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Seeing her lying on the bed, Jiang Yuning slowly laid down too. It was the first time he laid on a bed with a girl. He felt so nervous and shy.

“Xi, do you want anything to eat?”

He turned to look at Nian Xi. Feeling that she was too far away from him, he moved slightly closer to her without thinking. In the end, he accidentally touched her hand.

He wasn’t prepared for that. He flinched, worrying that Nian Xi might think he was trying to do something to her on the bed. As she made no reaction, he sighed with relief.

At that moment, he heard a man and a woman gasping. He turned to the screen and saw a man a woman kissing passionately. The man’s hands were all over the woman’s body. It was nothing like the way he kissed Nian Xi.

His face and ears turned red, but he didn’t turn his eyes away from the screen.

Nian Xi was feeling awkward too. She knew that Uncle Han wouldn’t pick a normal film.

She turned to glare at Jiang Yuning, but found him staring at the screen without blinking.

“Jiang Yuning…” Nian Xi kicked his leg and said, “Did you take me here to watch this kind of film on purpose?”

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“No.” Jiang Yuning shook his head quickly.

“But you seem to be enjoying it.” Nian Xi snorted.

As her voice faded, the man and the woman on the screen had started some further interactions. Not much flesh was seen, but the arousing postures and the breathing sound all pointed out the theme.

Jiang Yuning suddenly felt hot. He hurriedly sat up and took off his coat.

“What are you doing…” Nian Xi gave a start, looking at him vigilantly.

“I’m feeling hot. I think the air isn’t flowing in this room,” said Jiang Yuning with a dry voice.

Hearing that, Nian Xi started feeling hot too.

However, the theater was a public place. Nian Xi figured the film wouldn’t go too far.

Thankfully, the man and the woman stopped making out. However, they started to have sex.

Nian Xi couldn’t bear watching it. She sat up, picked up the remote control and stopped playing the film.

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Jiang Yuning sighed with relief. He felt bad about his mistake. “Xi, you pick a film,” he said.

At last, Nian Xi picked a Hollywood movie that was released not long ago. Jiang Yuning rarely watched movies like that, but he was willing to watch anything that Nian Xi liked.

“Xi, would you like some fruit?”

“Yeah, bring me some.” Nian Xi found watching a movie on the bed, enjoyable. Being a police officer was a demanding job. She always felt tired. But now, she relaxed like a lazy cat.

Jiang Yuning fawningly served fruit to her. “Which one would you like?”

Seeing the grapefruit on the plate, Nian Xi recalled how Nian Junting always asked Luosang to peel grapefruit for him. With that thought, she said to Jiang Yuning, “Peel me some grapefruit.”

“Sure.” Jiang Yuning carefully peeled it, but he wasn’t good at it. As he finally finished peeling the fruit and handed it to Nian Xi, she opened her mouth and said, “Feed me.”

Jiang Yuning paused for a few seconds, then hurriedly said, “Sure, you are my queen. I should be feeding you. You didn’t need to remind me that.”

“Good boy.” Nian Xi loved it.

She thought for a moment, took a picture, then sent it to Nian Junting, along with a message—’Brother, my boyfriend is peeling grapefruit for me. All I need to do is open my mouth.’

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“Xi, eating grapefruit must have made you tired. Here, have some lemonade,” said Jiang Yuning.

Nian Xi took a sip of the drink and tasted the sweetness of honey.

“Why lemonade?” she said.


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