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Chapter 47 3 days ago

I enjoy the read but I'll flat say this novel is absolutely ridiculous. I haven't finished this as it's in my special list I call the "Read when there are no updates to my favorites. " From what I've gathered so far the MC is a blender mix of narcissism & arrogance. He has his likeable moments but even more edgy moments. I read reviews about "NTR this and that" but it's nothing of the sort due to the explained circumstance it's actually just sexual abuse and manipulation that leads to a misunderstanding. (Like I said, I've yet to catch up to current so I can't 100% say there is no NTR) The FL is uhhh. . . Strange to say the least. The MC calls her "Yandere" but I'd say the correct term for her would be Borderline personality disorder tuned to 200%. Take this novel as a light read with no expectations and you'll enjoy it I think.

Chapter 876 9 days ago

Kind of mid. Not bad, but I’ve read so many that this one just seems repetitive. Could use some work in terms of grammar but it is still readable.

Chapter 17 9 days ago

For its type of novel. Its a good read. Absurd as it is, progression, plotarmor, op mc, granddaddy this and that. I like it, not for the picky readers who likes to put in real life logic in their reads.

Chapter n/a 10 days ago

The story is not that bad. If you want to read a wish fullfillment novel. It's like Chinese novel where mc gets everything with a little few efforts. But overall the MMORPG things didn't go well. But still It is readable if you like op mc . . strong FML.

Chapter n/a 12 days ago

Sigh… I remember giving this a try around 6 months ago and I couldn’t get very far into it. I read the plot summary and thought “Oh damn, this sounds like exactly what I usually like!” But then I started reading it and it was just dumb. Definitely a ways below Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God and other similar novels.

Chapter 207 12 days ago

Currently just over ch200+ and I'm satisfied with this novel so far. The characters feel unique, the story is quite refreshing to read, while also having a lot of detail in a non-intrusive way. Chapters are longer than most novels around too. There's also pretty well written sex scenes if you're into that.

Chapter 213 13 days ago

A good read it's kinda boring in the early chapters but read it until 100 or 150 chapter and you might like it. . . also it's not ntr but the contrary it's a bit wholesome when they fix the misunderstanding😊

Chapter 27 17 days ago

This is a sin against humanity! Absolutely Terrible. Struggled to read 50 chapters to give it a chance. Mc is immediately ridiculously op and abuses future information. He's richer in the first 30 chapters than he was before he died 15 years into the game. Mc also clears insane world first achievements on the day of release. If I could put less than one star I would.

  • Dragoth

    This must have been so bad that I actually want to read it lol

    • Chote

      Same... I was hesitant to read or not but after seeing this negative (don't know if it's negative lol) review I want to see how will this story be where mc makes achievement after achievement... Just... Other positive reviews are not as influence on me to read this novel then this 1 star review lol 🤣

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Chapter 4 18 days ago

If you like chunni stories u will like this. If you care about plot, dialogs or a steady rise of power this is not for you. This is just another young master of murim story just without the murim.

Chapter 21 23 days ago

Spoilers until chapter 21 it is pretty good, sadly it is not perfect, especially with the RL aspect (underground gangs), which happens way to fast and abrupt, like is not his body in bad shape at the start? and then he wins 1 v 5 in 6 seconds!!! Also: It is pretty mainstream, with a few quirks for itself, but i sadly don t see the long term and wont continue reading. I still recommend you to start reading it, maybe you can oversee the things i don t like or you just like them :) everyones taste is diffrent!