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Chapter 720: Investigation (1)

"Have you ever heard of Frost Wyverns?" Billy asked.

"Frost wyvern? Did such a species of dragons exist?" Haruna asked while looking at Sei.

"No, I heard that the dragons that existed in the past all hated cold regions, they rarely came to these pasts since it messed with their bodies," Sei replied. "I don't believe that ordinary dragons would be able to give birth to such a different species, even if they are known for their adaptability."

Billy made his Frost wyvern approach, and even though the area was cloudy, it didn't take long for those two to realize that something weird was in the sky. Eventually, the monster approached a little, and they confirmed what it was… Before the soldiers around could do anything, Billy made the dragon go away.

"That creature is something I summoned, and that is the power that the man you mentioned before had," Billy said. "It is also the power of the same person who created the titans. All of what I am going to tell you are things I am hiding from most people, so you should keep them a secret."

Billy trusted Sei, and since he didn't warn him aside from her childish nature, Billy assumed that Haruna wouldn't be a problem if she knew all that.

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"That is… Hard to believe," Sei said.

"Do you want to see a low-budget version of the ice titan?" Billy asked. "If we go to a place where no one can see us, I can summon one."

"No… It is fine," Sei said. "The fact that the dragon is flying around the area without doing anything is enough as a proof, but the whole thing is kind of hard to digest all of a sudden."

"... When can we check that thing that you mentioned?" Haruna asked after she stayed silent for a while.

"The sky is too cloudy, even at night in this region, so we would need to fly over the clouds to use the telescope," Billy replied. "We can do that tonight. Afterward, I will be too busy."

"All right, see you again at night," Haruna said.

Sei sighed. He didn't like that idea, but even he wanted to confirm things with his eyes. Nevertheless, they decided to meet at midnight in order to make a ruckus since Haruna was young and the only remaining member of Angus' descendants. The people of that state would let their state burn before letting the bloodline of their first ruler disappear like that.

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"Are you sure that telling them so much was a good idea?" Kate asked.

"I have been here a few times, and I know that just like the people, most of the leaders here are honorable," Billy said. "Besides, just like the tribesmen, they will be an important cornerstone in the southern part of the continent. I confirmed that once more today."

"Why today?" Kate asked.

"You remember when she remembered that she assumed her job one year ago?" Billy asked. "That smells suspicious no matter how you look at it."

"Anyone here would have noticed if something suspicious had happened… Sei seems like a good loyal man, after all," Kate said.

"Yes, but you forget that our current enemy might be involved with that, and that would make things a lot harder to realize," Billy said. "Regardless, I will do some investigation regarding that myself. You guys should focus on training the others."

"What would Uvish earn by killing her parents while leaving her alone?" Natalie asked.

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"It would be easier to control the state that way," Billy replied. "People would be in total disarray if the whole family were to die. Even if someone here is working for Uvish, that someone would have a hard time ascending to use all the power of the state."

"It seems that he left many sends of problems behind…" Sarah said.

"That is probably how Uvish managed to get the powers that he wanted without taking risks and wasting time," Billy explained. "Uvish succeeded so many times, so he got sloppy with that kind of thing. It will be even easier to sniff out this kind of tactic since he probably put them in motion many years ago before it became clear that we would be a problem for him."

They finally understood his point, it was weird about how pessimistic Billy could be with that kind of stuff, but his logic wasn't flawed. Regardless, as he had suggested, it would be better to leave that in his hands.

To make things easier for them, the group decided to camp outside with the soldiers and adventurers around the capital and make them get familiar with each other. At night, Sei and Haruna left the capital in incognito and then found Billy and his dragon waiting at a grove. Sei still didn't like the idea of flying, much less using a dragon. Regardless, he eventually followed Haruna, who didn't hesitate to jump on the dragon's back for a second.

After a while, they confirmed everything that Billy told them. At that point in time, Billy wondered how those revelations would change the world. He didn't want to mass produce weapons, but telling people the knowledge of other worlds and species on their very planet was a move that it was hard to measure. Even with his Temporal Vision, Billy couldn't tell how the future would be in one hundred years… Peaceful, chaotic… There was no telling.

The next day, Billy decided to watch things around the training grounds and confirm that everything was fine. If he were Uvish, and if he had spies around, he would use them to target his family now. It would be hard to pull off since he was always using Guardian's Aura on them, though.

Regardless, Billy didn't find anything worth noticing aside from the fact that Haruna truly showed up the next day to watch the training sessions. As one would expect, Sei was with her, and he looked as troubled as he could be.

Chapter 720: Investigation (1)
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