Great Demon King

Chapter 881: Slaughterhouse

GDK 881: Slaughterhouse

Hofs and Larikson thought that there was nothing in the Han Residence that could harm them. They assumed that Kinu’s highgod thunderbolts had destroyed all the defenses after seeing that the Residence was revealed.

As the mist dissipated, the members of the House of Han were revealed. They seemed anxious and terrified. This was all the more evidence to Hofs and Larikson that the House of Han had run out of tricks. If both Hofs and Larikson, the strongest and most experienced experts in the army could be fooled, then the rest of the army would be even more clueless.

Therefore, on Hofs’ mark, all of Hushveil City’s divine guards and Larikson’s elite experts charged towards the Han Residence that was unveiling from the mist.

But this time, those on the frontlines were not the divine guards from Hushveil City, but they were Hofs, Larikson, and those highgods that Larikson brought. Unlike the previous battles, the strongest were at the very front. Perhaps the glistening wealth that the House of Han had accumulated all these years had blinded them.

These experts had remained passive throughout the assault. But when the Han Residence appeared defenseless, propelled by greed, they charged to the fore, wanting to loot all the wealth and resources that the House of Han had.

The gang led by Hofs and Larikson went into the Han Residence in just an instant. Having the same objective, they flew towards the tallest and most magnificent building where Phoebe and the others were.

“Hahaha! Welcome to the slaughterhouse!” Gilbert laughed maniacally before he shouted, “Reactivate the formations!”

Everywhere in the Residence, beams of sinister purple-red lights suddenly lit up from the ground and shot towards the sky. It seemed as though a giant whirlpool of tremendous suction power was being generated. The mist that had dissipated re-converged in an instant. The Han Residence was yet again shrouded by a thick mist.

Simultaneously, chilling winds started blowing fiercely as ear-piercing shrieks spiked throughout the air. The Han Residence was flooded with all sorts of sinister energies in an instant. The energies engulfed every living thing within range and allowed none to leave the giant meat grinder.

Hofs instantly sensed that something was horribly wrong. “Oh shit! Everyone retreat at once!”

His command, however, came too late. Most of the remaining Hushveil City divine guards he brought had entered the Han Residence. There were merely a dozen or so who were still outside the Residence. They were the weakest of the army and therefore were pulled far behind by their comrades.

Larikson was stunned. The ferocious energies that were flooding the area made him feel threatened. He also realized that he had yet again fallen into his enemy’s trap as though he was their puppet. It was a terrible feeling.

Strange, eerie noises started playing in every region before bizarre energies suddenly started manifesting. The demonic formations had begun to operate. The hallucinating, corrosive, and soul-attacking effects erupted from those formations and firmly enveloped the trespassers.

It was as though a giant meat grinder had been switched on. Bizarre columns of lights started flying all around, covering the formation like a giant spider web that could cut its attackers into chunks. At the center of the formations was the Han Residence where the members of the House of Han were watching. From the top of the tallest structure, they could see the horrifying situation all around them. They were pleased to see the trespassers being shredded to pieces.

The members of the House of Han were gathered in a meeting room where they could observe the deadliness of those demonic formations safely without being affected. Torn bodies, limbs and organs could be seen splattering everywhere. They also saw the attackers make their final struggle and heard them shriek miserably as they perished.

At this moment, all those valiant-looking divine guards of Hushveil City seemed as weak as newborn infants. They were helpless against the myriad of attacks and energies they had never seen before. Resistance was futile.

“Brilliant! Just brilliant! That’s what they deserve for intruding our Han Residence!” laughed Gilbert as he watched the bloodbath. He also explained the miraculous features of certain demonic formations to Stratholme, Candide, and the others.

Other than Bollands, Gilbert, and Sanguis, no one else in the room had any real understanding of the demonic formations deployed around the Han Residence. Even Phoebe, Emily, and the others had no clue how to operate them. Before the demonic formations were activated, the members of the House of Han were feeling somewhat concerned even though they had confidence in the defenses Han Shuo deployed.

But now, after having witnessed its destructiveness with their own eyes, they finally understood why Gilbert and Sanguis would be so optimistic.

By then, Stratholme, Ayermike, Phobe, and the others were so astonished that they were at a loss for words. They had yet again witnessed Han Shuo’s magic and had considered Han Shuo as a supernatural being who would always make miracles. They became even more convinced of Han Shuo’s invincibility.

“Hehe, although it’s gratifying to watch them die, it’s even more so to kill them with my own hands!” said Sanguis with a malevolent grin before he suddenly leaped into one of the demonic formations and butchered the visitors with his broadsword glowing with blood-red radiance.

After Sanguis, Bolland flew into the demonic formation without saying a word. Killing intent erupted from his body. A long, slender flying sword flashed and sliced one of the hallucinating divine guards into two.

Stratholme, Ayermike, and the others were excited and they too wanted to join Sanguis and Bollands. But thankfully, Gilbert stopped them in time, “Don’t go in there! The demonic formations can’t tell friend from foe. It could kill you!”

“Huh? Then why is it that Sanguis and Bollands are doing just fine there?” asked Phoebe with a brow raised.

“Before Master left, he taught the three of us how to traverse the demonic formations without being affected. It’s very complicated and one must not take a single wrong step. The two of them had memorized everything by heart. That’s why they could walk around the formations without being affected.” Then, Gilbert put on an embarrassed smile and said, “As for me, well, I couldn’t remember all those steps and directions. That’s why I’m not going down there. And neither should you all.”

Stratholme, Emily, and the others stared blankly for a moment. After hearing the explanation, they looked at each other and gave up on entering the demonic formations.

They had seen the horrifying conditions of their attackers. Even Larikson and Hofs were unable to escape from the demonic formations’ effects. They realized that they should not take unnecessary risks.

“Bryan is truly amazing. Hundreds have died in the demonic formations. I guess we have nothing to worry about!” remarked Phoebe smilingly. She finally seemed somewhat at ease.

The party nodded and smiled after hearing her words as though the formidable threat had already been neutralized.

“Do not lower your guard! The demonic formations are supported by Yuan Energies and the demon general energy that Master placed before he left. Master had said that the demonic formations can’t run indefinitely. After Sanguis and Bollands have enough fun, before the formations run out of energy, we will still have to evacuate!” warned Gilbert.

The party that was momentarily relaxed immediately returned to the tense mood. They understood the dire situation they were in.

“Gilbert, how long can the formation last?” asked Stratholme with his brows bunched.

“That’s hard to say. It depends on how rapidly the Yuan Energy is being consumed. But anyway, the demonic formation has a limited amount of energy and will stop running once it’s exhausted. We need to leave before it runs out of juice, while Hofs and Larikson are still trapped. The sooner we leave the better.”

Gilbert suddenly sighed and mumbled, “Hell, how I wish Master was here. Then all of those motherfuckers would be fucking dead! Sigh…”

“Then we have no time to waste. Gilbert, inform Sanguis and Bollands that once we have gathered everyone, we will immediately activate the airship and leave Fort Lasberg,” commanded Emily gravely.

“Don’t worry, Sanguis and Bollands know that we need to leave,” said Gilbert as he nodded.

Emily, Phobe, Stratholme, and the others then hastily issued commands, gathering everyone at a secret underground chamber beneath the building.

Multiple shadows shot around the building and entered every room, assembling every divine guard of the House of Han at the secret chamber which was connected to an evacuation tunnel.

Meanwhile, Sanguis and Bollands traversed across various regions of the demonic formation. They avoided Larikson, Hofs, and the other highgods and slaughtered those attackers who possessed merely midgod strengths.

Sanguis and Bollands looked ferocious as they were drenched in their enemies’ blood. They were enjoying the killing spree.

When the two were about to lose themselves, Gilbert shouted at them from the building, “Sanguis, old guy, it’s time to leave!” The two soon regained their rationality and flew back into the building. They then went to the underground tunnel with Gilbert.

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