Hellbound With You (WN)

Hellbound With You (WN)



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The Hellbound With You (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy Romance, Fantasy, and Romance genres. Written by the Author KazzenlX. 507 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


"I love you, despite the danger signs."


“Little lamb, let me tell you this. You’re standing before the gates of hell right now. Doing this means ruining your life. Are you ready to step down to hell with me?”

As the silence dragged on, the man’s lips curved up into a triumphant, mocking smile and his hand landed on her head. He ruffled her hair and leaned in on her.

“Hell is not a good place, at least for a little lamb like you. I’m sure you’re aware of that. Now run away while this demon king is still being nice and calm.” He whispered and then, he turned to leave, so casually, as if nothing just happened. But after three steps, the girl stopped him again.

“The hell you're talking about...” she mumbled, “I… I’d like to see it for myself… Take me there.”

Abigail is a beautiful oh-so-innocent lady. She is kind and well mannered but she is terminally ill. She knows she will die soon so before she dies, she wants to fulfill her one and only wish – to fall in love. She wants to experience loving someone romantically. But under one strange condition- she wants a man who will not fall in love with her because she doesn't want him to suffer when she’s gone. She met Alexander, the coldhearted and mysterious man. He warns her from the start that he doesn't do love and that he is dangerous. But that made him the perfect man for Abigail. He was exactly the kind of man she was looking for.
Their completely different worlds collide, Alexander will start to teach the innocent Abigail about sexual pleasure while Abigail will teach him the joy of doing simple things in life.

He handed her an egg-shaped, pink vibrator and then returned to his spot.
The girl blinked again as she examined, with deep curiosity, the pink egg-shaped thing in her hand.
"Don't make me wait. Put it inside," the man ordered and Abi swallowed.
Abi had no idea whatsoever as to what this thing was. She had never seen anything like this before. She wanted to ask him what this thing was and what he meant by 'put it inside' but the man was so serious, she was afraid she'd fail the test if she showed him that she didn't even know what this was.
"Is this clean?" was what she asked instead and the man half-smiled.
"It. Is. Very. Clean." He stressed out every word.
Still unsure about what to do, Abi hesitantly looked at him and then in the next second, she put it inside her mouth.


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  • blackcrystal Oct 17, 2020

    I really can't say anything... I just couldn't find myself to stop reading this novel, it's just so breathtaking. Really recommend this novel.

  • StarlightET Oct 05, 2020

    how much longer gonna wai for the fruit to "ripe" ....... almost up to ch 70

  • Harperissy Oct 05, 2020

    So good there are no words to describe this book I literally got hooked like quite literally line hook sinker(sorry if I said it wrong I'm not really familiar with this phrase but you get what I mean. Amazing growth of plot. And I literally read 260 chapters in a day. It portrays immense talent without bringing an abruptness while making me sequel from the plot twist 10/10 highly recommended.. I LOVE IT!!!

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Voy en el chapter 171 y me da la impresion de que alex y comañia son asi como vampiros u hombre lobo, por lo que voy viendo, alex muestra algo mas alla de un humano ya que lo describen como muy fuerte, rapido, guapo y un cuerpo bien formado apesar de que no come mucho, un aura demasiado "feroz" y oscura nada normal de un humano y no le gustan las verduras jaja. Tambien en el chapter 170 Xavier dice que alex ni siquiera recuarda desde hace mucho tiempo su propio cumpleaños a pesar de tener solo 27 años, con solo esta clase de cosas mi mente vuela en pensamientos jaja me encanta esta novela


Explicit sexual content, sometimes I feel it's too much. LOL. However, the mystery behind it is soooo intriguing and I just can't stop reading. You'll have angelic female protagonist and a super devil male protagonist. I think I will reread this when I reached all 500 episodes while waiting for its updates. I read too fast.


Definitely 5/5. I never thought it will b this GOOD. i looove romance, but this one is well balanced proportion of well~detailed of characters and expert in swaying emotions, cute not cheesy romance plot, great mature scene. I currently in ep 221, and it progressing in what ive expected, they get married, but the shadow of the sad finale ending still hangin *sigh*. should u all romance lovers enjoying this👍👍👍👍👍


I feel like, I can see already the ending? Just my thoughts. Abi reborn again after thousands of yrs. But abi still a human that will die as she aged. Is that the curse of killing the dragon and drinking the blood. Then he will gonna wait again for hundred of years for abi if ever she die again? Painful. But the story is reeeeeeeealy good!.


In love I can not wait for the rest and the book to be finished. Not being able to read the whole thing is torture started the book and caught up to u in 3 days now impatiently waiting lol


Totally perfect..really match my taste..so delicious novel... there's twisted in the story that are really unexpected..make me laugh and smile


Amazing beautiful breathtaking. No words to describe this beautiful piece of art. Extremely well written with crazy plot twists without a hint of abruptness all the while making us readers hooked onto phone for dear soul. I literally read 260 chapter in a go and I can't stop its too good. 10/10 review. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!


Thank you for this! Really liked the flow of the story - bit biased mayby because I'm really into fantasy, isekai (reincarnation) type and empowered women; the growth of Abi, their love - looking forward!