I Killed the Player of the Academy

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fizonel_bhukharetsu 5
Chapter n/a 5 days ago

The world's creation is incredible, from the powers to the scenery to the minor, unique details. The protagonist is incredibly smart, whether in his fighting or in his plans for the future. His main weapon is a spear (as depicted on the cover), which he employs to its full extent; the action scenes are top-notch. The supporting characters appear to be quite diverse in terms of power, personality, and experience. The comedy is amazing, and the romance has a lot of potential. In terms of the "reincarnated with game knowledge" genre, the first arc of the plot is fairly nice. I really loved the first two chapters with the twist, but it doesn't seem to play a significant role in the story so far. It does, however, offer interesting reasons for the main character. For now, the vampire (Marie) is the main FL, and she is adorable; others have yet to make an appearance, but with the novel being a genuine harem, we can surely look forward to it.

Mr_White_Collar 7
Chapter 51 8 days ago

After 51 chapters and as a peer with over 5 years of experience under his belt, I would like to say that "This novel is too d*mn good. And if some haters disguised as poison testers say otherwise. . . " Heh~ I truly recommend it to anyone. An immersive plot, vivid writing, unique fighting scenes and cute misunderstandings. Not cliche enough to actually call it cliche. It has a genre for all. You are gonna come back and thank me later. Toodles~~

LucasFidelis 1
Chapter 50 10 days ago

It's pretty good. It is a bit cliche in the story and characters department but is almost impossible to make something original nowadays, so give it a discount. The translation is good the characters and their interactions are quite fun and there aren't moments in which you get frustrated or irritated by something stupid the author pulled out of nowhere. In the end not the best thing you will read, but still a very decent read as a pass time.

ghostland 3
Chapter 47 10 days ago

A good read, though I'm not sure about the latest chapters, anyway it's has nothing unique or extraordinary but it is well done so you won't get bored, I liked how the mc is a nice guy but still not a pushover, and doesn't shy from altering the original game story in order to save someone

NoobSama 5
Chapter 50 11 days ago

It's sad that this novel got only 50 chapters for now. Well the start kind of interesting but all isn't set at first. The perspective of previous iteration kind of vague and convenience for plot but still overall story kind of fun if you didnt care much about some vague flash back that flexible like a condom but the good point is the fight kind of good and some character really interesting and cute.

FieryFire0218 2
Chapter n/a 11 days ago

honestly not that amazing of a novel but also not that bad. im just balancing the rating for * that gave it 1 star for not having an evil mc

Erebos 5
Chapter 49 13 days ago

(there are some small spoilers here beware) Basic summary: The MC and the "player" was summoned to a game world (a game they used to play) and they are supposed to save the world from the last boss because if they fail to save it, the world will be destroyed with them. But since they are veteran gamers they know hidden pieces in the game which can help alot on there journey. -Personal opinion on the novel: From what I read, it's a pretty good novel and yeah, its does have its cliché moments like a dense mc or how attention grabbing he is, but it's still a good novel: -The fighting scenes are very detailed which I like very much - the MC trying to fix everything the player did in the last iteration and trying to lead them to a better scenario is something which you don't see in hero themed novels alot -its something refreshing to read after reading too much antihero and villain MC novels Now there are some things that I didn't like: -the death of the "player" was too early, I expected it to be more of a batman and joker rivalry, but the author killed him sadly which makes the story lose a bit of it's uniqueness -Conclusion: It's a above-average novel and it has its funny parts which made me laugh and the writing for the fighting scenes is incredible, while the plot is kinda cliché, it's still a good novel to read and the female characters feel like they have a personality (since I read some novels where they feel like some doll with no personality) so if your a harem lover, you should read it. Lastly the novel is new, and still ongoing so it might get better or worse, we don't know but we hope it gets better Thank you for reading this review of mine.

Allfather 1
Chapter 47 16 days ago

4 star personally cos it's harem , but gave a five star rating cos some idiot with comprehension issues actually gave it 1 star. . 😂 Honest review not bad so far for a harem novel.

Resistance 13
Chapter 28 16 days ago

It's a good novel. Not a top 10 deserving novel but it's still better than most in this website. The MC who has decided to stop turning a blind eye to suffering after seeing the damage the protagonist did. The thing I like most in this novel is the action scenes. It's very hype and is mostly team based which is rare since many authors prefer MC to go solo. Overall an 8/10, good novel that needs more recognition.

DrVanilla 3
Chapter 47 17 days ago

The MC possesses an extra in a game he was a veteran in, but someone also possessed the protagonist of that novel. They work together to make sure they reach the ending and defeat the final boss, but the person who possessed the protagonist of the novel turns out to be a violent homo yandere. The Homo yandere protagonist actively kills all the relevant side cast to monopolize MC for himself. After MC discovers this, he confronts the yandere who imprisons MC before going to face the final boss. The yandere eventually loses to the final boss and MC regresses due to some mysterious circumstances which readers explore later on. Protagonist: After regressing, MC resolves to kill the player and adorn his mantle to save the world on his own. Yandere's arc is explored way later on in the novel, so the yandere does have impact on the plot. MC is morally a good person, but he isn't a self-righteous prick, unlike the first impression he gives off. He won't go out of his way to save every random Tina character who he didn't even interact with by screwing over his allies and putting the whole plan in jeopardy. He is quite rational. He strives to save everyone he could, everyone in his range of awareness he would give his all to save them. His oaths are "I will save the world" and "I won't ignore the misfortune of others. " He also might come off dense when it comes to romantic relationships, but he gradually improves on that aspect and even manages to overcome his dense nature. The guy just needs some obvious hints like, for example when one of the heroines kissed him. He definitely didn't put it off as an accident or some BS like we have seen many a times in Japanese novel scene. There is character growth throughout the story. MC made plans, then backup plans, but still during the implementation phase something gets twisted somehow due to other real life factors, and he has to improvise in real time, so he struggles a lot in fights. Pros: 1. I'm a fan of action guys and this novel has really great action scenes which the author beautifully portrays and is one of the charms of the work. Author stood out for his skillful use of bedtime fairy tale references and using those to write an original action sequence. There are battles with dragons happening atop the bean stalk (referred to here as world tree, which grows from a seed) to recreation of some Irish mythological scenes. Those were the most memorable aspects of the novel. 2. Character growth, MC gradually grows from weak to strong even though it feels like he is always on the advantage. He does struggle a lot in the fights. 3. The system-- It's inspired from the webtoon knight run. It doesn't do generic hand-holding, so the MC still had to struggle a lot 4. Harem aspect was well done in the novel, none of the heroines gets left out. So people who don't want their best girl to lose can rest easy.

  • Yue_Lian_01 1

    Thanks bro that was an amazing summary but mind if you tell me how many girls are there in his harem 👍👍👍🤞

    • DrVanilla 3

      I think 7 judging by the illustrations of the novel

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