Han Shuo was just a midgod. She couldn’t understand why a midgod would come to seek death.

Rose’s heart was filled with doubts and suspicion, especially when Han Shuo had revealed not a trace of fear. Having noticed this, although she hated Han Shuo to the bones, she dared not attack recklessly.

“I have come here with the intention of settling old debts!” Han Shuo continued when he saw that Rose was not answering his question. He gazed at Rose smilingly and said, “Back then on Profound Continent, you have nearly killed me using your slave called Adell. After that, you even had Adell defile my territory. Tell me, how do you want to settle that?”

“Me? Settle what?” Rose sneered, “You had repeatedly meddled with and wrecked my plans on that low-level material plan. You had even raped my follower to death! Then, after coming to this material plane, you stole my divine essences. And now you are asking me how I want to settle it? How dare you! I’ll tell you how I will settle this – I’ll take your life!”

“It seems that there is no divine essence left in your cave. Sigh, guess I won’t be getting much spoils of war this time,” said Han Shuo in a somewhat disappointed manner after he looked around the cave.

Those words were obviously very effective in provoking Rose. She could no longer repress her fury when she recalled about the divine essences Han Shuo stole from her. At once, she let out an ear-piercing shriek that reverberated through the Mountain.

Simultaneously, her big and sharp claws, as though enormous scimitars, came hacking at Han Shuo.

Her darkness divine energy flowed into her sharp, glistening claws like a fluid. Simultaneously, her darkness domain of divinity was deployed. The already murky dark cavern instantly fell into absolute darkness. The element of darkness gathered towards Rose’s domain of divinity from all directions. Every ray of light was consumed by darkness as the element of darkness gathered more and more.

Seeing the bizarre performance of Han Shuo’s and that fearless demeanor of his, Rose dared not take Han Shuo lightly. She put her full strength behind her first attack and had considered Han Shuo as an opponent of the same class!

Han Shuo stood still as he gazed straight at Rose with a calm face. It was when Rose’s claws was about to reach him that he finally unfurled the seventeen flying swords.

Following his thought, the seventeen flying swords dispersed from his back as though a peacock spreading its tail. All of Rose’s hacking claws were intercepted. Not only that the flying swords were sharper than her claws, but it also carried terrifying corrosive power and chilling aura. After a burst of clanking noises, Rose withdrew her claws at lightning speed.

When the flying swords made contact with her claws, immense corrosive power and chilling aura infiltrated her body through her claws. The darkness divine energy in the claw that was meant for killing Han Shuo was all used for resisting the corrosive power and chilling aura. The attack was ineffective.

Rose was fortunate to have used all her power in the first attack instead of underestimating Han Shuo for the misleading midgod strength he presented. Otherwise, Rose would have suffered a great setback in the very first blow.

“Youngster, what energy is it that you use? Why is your vision not affected? Also, why is your divine weapon so malicious?” shouted Rose after withdrawing her claws.

As soon as her claws made contact with the flying swords, she noticed the demonic yuan in them, a type of energy unfamiliar to her. She was also shocked by the malicious corrosive power and chilling aura on the flying swords. Now, after exchanging blows with Han Shuo, the more she looked at Han Shuo, the more he seemed unfathomably powerful!

“None of your business!” Han Shuo smiled mischievously. The seventeen flying swords hovering behind him suddenly launched forward and went straight for Spider Goddess Rose.

The seventeen flying swords whistled across the space, completely unaffected by the region of absolute darkness around Rose. They began revolving around Rose in the trajectory of Avici Godslaying Sword Formation. As Rose possessed mid-stage highgod strength, without access to Cauldron Spirit’s energy, Han Shuo had to put all his strength behind the attack.

The whistling noise made by the flying swords were ear-piercing. It was rather similar to the shrieks that Rose made. But clearly, the whistling noise made by the seventeen flying swords were much louder and lasted longer compared to Rose’s shriek.

The whistling noises made Rose felt uneasy. Rose did not hesitate. Her white hair that looked like spider silks started fluttering about. Little spiders glided across her white hair and flew out. After they landed, they would crawl rapidly towards Han Shuo. There were hundreds and thousands of those little spiders. The scene would give any observer a scalp-numbing sensation.

The little spiders held Rose’s darkness divine energy. It goes without saying that getting swarmed by the spiders will not be a delightful experience!

After launching the little spiders away with her long hair, her glistening claws begun waving about, forming a layer of barrier made of dark radiance around herself, firmly resisting Han Shuo’s seventeen flying swords.

Rose was afraid of the terrifying corrosiveness of Han Shuo’s seventeen flying swords. She did not forget to defend against the flying swords while using the little spiders to attack Han Shuo.

Although Han Shuo currently could not deploy ‘Ceaseless Pain’ as he could not borrow Cauldron Spirit’s energy, defending against the most basic form of Avici Godslaying Sword Formation would still be very challenging, especially when the seventeen flying swords carried immense corrosive power and chilling aura.

Cling! Clang! The seventeen flying swords struck on the barrier Rose formed by waving her claws. The corrosive power and chilling aura of the seventeen flying swords were consuming Rose’s darkness divine energy at an astonishing rate. It caused Rose to be in tremendous pain!

Rose wailed in her heart. She repeatedly commanded the hundreds and thousands of little spiders, asking them to quickly nibble Han Shuo to death.

Han Shuo sneered when he saw the chirping little spiders rushing towards him, “Rushing to seek death? Okay!”

Han Shuo casually grabbed a handful of Green Hypergolic Dust and threw it at the little spiders. As soon as the Dust made contact, the little spiders started burning with bright green flames. The Green Hypergolic Dust could set anything on fire. The hundreds and thousands of little spiders that were closely gathered were all set on fire when sprinkled by the Dust.

The Green Hypergolic Dust was also a malicious demonic weapon. Against those little spiders with mediocre vitality, the Green Hypergolic Dust was like an atomic bomb. As the green flames clattered their bodies, the little spiders would chirp and squeal in pain. The air was filled with the smell of something charring.

Spider Goddess Rose had her hope placed on the swarm of little spiders. When she saw that they were set on fire, her face jolted and her heart ached.

“I will kill you!” Rose let out yet another shriek as the little spiders were reduced into tiny dark chars in the sea of green flames. Suddenly, the enormous spider web that enveloped the entire cavern started swaying and covered down at Han Shuo. As the spider web covered a big area and it covered down at high speed too suddenly, Han Shuo couldn’t react in time.

Han Shuo was shrouded by the enormous spider web. The spider silks were alive and nimble. They would tighten and constrict around Han Shuo. A moment later, Han Shuo was tightly wrapped in spider web.

Rose, whose divine energy was being rapidly drained in defending against the seventeen flying swords, immediately sneered in a loud voice when she saw that Han Shuo was firmly trapped in her spider web. “Youngster, you are so dead!”

Upon finishing those words, Rose injected her darkness divine energy into the cavern. With the help of her darkness domain of divinity that enveloped the entire cavern, her darkness divine energy flowed into the spider silks wrapping around Han Shuo’s demonic body. They became even tougher and durable after being reinforced with the darkness divine energy.

While a portion of the spider silk trapped Han Shuo firmly, a small portion of it loosened up before shooting towards Han Shuo like sharp needles.

The Omen Invincible Body automatically deployed. The demonic art which Han Shuo had mastered to the second level was astonishing in its defensive power. The needle-like spider silks that went stabbing on Han Shuo’s demonic body seemed to have met an indestructible object. Sharp and clear ringing noises were heard but the spider silks couldn’t even pierce Han Shuo’s skin.

“Impossible!” shrieked Rose. She did not expect Han Shuo’s body to be so tough and her mind was thrown into small chaos.

Ting! Ting! Ting!…  Unwilling to admin failure so quickly, Rose continued sending more spider silks to stab Han Shuo. However, Han Shuo remained completely unharmed.

Although Han Shuo couldn’t escape from the spider silks, he remained calm and continue to attack Rose by maneuvering the seventeen flying swords. He even remarked in a contemptuous tone, “Stop wasting your energy. These spider silks can’t hold nearly enough divine energy to do me harm!”

“I don’t believe that every inch of your body is impregnable!” yelled Rose. The spider silks began crawling towards Han Shuo’s ears, nose, eyes, and every other orifice!

“Then I will convince you!” Han Shuo put on a faint smile. Then, using the insane control he had over his physical body, he started modifying his ears, nostrils, and other parts of his body. Small lumps of flesh suddenly sealed his orifices shut. The spider silks could do nothing to him.

If this attack of Rose’s landed on other gods, even Erebus and Aobashi, experts of the same strength as Rose, they would suffer injuries from head to toe, and very likely lose their life.

But unfortunately for Rose, her opponent was Han Shuo.

Han Shuo’s main body was incredibly tough in the first place. On top of that, after having reached the second level in his cultivation of Invincible Omen Body, the defensive power of his body had grown substantially. In addition, as the spider silks couldn’t hold too much darkness divine energy, Rose was not able to injure Han Shuo.

Rose felt as though she had met a monster after discovering that not only was Han Shuo invulnerable from head to toe, but he could even control his nostrils and ear canals with his mind. Naturally, she had never met a demonic art cultivator before. She never imagined that a person could possess such absolute control over their body.

Seeing that her attacks were ineffective, having exhausted a large amount of her divine energy to defend against the flying swords, the thought of retreating crept into her mind.

With the seventeen flying swords going around, Rose could not get close to Han Shuo to injure him. Seeing that Han Shuo was firmly restrained by her spider silks, she thought that Han Shuo couldn’t do much to stop her from leaving. Now would be the perfect opportunity to escape!

“Youngster, I will remember you. Not going to keep you company any longer. But I will look for you to get my revenge sooner or later!” said Rose after she shot a glare at Han Shuo with her chilling, sinister eyes.

Seeing that Rose wanted to leave, Han Shuo started to struggle free of the spider silks wrapping him. However, Han Shuo could not exert his full strength as the seventeen flying swords needed the support of his demonic yuan. As the spider silks were reinforced with Rose’s darkness divine energy and there were layers wrapped around him, he could not immediately free himself.

“Our battle today is only a draw. I have spent too much divine energy and there are a few attacks that I couldn’t deploy. Next time, next time I’ll get you!” said Rose as she tried to leave.

Although Rose said that it was a draw, she knew in her heart that she had lost. If she does not leave, not only that she had no way of injuring Han Shuo, but her divine energy would be exhausted by the seventeen flying swords sooner or later. When that happens, she will be dead without a doubt.

“You cannot escape, Rose!” After wriggling a few times and unable to free himself, Han Shuo sent one of the flying swords attacking Rose back to himself to cut away the spider silks rapidly.

The spider silks were indeed quite tough. Each slash of the sword could only cut a few threads. It would take some time to cut away all the spider silks with just one flying sword.

However, Rose clearly won’t wait for Han Shuo. After one of the flying swords flew off, the pressure on Rose decreased substantially. Not wasting any words with Han Shuo, she ran for the exit while defending herself against the sixteen flying swords. She would strike on the cave wall with her claws and cause large rocks to fall and block the flying swords.

With his thought, Han Shuo had all remaining sixteen flying swords fly back to him. The seventeen flying swords then rapidly revolved around him to cut off the spider threads.

Soon enough, Han Shuo was free. He expanded his consciousness and instantly sensed the direction Rose was escaping towards. He immediately activate the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens and went after her. Rose had consumed an enormous amount of her divine energy. It was the best time to eliminate her. If Han Shuo was to missout on the opportunity, it wouldn’t be easy to find her again.

Although Rose was fast, Han Shuo was even faster. When she was just a few hundred kilometers away from the Mountain, Han Shuo was standing in her path. Without a word, he deployed the seventeen flying swords. The moment that Rose was trapped by the flying swords, he charged towards Rose with the Demonslayer Edge in his hand.

“Wait! Actually, there is no hostility between us that cannot be resolved. I don’t want those divine essences anymore!” Rose had truly lost her head when she saw Han Shuo charging towards her ferociously but she couldn’t win and couldn’t run. Her tone began to soften up.

Han Shuo did not budge. His eyes continue to stare fixedly at Rose and his face remained callous. It was clear that Han Shuo was not letting her off.

“I surrender. I will be your servant!” Rose cried out in panic when she saw Han Shuo remained staunch on killing her.

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