Guild Wars
Chapter 943: Recuperation Before Meeting Family

Draco and Eva woke up simultaneously, finding that they were weakly lying in a bed. There were many people in white robes that looked like a mixture between clergy and clerics.

The Evil Duo easily identified them as bishops of the Church of Light, which also told of their location!

The only question was, how did they get here?

When the clerics around them noticed that they had finally woken up, they showed relief and excitement. Immediately, one of the lower-ranked altar boys rushed out to fetch someone while the others distanced themselves from Draco and Eva rather than move over to check their condition.

This naturally puzzled the Evil Duo, but it was the least of their worries now. Their physical and mental condition right now was utterly terrible, as if they were crippled, but they also knew that this was not the case.

It was just some lingering damage from the attack they suffered that was continuously gnawing at their bones and foundation, trying to slow down their healing. However, now that they were awake, Draco used Destruction Energy to destroy such remnants in both their bodies while Eva used Creation to repair the damage done to them.

As such, before the altar boy could return with whoever he went looking for, the Evil Duo were already healed and chipper. Naturally, they rose up and made to leave their beds, but someone familiar hurriedly stopped them.

"Lord Draco and Lady Riveting Night, there is no need to move so quickly given your injuries."

The familiar face was naturally Madam Carrie, one of the top echelons of the Church of Light who had once traded the Dragon's Blessing potion for a Divine Chest, and top-grade Aether Crystals for Light Dragon scales.

She was a very good friend of Draco and Eva who had certainly helped them when they were young and weak, so they naturally felt at ease seeing her.

"Madam Carrie, it's good to see you again after so long. How is everything?" Draco asked amiably.

Madam Carrie smiled. "Everything is going well, but we're still making preparations for the upcoming Demon Invasion in 3 years. It's a bit different this time with you Immortal Adventurers around."

Eva's eyes flashed. "More than just different. I can assure you that if things go well, this should be the last Demon Invasion for a long time."

Madam Carried sighed. "I guessed as much. You little fellows grew so quickly, and I hear that even the older ones are Rank 3 now. It might pale before most demon forces who are Rank 5 and above, but with your numbers and resurrection, even this should significantly change the outcome."

"However, the main problem is still our top-level power being insufficient. We don't have enough Rank 7's compared to the Demons, not to mention that there are those damned Four Horsemen." Madam Carrie added with a cold face.

For her to swear, it showed just how much she hated the Four Horsemen. And why wouldn't she, they were the main problem with the Demon Invasion and was why the Main Plane would be reduced to a few people to repopulate each time.

Those fellows didn't even need to swing a sword, all they had to do was ride around and enjoy the scenery, and everyone else would eat the dirt eventually.

They spread endless debuffs of different kinds to anyone within their 30 km radius. What was cruel about this was that the debuffs checked every second, so even if you resisted them once, you might get struck by it after the second, third or hundredth check.

Otherwise, Richmond and co would have long killed them where they stood. The Four Horsemen were not that strong in terms of fighting or physique, but their debuffs were their main way of attacking and it was toxic and cancerous.

Who would dare to go and stand before them when every second they were being checked? No one had the kind of endurance or resistance that could perfectly block every debuff every time.

Not even the current Draco and Eva had that, but they didn't care anyway. They could just bomb the fellows to death from afar with their power, who said they need to get close?

"Don't worry, our plan also deals with them permanently," Draco assured with a nod.

Madam Carrie seemed moved by this. "I trust you two. Not only do you have a strange agreement with the Gods, but you revived the Dragon race and gained access to the Ancestral Dragon City. It's impossible for the Demons to have their way like before."

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Eva snorted. "If they were smart, they would run away and never come back. The kind of firepower that the city has is well known, not to mention that there are actual Dragons inhabiting it now."

Madam Carrie laughed. "*if* they were smart. Demons are not known for their intelligence. From their point of view, the opening of the city is a blessing because now they have an extra target to raid, and one that is extremely lucrative."

"As for the Dragons, they are good loot in the eyes of the upper echelons. The Demons have been slaughtering us for millennia, so they had long adopted a winner mentality that nothing can go wrong."

"To them, there is nothing that cannot be solved by throwing low-level Demons at it like a swarm. The Demon Realm is choked with them, so by doing this, they are relieving population issues." Madam Carrie finished with a shake of her head.

Draco and Eva nodded but did not continue the topic. Rather, they asked: "Right, who brought us here? And how long have we been here?"

Madam Carrie sighed. "The person who brought you here was one of your guild's core members called Sublime Notion. She said that they had exhausted every way to heal or at least wake you up, yet nothing showed any signs of working. Given our reputation, they came to us in the hopes we might have a way."

"As for the time, it should have been a week since you were brought here. I don't know how long you spent at your place though."

Draco and Eva's faces became extremely ugly. What a good World Will of the Eternal World!

It had truly shown them what consequences were! Such a heavy-handed punishment was truly unnecessary in the Evil Duo's opinion.

It was just a little bit of greed, not like they had harmed its interests or killed its family. Why go so far? Did it not think that all its hard work to build a relationship with them would go down the drain?

The thing was, the World Will really didn't think like that. It had dealt damage based on the state Draco and Eva were in when they left, and that damage was supposed to do two things, push them away, and deal light damage on the level of merely frazzling their hair.

Alas, how was it supposed to know that they had sealed themselves? What should have been taser-tier damage had turned into a literal lightning strike to the average person.

They were half-lucky to be alive and half-lucky to be able to get up again. Of course, the issue here was that Draco and Eva did not know these underlying facts, so their goodwill towards the World Will had naturally been strangled to death.

After all, they were far pettier than they were grateful.

"Alright, we won't keep you anymore then. It was great to catch up with you guys, but I'm sure you have things to do and you seem surprisingly well enough despite your earlier condition." Madam Carrie spoke with a strange look.

Draco and Eva smiled and jumped to their feet, stunning some of the other bishops who thought given their prior state, they should still be on the verge of death for many months to come. However, Madam Carrie shook her head with no surprise on her face, only a knowing smile.

Draco and Eva bowed as thanks to Madam Carrie before leaving through teleportation. Draco did not open a portal this time because that was rude, but warping was generally fine.

Madam Carrie watched them leave with a slight smile.

"Sigh, I once tried to apply to let them enter The Divine Realm, feeling that they could do something to alleviate the situation there, but I was rejected and even demoted."

A sneer appeared on her kind features that looked out of place. "I wonder how much those old codgers must be regretting looking down on these two geniuses. Hmph, want to use me to curry favor with them? Too late!"

Saying her mind, she got up and left, not caring about the bishops who heard her rant and would likely relay it to their masters for favor. In fact, them doing that might be exactly what she wanted.


Draco and Eva appeared in Vita Kingdom, right in Sublime's admin room. There, the Lolitician was using her nonsensical chest torpedo to sling young Kiran's flagpole.

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Draco immediately vomited while Eva screamed and clawed her eyes. They then rushed out of the room while Sublime and Kiran looked over with embarrassment… but she didn't stop.

Instead, she was confused even as she continued to squeeze Kiran's sausage between her two watermelons, which left the fellow sweating and red-faced as he tried to hold on.

She could understand why Eva was damaged, as she had just seen her best friend doing the deed with Kiran who was her subordinate. However, why did Draco react that way?

Unbeknownst to Sublime, Draco took her as his literal big sis thanks to the previous timeline and saw her as his family, so seeing your sister doing it with one of your pals… yeah.

Draco and Eva stood outside with pale faces, immediately deleting the memory from their minds, but also keeping the mental suggestion that something was going on in the room that they absolutely did not want to see.

Draco shook his head and decided to cast out his mind, but immediately regretted it. Almost all the core members seemed to be romantically busy today, as if a love bug had struck the entire group.

He sighed and simply entered the Anomaly Realm with Eva at the bowels of the Aether Palace. There, he saw a giant mansion that acted as an office and intermediary for the Morningstar family and world.

When the Evil Duo got close to the building, they saw that it was quite busy. After all, the Morningstar Universe was still in the Main Plane and the Ancestral Dragon City had just been opened.

Even if they had been scarred by Sigurd's sudden attack, they still wanted to enjoy their territory and the benefits that came with it, not to mention there was a lot of management involved in order to get it up and running fully.

Draco met with Hoover who was busily working on his various duties and then received an update from him. After doing so, the Evil Duo naturally entered the Morningstar Universe.

Sensing that Zaine, Hikari, and Roma were here along with his children, Draco and Eva rushed over. When they also sensed his presence, the three converged near Eva's Heavenly Palace, bringing the family together finally.

Hikari and Roma directly rushed over to hug Draco while Zaine was more reserved, but you could see the glowing happiness on her face.

"Well, well, look at you three. I've been gone only a few months and see how beautiful you've all become. Are you trying to kill me with happiness?" Draco teased them with a smile.

Roma and Hikari blushed while Zaine simply laughed and grabbed Draco by the ass and squeezed it like a hooligan. Draco blushed and became bashful while Loki who was in Zaine's arms cringed.

"Ew, Mom, what was that!" He cried out in indignation.

"Dear, your mother is simply firmly grasping what's hers," Zaine stated proudly.

Loki was left speechless by that. Rosella levitated behind Roma, gazing at Draco with reverence and bashfulness. She was clearly extremely shy of her father, who was like a mountain in her heart.

Kuro flew over from behind Hikari and landed atop Draco's head, digging on and comfortably laying down. He then puffed a mist of Destruction Energy from comfort and satisfaction, making Draco chuckle.

Rosella looked on with envy, wishing she could also do the same. Draco noticed his daughter's longing and simply grabbed her into his arms, which made her yelp with surprise and then whimper in shyness.

"My cute little daughter, why are you hiding from me? Is it that you don't love me anymore?" Draco asked with sadness on his face.

Rosella panicked and seem flustered, quickly shaking her head. "N-No Esteemed Father, it's not that!"

Draco then smiled at her. "Is that so? Then come, come, tell Papa how much you love me."

Rosella became shy again. "I… I love you a lot Esteemed- Papa…"

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Draco laughed gaily and kissed Rosella's chubby cheeks, which also made his daughter laugh. Seeing this sight, the women smiled and their hearts became soft.

Draco might not always be around but when he was, he always showed his children the maximum amount of love.

Loki by the side looked like he didn't care, but his heart was itching to be pampered too. Obviously, Draco could read his tsundere son like an open book, so he grabbed the fellow as well and brought him into his embrace.

Loki made a token resistance and eventually succumbed 'unwillingly', but deep down he was thoroughly satisfied. With Rosella in his right arm and Loki in his left, along with Kuro on top of his head, Draco was the happiest man in the world.

"Come my children, let Papa show you some amazing stuff." Draco said as he took the group out of the Morningstar World and into the Main Plane.

After using a portal to warp everyone away, he took them on a tour of the Cario Continent, especially special locations and Dungeons where significant events happened in the past timeline that would likely not happen in this one.

He also noticed that his babes who were still stuck at Rank 5 had not made any progress, and his children had yet to reach the age where they could start accumulating experience and climb the ranks.

So just like before, Draco went to an open patch of the sea near Cario Continent that connected it with another nearby landmass called the Elemental Land, which, as its name implied, was a place populated by elemental species.

It had a very low player presence as getting here was tough, most of the monsters in the water were Rank 4 to Rank 6, and Elementals were mostly xenophobic.

Besides, there were no 'monsters' on their land, only various types of Elementals. They could be NPCs at one moment, willing to trade and even assign you Quests and they could be monsters at another, hostile and able to drop experience as well as loot based on their elemental affiliation.

Such a chaotic place was definitely not stable enough for guilds and players to grow, so no one really bothered. It was in the sea area here that Draco appeared above with Eva, his three beauties, and his three kids.

"Watch and learn my lovely boys and girl." Draco smirked slightly as he raised his hand.

He channeled Bloodline Energy into his Destruction branch specifically, not his Black Dragon Destruction abilities like before. As such, not only was there no delay, the output was far greater, more controlled, and far purer.

Even Kuro who was on his head shivered in fright when he felt the ball of Destruction Energy Draco was conjuring above them, feeling that even he, a Black Dragon with Destruction immunity, would likely feel a sting from that.

Hikari especially reacted the strongest, feeling like her Creation abilities were greatly suppressed. After all, Draco and Eva's bloodlines had reached the Eternal level and after being sealed, it was around Rank 7 to True God level power.

When the ball was only the size of a small car, Draco threw it down and watched it smash the bottom of the sea. Just like before, his immaculate control allowed the Destruction Energy to only seek monsters and living targets, so neither the seabed nor the water was turning into nothingness, just the things that populated it.

The Destruction wave spread far and wide, going into the horizon to the group that was airborne currently. The sheer amount of things killed in this one strike was enough to fill the entire sea's surface with loot of all grades.

The best part was that since it was Draco who did it with his absurd Luck stats and boosts the qualities and rarity were on the higher end. There was not a single thing below Rare-rank among the stuff down there.

Eva waved a hand and used her power to scoop up all the items on the sea surface. She used her 'not-susanoo' for this and even did something that would terrify Madara.

Rather than create clones with her own Susanoo, she simply created hundreds of fully autonomous giant astral avatars which were golden, translucent Amaterasu-like bodies.

While she used them to collect the loot, golden lights lit up over Hikari, Roma, and Zaine as they rapidly leveled up many times until they hit the Rank cap.

As for Draco and Eva, they only earned about 3 levels worth of experience from this, which naturally made them sour.

Rank 5 NPCs gained 1 stat point every 3 levels, so the trio of beauties gained a total of 16 stat points after going from level 200 to level 250 in one go.

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They did not have time to allocate the points as their breakthrough began on the spot. Draco naturally took them into his Inner Universe so that they could have the best and endless energy to draw from in order to maximize their gains from Ranking Up.

The moment they appeared in the Inner Universe, it was as if a giant hole had been placed in a dam, torrents of energy were dragged over by the trio, causing the surrounding area to become almost solid and their bodies to be obscured.

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