As her grandparents hugged Little Shin, Davi felt everything was definitely going to their rightful place. Her family was back in her life, and she also had Sei and Little Shin. She couldn't help the big smile that carved on her face as she squeezed Sei's hand which was intertwined with hers.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Sei was also feeling quite happy at that point in time that he just couldn't help but pull Davi close to him as he wrapped his arm around her waist intimately, serving everyone with dog food.

Seeing this surprising scene before them, the crowd again started going wild.

"Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Oh my god! Our Miss Davi is the mother of Chen Seiji's son?!"

"Is this for real? Is this for real?"

"But the mother was rumored to be dead. She never appeared once!"

"Are you an idiot! Are your ears painted on?"

"Yeah, you heard it right? Our Miss Davi said he is her son!"

"God, so this means, Miss Davi didn't return until now because she was with this person?!"

"Oh gosh, this is so unexpected. Who would have thought that our goddess actually is the woman of the mighty Chen Seiji?!"

"Yeah, this will shock the entire country if the media found out about this."

"Definitely! They will not only shock our nation but also country C!"

As people were glad and surprised with the news, some bitter people also started to spout insults which stemmed from their great jealousy.

"But hey, what is her relationship with the great god of business? Is she his wife?"

"Yeah, right. I haven't heard that he had gotten married. I'm sure that would have been on the front page of all the newspapers!"

"Then, that means she bore her son out of wedlock?"

"Well, the miss didn't introduce him as her husband so it's quite obvious. And besides, look at his fingers, if they're married, he should at least be wearing a ring."

"Now that you pointed it out. Does Mr. Chen even want to marry the miss?"

"Actually that's what was bugging me."

"It's practically useless if he won't marry her right?"

"That's right. Or maybe, he doesn't love her? Or else, why hadn't he married her after such long time? I mean, their son is already five years old."

"T-that's right… maybe because she's the live in mistress. I heard that rich men often keep mistresses on the side."

"Sounds like it. He doesn't seem to be planning to settle down with her otherwise they would have already married by now…"

"OMG! So our miss basically was a mistress for so many years now?!"

"Isn't that somewhat shameful? Our clan's princess was just someone's mistress? This is unacceptable if you ask me!"

"True, I don't even know if what she brought now was a blessing or a curse."

As usual, the typical gossipers kept running their mouths nonstop. But in the middle of their heated murmurings, Sei finally spoke.

"Mr. and Mrs. Mizuhara, I have an important matter to tell you." He said and everyone fell silent. It was as if the king had spoken and all eyes fell on him. Even the gossiper's attentions were all taken by him in just a few words.

They all looked at him with curiousity and anticipation. No one dared to make any noise.

At that moment, Sei then held Davi's hand and faced his soon to be grandparents in law. His eyes turned serious and sincerity began to fill his eyes as he looked at them.

"I would like to marry your granddaughter." Sei said politely and everyone gasped.
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