I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 831 Return to Void Stage

"Have ten supreme beings of the Return to Void Stage or above abhor you:

"According to brainwaves and divine sense waves, as well as the system's deductions, current progress stands at 6/10. Lin Junjun, Yan Hua, Meng Zhi, Emperor Ziwei, Lin Junjun, Zhu Shan."

An Lin was absolutely stupefied upon seeing this list of people who abhorred him. There were far too many details that he could rant about. He didn't even know where to start.

Take Lin Junjun and Yan Hua for example. The two of them had made it onto both the lists! They were truly doing their all to help An Lin complete his mission!

Is this the fabled love-hate relationship?

Liu Mingxuan and Zhu Shan, the husband and wife from the Heavenly Sword Sect. M-hm…


Also, it was understandable that High Priestess Meng Zhi hated him. After all, he was the one who had snatched the Holy Vermilion Flame back and ruined the snow maidens' plans. When they were battling, he had even torn the beautiful High Priestess' clothes! Meng Zhi's hate for him was totally understandable.

However, who could tell him, why did Emperor Ziwei hate him? What the hell?!

An Lin felt his chest tighten.

So… Emperor Ziwei genuinely hates me!

Ziwei still can't forget that day, huh…

An Lin felt a sense of melancholy. As expected, he had no hope of obtaining an inheritance from him.

Also, this mission appeared to only take into account the supreme beings who he had come into direct contact with.

Otherwise, judging by the amount of hate that Emperor Yi Deng and the Divine Bat Emperor had for him, there was no way that they wouldn't be on this list.

"Ah… I'm such a popular person, yet only fewer than ten Return to Void Stage cultivators detest me…" An Lin shook his head in disappointment.

Xu Xiaolan grimaced upon hearing this. She placed her slender hand onto An Lin's forehead. "You don't have a fever… What nonsense are you spewing then?"

"Xiaolan, I'm regretting my decision," An Lin said solemnly. "I should've inscribed my name at the Heavenly Basin! No, I should've left a picture of myself!"

Xu Xiaolan: "…"

She pondered for a moment before saying gently, "An Lin, don't put yourself under so much pressure. If there are any difficulties, we'll face them together. If there are any problems, we'll resolve them together… Don't think about all that nonsense. It'll be bad if you think yourself silly…"

An Lin couldn't help but chuckle upon seeing Xu Xiaolan's caring and affectionate expression. "Okay, I'm fine, Xu Xiaolan! It's just that I have a technique that can only be mastered if I get ten supreme beings of the Return to Void Stage to detest me."

Xu Xiaolan: "…

"Why do you have to complete another bizarre mission? Isn't this mission having you seek death?!"

Which mission doesn't have me seek death?

He was a bit exasperated as he turned his gaze back toward the system. The "cultivation base" section had also updated.

This was a breakthrough in major rank, so the requirement was a bit harsh.

"Return to Void Stage—Condition: Cultivate the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Yin, and Yang cultivation methods to Stage One or above. Obtain a divine tool and a divine pill. Grasp the divine tool in your hand and swallow the divine pill. You may rank up after completing this."

An Lin sighed with emotion upon seeing this mission. Others could only obtain divine materials after ranking up to a certain level. He would be damn impressive. Without divine weapons and divine pills, he wouldn't even be able to rank up…

Although divine tools and divine pills were hard to obtain, at least there was still some hope of obtaining them.

In fact, ranking up his cultivation methods was the hardest part of the condition. Out of the nine different elements of cultivation methods, he had only cultivated six so far—Stage Two Wind Spirit Technique, Stage Two Thunder Essence Cultivation Method, Stage Two Evergreen Technique, Stage Two Wings of True Fire, Stage One Earth Lotus Supreme Skill, and Stage One Divine Liquid Creation Technique.

He hadn't learned the cultivation methods of three elements—metal, yin, and yang.

Speaking of which, the mission for the metal element cultivation method had already been issued a while ago. However, An Lin still hadn't completed it. The mission was: Stage One Divine Weapon Origin Energy—Condition: Successfully nurture a weapon spirit.

An Lin had initially placed his hopes in the Evil-Slaying Sword. However, this haughty sword wouldn't develop a weapon spirit whatsoever. He was also exasperated by this!

In fact, he had been given an opportunity to cultivate a ying element cultivation method as well. When he met that beautiful Zombie Goddess, the system had assigned him a mission whereby he needed to kiss her to receive the cultivation method. At the time, An Lin had pushed the Zombie Goddess down and was just about to kiss her. However, in order to keep his first kiss, An Lin stopped himself halfway!

This conviction… was detestable!

An Lin sighed in exasperation. His journey to become a Return to Void Stage cultivator would be a long one. He couldn't rush with regards to the cultivation methods. As for the divine tool and divine pill, there was some glimmer of hope on the horizon. All he needed to do was earn more money.

M-hm… He probably needed to earn a few hundred million spirit stones first. Moreover, he would need a vast network of contacts. After all, divine tools couldn't be purchased with money alone. Even mighty figures of the Dao Integration Stage didn't necessarily own divine tools, much less cultivators of the Return to Void Stage…

An Lin put this matter regarding rank aside for the moment and shifted his gaze back toward the vast expanse of chaos before him.

Dongfang Zhuangshi was still performing spatial hops with them.

After a short while, his expression became extremely grave. "We're in trouble. I think we've been locked onto by some thread of power."

Their expressions all changed drastically.

"We can still be detected even though we've entered into a spatial passageway?" An Lin asked in surprise.

"They've activated a very peculiar power that can form unique ripples over a certain range of chaotic space," Dongfang Zhuangshi said solemnly. "These ripples will be affected when we spatial hop through them. As such, they can detect our movements. It's almost as if we're leaving footprints."

"Is there no way to avoid these ripples?" Xu Xiaolan asked.

Dongfang Zhuangshi shook his head. "That power is too profound. It's most likely the legendary Heavenly Eye Spell Formation that covers the entire Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool. With our current abilities, it's impossible to escape its detection."

Heavenly Eye Spell Formation?

This name sounded extremely impressive, and An Lin also became anxious.

The golden groundhog turned pale with fright upon hearing this. "The Heavenly Eye Spell Formation requires an exorbitant amount of energy to activate, and it can lock onto the location of any spatial-hopping supreme being in its range! Moreover, the accuracy of its detection is even higher if one doesn't perform spatial hopping!"

An Lin's idea of fleeing in separate directions was instantly crushed.

What the f*ck?! This was the spying satellite of the cultivation world!

Moreover, it was the super-precise type that could even lock onto cultivators who were performing spatial hops!

The Divine Poison Frog shivered in terror. "It looks like the Divine Bat Emperor is going all out to find us…"

A rare expression of seriousness appeared on Dongfang Zhuangshi's face. "The Divine Bat Emperor is most likely coming over already. If we continue forward like this, it's very likely that we'll be caught!

"We must escape the range of the Heavenly Eye as soon as possible. We're currently in the southeastern region of the Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool. The only way to escape this range before the Divine Bat Emperor catches us is to head directly east!"

Head east?

The map of Tai Chu Continent appeared in An Lin's mind.

To the south of the Nine States was the Holy Glacial Lands. To the west of the Holy Glacial Lands was the Opposite Shore Realm. To the west of the Opposite Shore Realm was the Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool…

In other words, they needed to head toward…

The Opposite Shore Realm?!

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