I Am Supreme

Chapter 978 Win Or Lose, It Is Decided

The group was surprised by Guo Nuanyang’s words, even as they quickly glanced away, feeling extremely awkward. No one spoke for some time, obviously still stunned by his choice. In spite of it, just like what Guo Nuanyang had said, there was indeed an inherent disadvantage in this seemingly fair contest for the placement of the Nine Supremes to him who was remarkably adept in the art of assassination.

Faced with this perplexing situation, Guo Nuanyang’s spirit was not in the slightest bit dampened. Instead, he took the initiative to ask, “Boss Yun, can the Residence of Nine Supremes set up a division that specializes in assassinations?”

Yun Yang replied, “Well, this wasn’t initially in the plan.”

“Then what should I do? I’m not exactly the best at a front-to-front battle…” Guo Nuanyang said, crestfallen.

“I really don’t plan to build a division for assassinations, but the Residence of Nine Supremes in my mind owns an intelligence hall and an infernal region. No one across the whole Residence of Nine Supremes will fit the place of a leader for this hall more than you!”

Guo Nuanyang sprung up in delight. “This is what I would love to do the most. I shall be the leader of the secrecy hall from now on – no one is allowed to snatch this away from me!”

The group was taken aback once more before they broke out in hearty laughter, the problematic atmosphere vanishing into thin air. Whoever contesting for the position against Guo Nuanyang would truly be a fool.

The next bout was Lan Ruojun versus Wu Menghuan.

Lan Ruojun was called the Yellow Gowned Sword of Frost while Wu Menghuan was called Violet Robed Golden Needles. After spectating the first three matches, Yun Yang was highly anticipating the fight between these two. He was curious to find out if their monikers matched their abilities and how skilled they actually were.

In spite of this, the crowd fell into silence once the battle began.

Lan Ruojun was clothed in yellow as usual and he wielded a sword of frost. It seemed like he was living up to his name. Yet, as the battle started, the sword of frost was tossed aside as a hidden weapon and what replaced the blade were long yellow needles, two rather thick long ones held within his grasp. His movements were furtive and unexpected as well.

On the contrary, Wu Menghuan was in a violet gown and ambushed his opponent with a storm of golden needles right from the start, fully reflecting his nickname, only to have a sword in his grip with a flip of his wrist after the shower of needles. The union between him and his sword was a surprise, the proficiency of his swordsmanship even seemed to parallel that of Shi Wuchen and Ren Qingkuang…

Yun Yang subconsciously covered his eyes. He could not bear to watch any longer.

Who exactly is using the sword and who’s using needles?

What happened to the task of living up to your reputation?

You fellows will have to swap your clothes to actually match your monikers…

Ultimately, Wu Menghuan won by a slight stroke. Lan Ruojun scoffed and went away to wait for his next bout.

As of now, the four winners were Shi Wuchen, Wu Menghuan, Ren Qingkuang, and Tie Qingcang. Three out of the four were swordsmen.

It was time for the last pair to enter the ring – Vicious Physician, Ping Xiaoyi, and Star-Souled Saber Knight, Luo Dajiang.

Ping Xiaoyi was thin and small, like a monkey, while Luo Dajiang had a big build, burly and tall, almost like Dong Qitian. When the two of them entered the ring and stood against each other, it roused another bout of laughter.

Dong Qitian grinned. “This is like a circus stunt in the market…”

The saber that Luo Dajiang carried with him was slightly taller than Ping Xiaoyi when it was just standing on the ground. Luo Dajiang looked helpless. “Xiaoyi, just surrender. I can’t bring myself to fight you.”

Ping Xiaoyi’s eyes were squinted. “That’s your problem. I’m very much in the mood to fight you.”

Luo Dajiang sighed and pulled out his saber.

When the long saber rubbed against the scabbard, a loud dragon-like cry was heard. The blade gleamed icily when it was drawn. Even Dong Qitian could not help being stirred by the scene.

Luo Dajiang was just standing there, but it strangely felt apt hat heaven, the earth, the saber, and the man were all connected! He was like a mountain that was made up of a saber that linked heaven and earth, as endless saber intent stretched and spread from his legs.

The saber slowly moved down and pointed to the front. An indomitable sense darted out and flooded the entire field, sweeping the sand and dust sending it up and away.

Faced with the overwhelming force, Ping Xiaoyi took a step back subconsciously. The ferocity birthed a submissive cowardice once one came into contact with it.

Ping Xiaoyi understood the intimidation. With a sharp holler, he straightened up, his initially frail self becoming taller, and he brandished a sword in his grip with a wave. The blade trembled lightly, making a buzz. Ping Xiaoyi did not attack immediately. He raised his left hand that was empty; a ball of greenish-black fog then danced on it.

He chortled. “Dajiang, if I don’t take the chance with poison today, I probably don’t even have to fight. Your chance of winning is slim when I play with poison though, you can barely defeat me!”

Luo Dajiang’s eyes dropped to almost a close as he replied faintly, “Really?”

His right hand stretched into his robe and extracted a white medicinal pill that was exuding a rich unusual fragrance even as he spoke. He tossed it into his mouth and beamed. “Let’s do it.”

Ping Xiaoyi was dumbstruck, unable to say anything.

He was stunned for some time before he sprung up like he had been hit on the buttocks with a staff and cried shrilly, “You – you… You – you – you… Luo Dajiang! You shameless, despicable – you’re a total, complete rogue!”

“How am I a rogue?” Luo Dajiang snorted.

Ping Xiaoyi was in utter distress, stomping, and hopping. “You – you… How dare you say that you’re not a rogue! Why are you taking the Ten Thousand Cure-All then… Where did you even get them from!”

Above them, a crisp voice rang happily, “I gave it to him. What about it?”

When everyone followed the voice, Jiang Luoluo was seen standing prettily on a higher spot looking proud of herself and content.

The fighting spirit seems to have escaped Ping Xiaoyi as he muttered, “You two… you two are working together to bully me… How can you do that…”

Luo Dajiang howled and gave another jab. “Isn’t outwitting the enemy and executing a customized strategy necessary in combat? You can only blame yourself for why you still can’t find yourself a wife now! The pill is given by my wife, of course, it’s mine! Are you coming or not? Let’s finish the battle quickly!”

“What battle? You’ve already consumed the Ten Thousand Cure-All, common poisons can’t do sh*t to you and I can’t actually use those unconventional toxins on you. What am I fighting for? A one-sided beat up?” Ping Xiaoyi spat.

Their spectators were already hugging their stomachs from laughing too hard. The Ten Thousand Cure-All, literally, was the remedy to ten thousand types of poison!

It was one of the mystical medicines in the Bound of Universe that was very valuable. One would be safe from being poisoned for three years after consumption. It was not absolutely fool-proof as its efficacy towards unique blends of the toxin was still limited.

Just like what Ping Xiaoyi had said, the Ten Thousand Cure-All might not be sufficient if he had indeed gone to the extreme, but both of them shared a close bond. How could he really go in for the kill?

The battle’s end was then announced!

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