How to Live as the Enemy Prince

How to Live as the Enemy Prince

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The How to Live as the Enemy Prince novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Cha Seo Hyeon. 81 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


After his death, Bern awakens 10 years into the past as the third prince of Kailis, the enemy country.

He became a weak and incompetent prince who was to be assassinated before turning 15-years-old.

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  • HyaCinth Oct 15, 2020

    Please continue translating this novel.

  • Astrid99 Oct 06, 2020

    Apakah terjemahan ini di berhentikan?. Saya sudah menunggu selama dua bulan tapi cerita ini sudah sudah lama tidak di perbaharui😭

  • Tensa11 Oct 03, 2020

    There are 535 chapters in total, I wonder if some translation groups will pick this amazing novel again. I would like to read a proper translation of this :((

  • Joshbr32 Oct 02, 2020

    Unfortunately, the author passed away due to an illness so there will be no updates the the Novel. May he rest in peace

Latest Release: Chapter 58: Check It (3)
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I'll be honest with you it's amazing.
But the problem is the author passed away, there are still 500+ raw chapters but I think the translators dropped after 58, but there are MTL translations and maybe some other author may continue his story.
It's just sad that this amazing story ended unfinished.


Thissss is amazinggg, Im so happy with the flow of the story, just wish that I can read more. Will he be a magic knight? I wonder, since he was a swordmaster then he is now a mage.. can't wait forrr moreee


This story got me since the first chapter because of how interesting the plot and the characters are. I sincerely hope they would continue to translate this novel as I am curious on what will happen afterwards.


OMG!!!, Saya sudah mencari terjemahan novel ini!, Ini salah satu favorit saya!!. Saya hampir putus asa saat tidak menemukan satu pun di pencaharian😭, ahh... Terima kasih untuk penerjemah!. Saya sangat suka dengan Calian, dia karakter Favorit saya setelah Cale, raon, dan Alberu❤️.

Novel ini sangat bagus dan perkembangan karakter yang benar-benar bagus!.

Saya Turut berduka cita kepada penulis yang katanya (ehm- maaf) meninggal🙏. Tapi saya harap novel ini dapat terus di terjemahkan😔 walaupun tidak sampai tamat.



So far this is a really good read and mc gives me cale from tcf vibes. The plot is good and i love the mc, side characters too. Sadly i heard the author passed away due to a chronic illness so the novel isn't finished. I think its about 550+ chapters in raw so there's still a long way in translating. Hope they don't drop this story cause it's really good.