Hellbound With You (WN)
Hellbound With You (WN)

Hellbound With You (WN)

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Hellbound With You (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy Romance, Fantasy, and Romance genres. Written by the Author KazzenlX. 679 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


"I love you, despite the danger signs."


“Little lamb, let me tell you this. You’re standing before the gates of hell right now. Doing this means ruining your life. Are you ready to step down to hell with me?”

As the silence dragged on, the man’s lips curved up into a triumphant, mocking smile and his hand landed on her head. He ruffled her hair and leaned in on her.

“Hell is not a good place, at least for a little lamb like you. I’m sure you’re aware of that. Now run away while this demon king is still being nice and calm.” He whispered and then, he turned to leave, so casually, as if nothing just happened. But after three steps, the girl stopped him again.

“The hell you're talking about...” she mumbled, “I… I’d like to see it for myself… Take me there.”

Abigail is a beautiful oh-so-innocent lady. She is kind and well mannered but she is terminally ill. She knows she will die soon so before she dies, she wants to fulfill her one and only wish – to fall in love. She wants to experience loving someone romantically. But under one strange condition- she wants a man who will not fall in love with her because she doesn't want him to suffer when she’s gone. She met Alexander, the coldhearted and mysterious man. He warns her from the start that he doesn't do love and that he is dangerous. But that made him the perfect man for Abigail. He was exactly the kind of man she was looking for.
Their completely different worlds collide, Alexander will start to teach the innocent Abigail about sexual pleasure while Abigail will teach him the joy of doing simple things in life.

He handed her an egg-shaped, pink vibrator and then returned to his spot.
The girl blinked again as she examined, with deep curiosity, the pink egg-shaped thing in her hand.
"Don't make me wait. Put it inside," the man ordered and Abi swallowed.
Abi had no idea whatsoever as to what this thing was. She had never seen anything like this before. She wanted to ask him what this thing was and what he meant by 'put it inside' but the man was so serious, she was afraid she'd fail the test if she showed him that she didn't even know what this was.
"Is this clean?" was what she asked instead and the man half-smiled.
"It. Is. Very. Clean." He stressed out every word.
Still unsure about what to do, Abi hesitantly looked at him and then in the next second, she put it inside her mouth.


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  • Okcigens

    Abigail kinda irked me sometimes. I can almost relate to Zeke's headache. She's hella stubborn and it's sometimes annoying! But, I just chanted in my head that 'that's just the way Love is, Leave it.' And it kinda worked and it eased my irritation HAHAHAHAHA well, beside that, It's still good though. Alex's sexiness is to the max!!

    13 days ago 0 Likes
  • Okcigens

    It's good. You'll enjoy it. The side character's story are amazing, especially! Kai and Kelly's story are specially amazing!!!!!! HumanxVampire. Forbidden love HAHAHAHAHAHA Shett, I hope Alicia and Zeres will be alright :( I dunno. I want them to be together but when Alicia and Zeke interact, I'm confused. I kinda want Zeke x Alicia too. HUHUHUHU. ANYWAY!! I'M ESPECIALLY EXCITED WITH ZEKE's STORY!!!!!! AUTHOR, HEED MY PLEA, I WANT ZEKE's STORY!!!!!

    13 days ago 0 Likes
  • Souk

    I mean .. its alright the fl is mad annoying

    1 months ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser35153

    Why there is no any updates?

    1 months ago 0 Likes
  • mida2beijo

    I just can’t believe this is ranked 20 right now. It should be #1. This novel is so good. My eyes burns from reading so much. The rated parts got me having to take a walk and cold showers 😂

    4 months ago 6 Likes
  • Michellecook

    I love this novel I can’t stop reading it again and again

    4 months ago 2 Likes
  • BD4Life

    Very good novel. ❤️ Definitely a re-read! Good job author! 💯

    5 months ago 2 Likes
  • lnwUser28123

    Its breathtaking

    6 months ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser27955

    Wowww this book is amazing ,but it isn't completed😥

    6 months ago 1 Likes
  • stupidVii

    the more i read the more i think the fl and me have the same train of thought ... an he si she is an alien am i one too? T.T

    6 months ago 2 Likes
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I really love the storyline of this novel it's so magical ★★pixie dust everywhere★★ One order of Zeres please!! 🤣 this is one of my favorite novel and I can't wait for the updates 🥰 waiting★★shimmering splendid★★


To be honest, it's an interesting read in a way that it jumps from ordinary everyday life + problems, to magical and fictional realities. It's just that the grammar is kept to an ~okay level~ and the author can't differentiate the characters, personality-wise.

It's one thing to say the character is stoic, it's another for them to feel stoic to the reader. You get what I'm saying? It's a bit inconsistent, and the characters sometimes talk the same way.

The most annoying part is how obsessed the writer/translator is to the word, "damn". PUHLLEASEEE STOP!!! EVERY character uses that word. It's used even when it's obviously not necessary. I can't count how many times it was written, but beware...

Also, if you like cheesy, prolonged romance, then this is for you :) merp I kinda scroll through some of those parts tho cuz hehe no.


beginning was promising. but as of chapter 90~ I am bored. character development & actual plot progression are slim. story is pushed with an all omnipotent ml & borderline ditzy fl. her “innocence” was only refreshing for so long & his domineering got boring. her bestie has also turned from a strong/independent character to a way to create ‘events’ for fl.

but maybe i’m just too used to the almost seamless story telling & character development of books like:
“I don’t want to beloved.”
“The villainess lives twice.”
“Living as the villainess queen.”
“The duchess & the devil.” (as of ch.18)


The story reminds very much of lucia I am in early chapters and almost the fl and ml act the same way but differently as the fl is more innocent and we get to see how she matures yet retain her good self ( up till now
If anyone here loved lucia like I did then trust me this story is for you


Man amazing job. You should be number 1 to me. Yes there are extra to read. But I can respect the author. But nothing is left for the imagination because you are very detailed. I can appreciate that. Keep it coming cause we are hellbound with you.


It's perfect if you enjoy cheap romance, forgotten characters, distracting stories of side characters and of course unbalanced length of action chapters. I definitely enjoyed it but this author has a habit of not really caring about the main couple right before ending their story and that's the main negative for me.
Anyway... The maid arc was really enjoyable. Can't forget that.... ♥


This book is so amazing. Literally signed up to tell the author a job well done, From Abi to Kelly. I'm waiting for what's bugging Zeres and Ezikiel in a brothel. Nevertheless, Great and Amazing job Kazzenlx❤❤💕💕👍😘😍


How amazing is this novel?? From contract relationship in modern world to magic and vampire arc. I love it!! Signed up just so i could leave a review and tell the author i lool forward to his/ her work. Kudos to kazzen!!


Readers are given awe, romantic excitement (kilig would be the best word), goose bumps, and fear while reading this novel. I was so enticed to keep reading and at the same time rushing to finish it…


I really really enjoy reading this novel, I never getting bored read this novel because the storyline sooooo good. I recommend this novel !!!