I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With
I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With

I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With


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I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Westway. 391 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I became the villain in the story of a hero.

So I was about to quit after fighting the main character.

But she’s obsessed with me. Why…?

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  • EliThePrimordial 11

    IM BACK...Oh, how I've missed this novel. I was in school so I didn't want to read it and I let it stack up. This is the best novel man I'm surprised this novel is not in the rankings. I wanna say more but I'm just gonna start reading again. For those complaining about the Harem, this is one of the novels where the Harem is the best part about it second to whenever the mango legion shows up (No that would be third actually), and it's not annoying or forced.

    Edited: 5h
  • No_AnHh_ 21

    I sleep happily because @baronmaycry is out there

  • Adcium 13

    50 chapters until completion!!!! (425) I can't wait until I get to read this in full normal english. I've really been wanting to re-read the MTL but I'll only have to wait another 5-6 months probably, so it's fine.

  • kenta29 1

    Who are his wives? Does he keep that Chaebol and katana?

  • Seolw 7

    I wanna read but the harem tag is stopping me

    • BaronMayCry 4

      Weak *ss little b*tch

      • TheEndGameBoss 19

        🤣🤣🤣 I laugh waay too hard at this comment fkin hilarious🤣🤣🤣

  • HonkaiFrance 6

    77 chapters and counting, the stack stays strong

  • saedsaeed 2

    Stardus can get stronger with pushing herself in sparring and training so Da-in's motivation falls flat. Not to mention she knows that, he would never kill or hurt anyone besides the villains so there's no pressure.

  • GaryGary 12

    As of writing this. It's chapter 334. I'm reading mtls right now cause I can't wait anymore. As of chapter 355, they reunite. And at 357, she confesses. Hold on brothers. Stack chapters.

    • Vaudas 8

      The chapters before them are gonna be painful to read 😭😭

  • RimuruT3mpest 5

    Is it true that the author forgets about Ariel and doesn't even talk about her at the end of the novel? I'm on chapter 300

    Edited: 2mo
  • Adcium 13

    There's about 100 chapters until it's fully translated. Then I can read it in full in English and not use MTL. This story is awesome.