I Came Back And Conquered It All

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52 users have written reviews for the I Came Back And Conquered It All novel and rated it with an average score of 4.5 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 265th among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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Sidecharacter112029 6
Chapter 170 8 days ago

The story is a great. I don't get why its low on the rankings thought. I hope to see more stories like this thats fast phased and not gagging to finish it. Great job author

BoredKing98 4
Chapter 200 18 days ago

The story is exactly what the title says. It starts with the mc failing cause he was incapable of fighting and getting reincarnated where he proceeds to use his new body's bullshit ability to dominate. There's no romance but the mc is smart, efficient, and isn't a psychopath (a miracle). The ending feels a bit rushed but the author doesn't leave any hanging threads and resolves everything quite satisfactorily. I love this story and honestly more stories would take notes on how to write a powerful and intelligent mc.

Aden2022 2
Chapter 200 25 days ago

it is a very good story. Short with a deep story. Protagonist is likeable. only downside is that the author didn't fully use his characters. Overall it is a must read.

Apollon 14
Chapter 200 one month ago

Although others may not like it, this novel is definitely one of my favorites. It is a fairly short novel with only 200 chapters(compared to other novels on this site) and it is quite enjoyable. I have already read it fully 2 times and it is just nice to read it again after a year or so to get that fresh memory of it in your mind.

Resistance 13
Chapter n/a one month ago

The start was absolutely fantastic but I just don't find myself liking the novel when it got to the later chapters. It felt like something's happening yet nothing's happening at the same time. The side characters feel pointless like even if they were removed, I wouldn't care and enjoy the novel as much as I previously did when they were there. The ending felt rushed and I feel like the potential of this novel was just wasted. But overall, it's still pretty good and readable enough to enjoy so I would recommend this novel to those who wants to pass time.

MokiSwan 1
Chapter 200 one month ago

A good story. Not too long but not to short . Its along the same lines as solo leveling, fantasy with towers. Really OP character power up with time. Honestly i would have liked to see more character growth. So many amazing characters were introduced but the writer didnt explore it much. Maybe theres spin offs.

ShadowInTheAbyss 8
Chapter 200 2 months ago

A masterpiece is all I can define for it. Some say that it was a bit rushed, maybe from chapter 130+, but in my point, it was still a good pace. Maybe because it has simple description and short narrations that's why they its rushed but it didn't have loose ends. The translation was good the pacing was good. All in all it was amazing. I really like the mindset of the MC. Cunning and ruthless to his enemies but loving and caring to his companions. This is one of the first completed novels that i read and completed that's why it has a special place in my heart. Thank you for this wonderful Journey. Keep up the good work. 👌🥳🤌🍷

lnwUser113112 1
Chapter 46 2 months ago

Great potential. . . Story line seems rushed and grammar is still garbage at ch 44. . . Subpar at best If you have nothing else to read give it a go

Preiss 6
Chapter 200 2 months ago

A good read when you want a short story that don't require to use your brain too much. The worldbuilding is pretty clean but we dont feel too invested in the side characters. I was a bit scared by all the comment about the last quarter of the novel being a bit rushes but it was okay, it did not feel too artificial or annoying. I would say it deserves a 4 or 4. 5 but I gave a 5 as I feel it deserves to be ranked higher. A pretty good read to spend the time.

Mex980 9
Chapter 200 3 months ago

If you ask me if this novel is cliché, I would say yes, but it has a very interesting story and for those who don't have very high standards, this novel is very good to pass the time.