Hitman with a Badass System
Chapter 597: Reapers Again

Michael and Julien returned to the group after a few minutes. On their way back, Julien uttered no words to Michael. Since fifty to sixty sick people were lying on the ground, Jennifer joined Eve in giving them the cure. It took the two girls almost an hour to finish.

"We should return to the castle," Eve came to Julien and said. Unlike before, Eve had a smile on her face. After knowing her story, Michael's respect for Eve reached another level. Filvendor may have been a married couple of elves and started his own harem, but Eve remained unmarried. There would be countless suitors for Eve if she agreed and Michael was certain, given a chance, Noah might add Eve to his harem.

"Yes, Julien. Just thinking how much cleaning we have to do is giving me a headache," Eve's mother, Ingrid Voldirgard, rubbed her temples. None of them had no idea what Ghost and Julien talked about. As far as they could guess, the two of them spoke of distributing the cure. However, Gaya sensed the tension between Julien and Michael after they returned from their little chat and could tell something had happened. It wasn't the right situation to ask Michael about what had happened.

"Don't worry, Lady Ingrid. I left my butler in the castle. He might surprise us," Michael surprised them.

"You have a butler?" Eve raised her brows. Not only Eve but everyone who heard Michael was shocked. Typically a king or a queen would have a butler. But except for Eve and Jennifer, the rest didn't know that Michael was the king of Bradford.

Michael nodded,

"Let's go," Michael wanted to leave the mountain so he could brew cures nonstop and store them in his system storage.

"I'll lead the way," Eve was about to take off when Michael called her,

"You go first. I'll be with you in a while,"

Gaya and Nightmare knew why Michael wanted to stay behind. Unlike the rest, the trio possessed more powerful sensing abilities. Nightmare was a dragon who had an innate ability to sense arch energy flow in a unique way. Gaya was a naga who possessed heightened senses, and Michael had the environmental scanning map to sense hostile activities nearby.

"Why?" Asked Eve.

"I'll tell you later. Now go," Michael's voice became stern and serious. It showed Eve something was amiss and serious. Hence, she didn't waste any time lingering around.

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"Everyone, head to the compound!" Eve ordered. No one dared to disagree with her order. Thus, everyone took off from the floating mountain before being towards Michael one last time to show their gratitude. After they all disappeared into the horizon, only Eve and her family stayed with Michael.

"Master Ghost, is something wrong?" Julien asked. Although Julien may have wanted to protect Eve from getting heartbreak, he still wouldn't turn his back on Ghost who helped his family in their most desperate times. Besides, Julien didn't completely come to grasp how he felt about Ghost. A part of him wanted Ghost to be Eve's friend. Another part wanted Ghost to stay as far as possible from Eve so she wouldn't develop any feelings for Ghost.

"Eve, take your family and leave this place as quickly as possible,"

"Master Ghost, What is happening?" Ingrid asked with concern.

"I am gonna kill someone," Michael amplified his voice with Arch energy, sounding as deafening as a thunderclap.

"Eve, unless you want your family to become collateral, you should leave the place,"

"Jennifer, mother, let's go," After hearing the seriousness in Eve's voice, she didn't dare to linger any longer. However, she didn't take her father away because Eve wanted Ghost to have a backup.

"Nightmare, make sure they-" Michael halted his sentence when he suddenly sensed a blockade appearing around them.

"What the?" Eve creased her brows because no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't take off. It felt like an external force forced them to stay on the ground.

"I hate people sneaking up on me. So why don't you show yourself reaper?" Michael said, slowly turning around to face the waterfall. Jennifer, who was the weakest among them neither sensed nor saw anyone. In her perspective, there was no one around them.

But at that time, Julien sensed a powerful being fifty meters away from them. So Julien spread his senses only to see the invisible being was just as strong as him.

"They told me you'll be a tricky target," suddenly Jennifer heard a silvery voice. But she couldn't see who just talked.

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"Lord Julien, I am only getting paid to take him down. But if you try to interject, you and every single one in your precious family will have a target on their back," the voice echoed through the mountain.

"He said show yourself," Nightmare growled as he released a stream of hot air from his nostrils. The stream turned into an arrow and shot towards the waterfall. Since Jennifer saw no one before her, she thought the arrow would reach the waterfall. However, the arrow suddenly stopped in its path. Soon, the air distorted to reveal a warrior adorning silver armor under a dark cloak.

The wolf head pendant hanging around his neck was a dead giveaway to which organization he belonged; the Grim Reapers. As far as Jennifer could see, there were no symbols or intricate designs on his silver armor. It was just plain armor made of silver. She couldn't see his face because he covered his face with a lion mask.

"Let me guess, someone put a bounty on my head. I wonder how much this time," Michael remained calm. The reaper was at the Fusion Stage level 8. Still, it wasn't enough to scare Michael, especially when Michael had the Fear toxin mixed with the strain of molten plague.

"Why can't you just live without pissing off people? I feel bad to kill such a talented young man," The reaper sighed.

"Back off Reaper. Master Ghost is a guest of House Voldigard. Raising your blade against him will be considered raising your blade against the House Voldigard," Julien stepped forward, threatening the reaper only to see the reaper burst into laughter.

"Lord Julien. You are in no palace to threaten me. Take my advice and back off. You have such a beautiful family. It'd be a pity to lose them,"

"Why don't you make your move and find out?" Eve's hammer materialized in her hand. Just like Julien, she stepped forward to fight for Ghost despite her cultivation stage.

"It's my fight Eve," Michael patted Eve on the back and walked forward.

"Lord Julien, take your family and get out of here,"

Michael said to Julien but he and Eve seemed reluctant.

"GET OUT!" Michael's thunderous shout echoed through the area as the sword-hilt mountain trembled. As a result of his shout, rocks crumbled down from the mountain.

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The single shout was enough to terrify Jennifer and Ingrid. Even Eve took a step back.

"Come on," Nightmare quickly grew to his original size and shielded the family under his wings. He pushed them back. After seeing how Michael reacted, Julien couldn't stay here with Ghost. It was his fight and Ghost wanted them to leave the area. Besides, Julien didn't want his family to be collateral damage in a battle between two Fusion Stage cultivators. As a father and a husband, his first priority was to ensure his family's safety.

"Eve, go with Nightmare. The reapers are unpredictable. They will use you and your family against Ghost," Gaya stated.

Meanwhile, the reaper patiently waited for the family to leave. However, Michael wondered one thing; they were about to leave before the reaper revealed himself. They would have already left the mountain if the reaper hadn't revealed himself. Instead, the reaper prevented them from leaving, exposing himself and letting them go.

"System, buy a teleportation scroll and transfer it to Gaya's space ring," Michael quickly entered the system and bought a teleportation scroll.

Suppose the reapers were planning an ambush for the Voldigards, Gaya could teleport them to the Aqua Palace.

Gaya sensed a new item in her space ring. Even without Michael explaining, she understood his plans. So she took Eve and her family to leave the mountain.

"Bring his head to the feast Ghost," Eve didn't cry or form tears like typical girls. Instead, she had confidence in Ghost's strength despite the cultivation difference between him and the reaper.

"So much confidence in her friend," The reaper slowly clapped for Eve until everyone disappeared into the horizon. Finally, Michael and the reaper were alone in the floating mountain.

"Do you happen to know who put the bounty on my head? Jeesh, I am really getting sick of you reapers," Michael massaged his temples. As he said, the reapers were really annoying him. If he didn't have so many things to do, he would have made destroying the Grim Reapers a priority,

"You're a regular target in our guild Ghost. So you know how my guild works,"

"That's true. I kinda like this place, so let's try not to do too much damage to it, okay?" Michael said, cracking his neck.

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"I will try," The Reaper nodded. Then, two energy swords materialized in his hand. One radiated crimson red light while the other shone in bright blue.

"Fancy," said Michael, admiring the two energy swords.

The battle excitement began to course through his veins. Normally, Michael would avoid battles. This fight however, he couldn't avoid. Thus, Michael decided to use the reaper as a dummy to test his limits.

Hitman with a Badass System Chapter 597: Reapers Again
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