Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage
Chapter 370: Heavenly Rupture

Izen was stunned. The sun he created using his spell to attack was so heavy that even he couldn't control it.

Under the heavy pressure, even Izen couldn't feel that he could remain standing. There was no way for him to use it.

Above the Sun, Gabriel used a spell to increase his weight even more to push the sun down. At the same time, his dark mist turned into shackles around Izen's ankles.

Unfortunately, before the shackles could capture him, they stopped. It was as if the shackles couldn't even get close to Izen due to his robe of Nullification.

The other clones of Izen haven't attacked yet. They were instead surrounded by Gabriel's Clones. It was as if Gabriel was just using his clones to hold Izen's clones back from interfering in this battle.

Unlike last time, this time Gabriel didn't want to waste his time on the clones. He had already found the real one and he focused on that person!

Izen couldn't take it anymore. His figure turned into a speck of light and shifted places. The sun crashed on the ground as Izen released it from his control.

Izen appeared around fifty metres away from the sun which crashed on the floor, having no one to stop it.

Gabriel was taken aback as he realized that there was no resistance under the sun. He hastily jumped back, landing in the distance while the explosive energy of the crash spread everywhere.

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All the clones were sent flying by the torrent of destruction energy. The real Izen was still fine since his Robe of Nullification took care of the aftermath for him. As for Gabriel, the shield of Undead appeared before him, protecting him as well.

The two Mages stood facing each other in the middle of the field which was covered in cracks. The cracks on the ground were slowly healing themselves.

Izen was furious. Gabriel had managed to make him abandon his own attack. For a mage, that was an insult to him! He stepped forward, eyes blazing with determination as he shouted out his incantation. A bright yellow light shot from his staff and hurtled towards Gabriel at lightning speed.

Gabriel reacted quickly, raising his own staff and countering with a brilliant black light that collided with the yellow one mid-air, sending sparks flying everywhere.

Izen was undeterred though. The two Mages continued casting spells back and forth at each other until finally they both unleashed powerful blasts of white energy that met in the center between them. The force of it shook the ground beneath them as it exploded into millions of tiny pieces that scattered across the sky like stars before fading away completely.

Both Gabriel and Izen stood at some distance from each other. Izen was looking very tired but Gabriel wasn't different. Gabriel had already spent a lot of his strength in maintaining his shroud from the Church to here. That already left him somewhat exhausted, let alone the battle here.

"Your attacks are strong," Gabriel muttered, frowning. "And your defence is impeccable."

Thanks to his robe, Izen still wasn't seriously hurt. Izen appeared impulsive but he was very careful and didn't allow Gabriel to close in on the distance between the two. It was as if he knew that if Gabriel was allowed to get close, he could use the Numens to attack him.

The Robe of Nullification protected him from magical attacks but not from physical attack and impacts.

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"I should say the same to you," Izen responded. "But if that's the extent of your attention, then it's time to end this!"

Gabriel didn't reply. Instead, he just looked at the floor. The cracks had developed as an aftermath of their battle. Their attacks could've easily destroyed an ordinary building but this place was self healing.

"You're right. It's time to end this." Gabriel's calm voice echoed in the surroundings as his aura solidified.

Initially, he was worried about something when he started fighting here. He was worried about damaging the tower seriously with his attacks. He still had a lot of things to do in the tower after all. That's why he had been keeping control of his attacks to test if the tower could actually contain his more powerful attacks.

Now that he had confirmed that the Tower was actually self healing and not easy to destroy, it was as if a heavy burden was taken off his shoulders.

He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

Izen didn't know why, but he suddenly had a bad feeling about this. He didn't want to give Gabriel a chance to attack.

His body was covered in a bright luminescent light that increased his defence even more. At the same time, he attacked with his most powerful spells. The natural energy in the surroundings started going out of control as if it wasn't ready for Izen's control.

"Heavenly Rupture!" Izen finished his spell.

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At the same time, Gabriel also opened his eyes. Just like Izen who cast one peak tier spell, Gabriel also cast spells. However his spells were more instantaneous since he didn't need to spend much time on these spells.

"Wrath of the Dead!" Gabriel cast a spell of his own. However, he didn't stop there. No matter how exhausting a spell was to him, he didn't stop there!

If one peak tier spell wasn't enough, he started casting another!

"Spectral Burst!"

"Dark Oasis!"

One after another, Gabriel cast three peak tier spells! One was a spell of Necromancy, other was a spell of Light and lastly was a spell of Darkness!

Izen had just finished his peak tier spell when his eyes opened wide! He had just cast one spell while the man before him already cast three supreme spells, each of different elements? Just who was this monster?

Even Izen didn't realize that Gabriel hadn't cast three spells. In total, he had cast four spells. As for the fourth spell... It was something Izen didn't know about yet.

As Gabriel finished four spells, he dropped to his knees, slightly exhausted.

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His Spectral Burst was a spell he learned from Cylix in the past. It wasn't a spell with a lot of destructive power, but it was still very useful on our own.

The Spectral Burst and the Heavenly Rupture were both same tier spells. However, Spectral Burst was more useful for Gabriel. The spell cast a level of protection around him which made Gabriel immune for a short time.

That was all Gabriel wanted... All he had to do was to avoid this one attack of Izen! If he could do that, he was prepared for everything else! However, it was unclear to him if the Spectral Burst could actually stand against the Heavenly Rupture...

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