I Don’t Want to Be Loved (Web Novel)

I Don’t Want to Be Loved (Web Novel)



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The I Don’t Want to Be Loved (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Drama, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Starlight. 178 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Rihannan Alessin, a queen rotting in prison.

Despaired and without hope, she drank poison and died. But… unbeknownst to her, the deity gave her a second chance at life. She was twelve again. And this time, she would live life differently.

Six years later, she chooses to become Arundell’s queen…

“If you’re asking me to step down from the marriage proposal, I can’t.”

“Marry me and let us divorce after a year.”

And this time, the time limit of their marriage would last a year.

A husband she knew who was different than before… she tried not to love him again, but each time, her heart kept shaking.

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  • susii Nov 28, 2020

    it's so unusual that this hasn't updated for two months already... i really can't wait what happens next

  • Lluvia11 Nov 24, 2020

    Please update!! The intrigue is killing me!!

  • Songbird1109 Nov 15, 2020

    Igor karkarof always seem to come to mind every time i read this story..... anyway, Question: how old is Igor here? exactly how old was he when he became King? I'm just curious.

  • stupidVii Nov 15, 2020

    sorrybut i saw their patreon page and it has over 260 chaps if ever you decided to be one please share it with me im broke af

  • lnwUser14878 Nov 07, 2020

    Newbie here, Actually I dont like reading novel using phone but I got curious to this plot and here I am right now waiting for the next chapter....☺️

  • nori767 Nov 04, 2020

    i dont like bad endings, so before is start this. is the tragedy tag meaning it will have a bittersweet ending?

  • maheenafroz Oct 18, 2020

    It's a first story I've read where both FL and ML travel back in time. I absolutely LOVE this story, I hope they clear up the misunderstanding soon. THANK YOU FOR TRANSLATING, I hope a new chapter comes soon

  • Ahny Oct 04, 2020

    I need more please!!!!

  • lnwUser03289 Sep 04, 2020

    Understanding the difficulty of translating from one language to another, the person responsible for the translation did a fantastic job to make the text both easy to understand (in terms of which person is talking, which is sometimes an issue translators face) and enjoyable to read (sentence structure, complexity of the writing etc). Whether this is due to the original writer's ability or the translator, regardless it is an immersive read.

    I also enjoyed the slow moving plot. Often times we are thrust into the story just before the love interests meet and while it is enjoyable to read the developing romantic relationship, sometimes it is necessary to include moments of the protagonist's life before to give the reader a sense of the personality. I feel that the many chapters spent on purely the protagonist really helped solidify her as a character with clear personality traits and experiences.

    One thing that did confuse me was how abruptly the setting would change from present to past or include scenes from different POV, but this was mostly an issue in the first act when establishing the full backstory to the events that follow.

    I'm only on chapter 150 but I'm both excited and very nervous to continue (looking at future chapter titles...) :)

Latest Release: Chapter 177: Pregnancy

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The story is quite good! Does anyone know why it stopped updating and when it might start updating again? Also, links to the raws would be great :D hoping to find it translated in another language


Please update the story. I'm dying out of curiosity. TT TT TT TT TT......................... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


I honestly love the story, I'm desperate for new updates. It's dramatic but not heavy, it's very enjoyable.

I'm dying of intrigue!!! Update quickly please!!!!


Awesome amazing story!! Can't wait for the next. Binge read the whole thing in 2 days. Hope the characters can since their insecurities and misunderstandings.


I'm loving the story! FL already starts with everything that made her suffer. I'm very excited about the story. I look forward to new chapters.


tbh the story is not even in half yet so i really dont know what to write but im guessing the story will be getting intense i love the way the FLs chara growth is not seeking revenge but rather making sure to better herself for herself. and then heres the ML a normal possessive man of power but he is a little mmellow or subtle compared to other ML or the author is yet to let it show in these chapter so who knows but in all in all its interesting the translator also did a very good job in keeping the content ,thoughts and feelings of the charas and author intact so please release more chaps here (T.T)9 .... over all its a good read keeps getting interesting keeps you engaged and well translated


This novel is so sad, but so good. It hurts my heart, I wish them a happy ending. Both of them deserves it, really. I hope it will update soon. Thank yoi for translating ❤️


This is unique. I often read that FL was only one go back to the past. I so curious how ML will retold his story after FL died in previous timeline


It has a fair share of all the genres and i was on the edge of my seat throughout all of it. I 1000% would recommend this book. Wonderful Story line as well.
The story continued at a normal pace that was easy to keep up with.
; )


The story is quite good because of the main characters development. Unlike other reincarnation stories I've read so far, the MC has been given time to heal from the wounds of the past. She went through depression amd survived from her nightmarish past by putting herself first in her 2nd life.


Oh how I love this story. It never failed to keep me on edge. 100% recommended. And do please update soon. I need to know what happens next >_<


Love and Hate.
You'll love the story and you'll hate it as well.
Great character and their developments but still there... ugh.
The author has a great plan for this and seriously, I'm looking forward on how the story goes.


Ugh, I really do love this, but also hate it. It's a great story. I feel bad for her especially, but also the ml. I wish they would just speak to each other. Now I need to read something happy lol.


This i an *amazing* story. I've read a lot of "do over* stories, but this one does it in a way I haven't seen before and does it well.

Also, this needs to be turned into a visual novel *yesterday*.


I love this novel but in some way I don't understand many thing cause of the transition or from the writer of the novel maybe 😔😔 I'm shocked that not what I think I watch many novels and this was the worst 😳 I hope the translation be good in the future 🙏 😢