Hero of Darkness
Chapter 640: Testing Waters

While everyone was taken aback by the arrival of 8 new saints on the scene… Kahn was still perplexed after showing his real rank because even after running a few simulations in his software aka the brain, he still couldn't find a valid reason about why he was brought along with Venessa and Hector here.

[What am I missing? Should I try to extract more information from them?] he thought calmly.

"All of you! Be ready! There's only one 3rd stage saint.

Rest of them are only 1st stage saints including that blacksmith guy.

We can still kill them and capture the princess!" ordered Axel who quickly recovered from his shock and brought back his team's attention to the present moment.

"Kahn… when did you become a saint?" asked Venessa, her tone expressing her curiosity and worries together.

"No time. I'll explain everything later.

First, we need to get you out of this place." spoke Kahn.

The enemy side didn't know his real identity even now. So he didn't need to intentionally reveal it either.

[Dammit! I have so many abilities to escape from here unscathed and without engaging in a battle. But I can't get her out without destroying that artifact Hero of Fire is holding.] he thought to himself.

As for why Kahn suddenly decided to reveal his rank and decided to intervene at this point?

Although he could wait it out… there was a risk of Venessa getting captured even if he hadn't exposed his hand.

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He wasn't willing to bet on her staying unharmed after that. Because many artifacts could seal her powers completely after Venessa was captured by the hero's party. Who knew what other plans they had?

Even so, there was another reason that made him decide to step into the battlefield…

That whilst in the time of peril, when Venessa was running out of strength and was on her last straw… she still tried to create an opening to help Kahn escape without caring for her own well-being.

Kahn wasn't the kind of guy to leave his trusted people behind, especially in times like these when they tried to protect him by risking their lives while having absolutely no reason to.

Unlike those who only called themselves as Friends only when things were advantageous and favorable for them… Venessa had proved her worth as a true friend when the calamity struck, someone really trustworthy and reliable in the time of need.

Kahn always repaid kindness and loyalty 10 times as one of his mottos. And it wasn't going to suddenly change because the enemy side had two stronger fighters.

Besides, he had already seen enough of the opposition side to know how to take care of them…

As for Axel and Azerog… he had his own means even if the situation became unfavorable for him.

"Let's test the waters first." said Kahn and commanded all the generals and Omega.



Without wasting a single moment, all of them excluding Armin, was healing Venessa charged at the enemy sides.

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Omega directly clashed against Azerog, the 4th stage saint and pushed him behind instantly, stopping only after they created a distance of a couple of kilometers between them and the rest of the hero's party. Omega was so quick that even Axel only saw an afterimage a moment later after the dual swords samurai passed around him and struck against Azerog.



Shrilling noises filled as Omega oppressed the fourth stage saint who barely reacted in time, completely forced to backfoot because he hadn't expected Omega to attack head-on.

"Defeating you like this… has no meaning." said Omega as he forced down Raijin against Azerog's trident and sparks appeared in between the two weapons.

"Be fully prepared, fireborne. After that, we'll settle the matter." spoke the right-hand man and kicked Azerog, throwing him off a hundred meters in air just with a simple kick.

[What the hell! How is he so fast? And why does he already have a physique as strong as a 4th stage saint?] wondered Azerog and recovered his stance. He was the strongest guy in the room based on the logic of ranks and levels, yet he was the one getting his ass slapped.

Jugram on the other end engaged with the orc called Tamak. A giantsword and a massive battleaxe clashed against each other and both of them instantly engaged in fierce combat of pure strength.

Clang! Clang!


Crisp sounds resounded in the air as both sides equally exchanged moves with their respective opponents.

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Kahn also directly engaged in a battle against Axel who used an epic rank sword.

"Nice sword. But I could've made it even better." said Kahn in a mocking tone with a smile.

This was neither Axel's Divine Weapon nor was it something noteworthy in his eyes. Kahn could instantly tell that Axel didn't even use it often because of the crappy fighting skills he displayed while being pushed around by just a 1st stage saint.

The Hero of Fire had his jaw dropped on because of surprise. This guy he thought of as a weak ant turned out to be someone capable of standing toe to toe in terms of physical strength despite being only a 1st stage saint.

For the next 10 minutes, all of them fought their own battles and retreated to the center.

[So what do you all think?] he asked them telepathically.

"They're equally matched." said Ceril.

"They're good. Worthy to be called the best-talented people of the young generation. They're really strong… but the thing is…" spoke Jugram.

"We're stronger if we lift the restriction on our bodies." replied Omega instead.

Because in reality, all the subordinates had their 20 levels and stats according to their ranks lowered when they were in their human forms. Thus during this exchange, most of them couldn't fight at their peak, just more than enough to play on even terms because they were not in their true forms.

"I guess we have no choice but to get involved in this fight even though we have been dragged into a war we know nothing about."

And finally, Kahn gave them a command to equip their armors and weapons as he spoke with a diabolical smirk…

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"Let's show them who's the real boss here."

Hero of Darkness Chapter 640: Testing Waters
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