I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

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Interesting one. I have read 60+ chapter but I did find it boring. There are no action. That's all. The mc was not being treated worse than those typical face slapping or modern cultivation stories. But yeah, the start was good, but I can't really see the comedy on it.


It’s a good novel. Story’s nice overall but there’s just so many plot points that are introduced but left unused that it’s kind of weird. Otherwise characters are fun and interesting. I recommend it.


A very interesting one better than most novels atleast for me. . I wish the novel continues soon. Nice plot, good book all round and this translator definitely knows how to leave peo


This has a lot of potential. Hope it continues. Saw from comments it was dropped. If this is drop then that would be to much of a waste for a nice novel.


More or less decent plot, if you like female leads that doesnt care about money and only looks at the personality then this is it, oh yeah spoilers though. . . mc has deadpool powers but the story doesnt do anything with it so its just plot armor i guess


Interesting story, with a good mc and romance so far. He uses the abilities he gains in a nice manner, not too ostentatious or arrogant. The relationships progress pretty smoothly and the diversity of the girls is nice, and the Mc’s relationship with each is different and fairly natural feeling. Hopefully somebody picks this up


Very Good hope others Pick up the Translation as soon as possible. I just hope Main Charakter doesn't go into third rate TV drama Shows like in I am a Prodigy.