Great Demon King

Chapter 768: The stage is now ours

GDK 768: The stage is now ours

The intense explosion at the city gate instantly killed several dozen divine guards and sent pieces of their bodies flying all around. The rumbling noise as though a mountain was collapsing had alerted everyone in the city. The city gate of Hushveil City failed to withstand the fierce blast and was shattered.

“Hurry!” cried Han Shuo softly. He raised the power of his demonic weapons to their maximum, attacking all the House of Simon divine guards swarming at them.

At this moment, Westin and Chandler who had been hiding in energy towers all along, simultaneously descended. They jointly attacked Han Shuo and Rose.

The seventeen flying swords suddenly appeared before Han Shuo and weaved a screen made of light, completely shielding Han Shuo from the space in front of him. They also blocked Westin and Chandler’s attacks.

Rose knew that this move of Han Shuo’s was mainly to buy her time. As long as Westin and Chandler were both blocked, the average divine guards who were being held up by the numerous demonic weapons cannot obstruct her from leaving.

Seeing Han Shuo risking his life at such a perilous moment to buy time for her to escape, a most bizarre feeling arose in her heart. She turned to take a quick, grateful look at Han Shuo who was obstructing Westin and Chandler in a callous and handsome face before leaving.

With the two powerful highgods held up by Han Shuo and most of the divine guards being violently attacked by demon generals and demon weapons, Rose did not face much pressure when leaving. She defended herself from the attacks of normal highgod and successfully crossed the hole in the city gate. She had finally escaped from Hushveil City.

Suddenly, Han Shuo’s face jolted. He immediately flew towards the opening to leave Hushveil City.

“DIE!!!” a violent roar filled with rage came from the distance. A dark spear streaked across the sky like a dark bolt of thunder rapidly moving towards Han Shuo. It carried an astonishing amount of darkness divine energy.

Westin and Chandler, hearing the roar, exerted even more pressure at Han Shuo. They were determined to capture Han Shuo.

Westin was a mid-stage highgod while Chandler was an early-stage highgod. Although defending against their attacks was not easy, it wasn’t too difficult. The seventeen flying swords could disintegrate their attacks just by weaving streaks of light.

The dark spear that came like lightning, however, was far more powerful. In addition, as many divine guards were moving to the city gate to seal the hole, if Han Shuo was to focus all his strength on defending against the spear, he might lose the chance of leaving the city.

The dark spear arrived like a shadow before the seventeen flying swords fighting Westin and Chandler could move to Han Shuo’s back. Han Shuo promptly came to a difficult decision. With all his strength, he charged at the city gate that will soon be fully blocked by divine guards.

His two hands constantly moved about, blocking off the constant streams of ranged attacks. The Invincible Omen Body would also automatically deploy. The attacks of midgods could not inflict any damage even when they scored a direct hit on Han Shuo.

Pow! When the spear was instants from making contact, the Demonslayer Edge pierced through the cloth on Han Shuo’s back and appeared to catch the attack.

A burst of ferocious and wild darkness divine energy surged into Han Shuo through the Demonslayer Edge. The Invincible Omen Body instantly deployed to resist the onslaught of the darkness divine energy. This all-out attack from Hushveil City’s City Lord Hofs was overwhelming. Even the Invincible Omen Body could not neutralize all of its destructive power.

An area on Han Shuo’s back suddenly caved in as though a flat piece of metal deformed after being struck by a bullet. Han Shuo felt pain rising from his chest and a metallic taste in his mouth. Blood flowed out from his mouth, forming two trails of blood from the tips of his lips.

Immediately, Han Shuo realized that he had suffered injuries after taking the all-out attack of this late-stage highgod.

Han Shuo was fortunate that the Invincible Omen Body had dissolved most of the power in the attack. Otherwise, the powerful strike would surely pierce a hole through Han Shuo’s chest and severely reduce his fighting power.

Han Shuo did a quick inspection of his body’s condition and immediately understood that the injuries sustained were not critical. Using the momentum of Hofs’ dark spear, Han Shuo boosted his speed and traveled towards the city gate at an even faster rate. Simultaneously, the seventeen flying swords flew away from Westin and Chandler to help Han Shuo defend against the attacks of the divine guards all around him.

Han Shuo’s figure streaked through the hole in the city gate as though a lightning bolt. He went through in a flash. Outside the gate was Rose, waiting for him anxiously.

“Hushveil City Lord is here. Fly!” shouted Han Shuo as he grabbed Rose’s hand. He then activated the Art of Demonic Ninth Heaven, boosted his airspeed using Cauldron Spirit’s energy, and turned into a trail of hardly visible shadow that rapidly vanished into the distance.

Hofs, the City Lord of Hushveil City, possessed late-stage highgod strength. Han Shuo believed that in a one-to-one battle, with access to the seventeen flying swords and Cauldron Spirit’s energy, he will not lose to Hofs.

But currently, other than Hofs, Westin and Chandler were also present. Also, more highgods of Hushveil City were quickly rushing to their aid. It was clear to Han Shuo that having a duel with Hofs at the city gate was anything but sensible.

If Han Shuo was surrounded by that large number of highgods, it will be impossible for Han Shuo to escape without using Demonic Blood Disassemble which would cause tremendous damages to his body. Han Shuo would try to avoid using the harmful demonic technique especially now when his progress in the cultivation of demonic arts was slow.

Rose possessed mid-stage highgod strength and could fly faster than most people. However, compared to Hofs behind her who also cultivated in the energy of darkness but possessed late-stage highgod strength, Han Shuo believed that Hofs would be able to catch up to Rose. As he could fly even faster by borrowing Cauldron Spirit’s strength, Han Shuo decided to pull Rose with him.

In an instant, the two ghostly shadows outside Hushveil City vanished among the dense growth of ancient trees and shrubs.

Hofs, Westin, and a few experts of their family clans hastily went after Han Shuo and Rose. Hofs wore a malevolent face. As he shot through the air, he angrily commanded, “Find them! I’ve hit that youngster with my spear. They won’t be able to run far! Whoever managed to kill them will take Eugene’s seat!”

The patriarchs two other family clans finally arrived at the city gate and heard Hofs’ scream by coincidence. It woke them up from staring foolishly at the scene of devastation at the city wall. As soon as they came to their senses, the led their divine guards and joined the hunt.

Hofs was at the front of the party. Westin, Chandler, and a few other highgods were shooting in the direction Han Shuo and Rose escaped at extreme speed.

Countless divine guards were lost during the havoc in Hushveil City. The attackers had not only managed to eliminate their targets, they even managed to escape from the City. If the news of this were to spread, Hofs would lose all his face and prestige in the Darkness Dominion. The status of his House of Hofley in Hushveil City would also be jeopardized. It would be a most undesirable situation for Hofs.

Westin, the patriarch of the House of Simon, was also enraged. His family clan was responsible for securing the city gate Han Shuo and Rose broke through. The fact that the duo had managed to break free from the heavy fortification and encirclement was simply a great insult to his family clan. He also knew that after the event, given Hofs’ temperament, Hofs will surely punish his family clan for failing to secure the city gate.

But none of those things could compare to the pain in losing the elite divine guards that his House of Simon spend tens of thousands of years to recruit, nurture, and assemble. The enormous explosion at the city gate alone had taken more than a hundred lives of his divine guards. With more than two hundred of their extremely valuable elite divine guards losing their lives, the strength of his House of Simon significantly reduced. How could Westin not feel angry about it?

Numerous experts of Hushveil City left the City and entered the mountain range right beside it.

Without energy towers and boundary towers covering every inch of the land, with the presence of countless ancient, towering trees, hills, and mountains where Han Shuo and Rose could hide, finding the two became a hundred times more difficult for those experts of Hushveil City.

Rose was being pulled away by Han Shuo who was flying like a missile. At first, she felt very nervous as she saw that Hofs and other highgods of Hushveil City were chasing after them. But gradually, she noticed that the highgods of Hushveil City were dragged further and further behind. She also noticed that not only Han Shuo did not slow down, but he was still picking up speed. It seemed as though Han Shuo knew the mountain range well. He would constantly change his travel direction and cause their pursuers to lag further and further behind.

Rose was finally at ease.

With that, Rose could finally start thinking about other things. She soon noticed the tight grip of Han Shuo’s big and rough hand. It was strong and warm. She could feel every pulse of his that was filled with power. She suddenly noticed the sweat on her palm and realized that she had been too nervous.

Rose turned to look at Han Shuo who was just inches away. She noticed the unswerving determination on Han Shuo’s steady face. She saw the calmness and confidence on Han Shuo’s lips stained with his own blood, the well-defined shapes on his handsome face, and the kick-ass, callous demeanor of a real man.

At this moment, even the trails of blood on the corners of Han Shuo’s lips seemed so charming. Although Rose wanted to help him wipe off the blood, she did not. She merely stared foolishly at Han Shuo as imagination ran wild in her mind.

Perhaps only a man like him could stand tall above the world!

After having gone through so many deadly situations with Han Shuo, not only that Rose no longer feel any prejudice against him, she even felt very admiring of his tenacious and unyielding attitude. He was firm, decisive, always steady, unscrupulous in achieving his goals, and had many other excellent qualities. To add to the boundless potential and terrifying strength he displayed, how could a person like him not be successful?

Han Shuo did not notice Rose’s gaze at all. He was focused on flying, escaping, and thinking about his next course of action. He knew that given how astonishing their deeds had been, they would become enemies with Hushveil City. Even if they changed their appearances and gone into hiding, Hofs will eventually discover their identities.

Having suffered such humiliation, there was no way that Hushveil City would be willing to let him and Rose off. Han Shuo knew they were bound to be his enemy. Therefore, he started considering how to weaken Hushveil City as much as possible, cutting the strength of Hofs and his family clan so that they would have no time or energy to seek vengeance.

Suddenly, Han Shuo turned around to look at Rose and said, “In the mountain range, we are the hunters. Those chasing after us have dispersed. The stage is now ours!”

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