I Raised A Black Dragon (Web Novel)

Chapter 65: Another Chance

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Chapter 65: Another Chance

Park Noah stopped walking and turned around to face the trailing Adrian, who also stopped in his tracks; the distance between them about five steps. Slowly, she approached him, her arms folded.


Adrian seemed surprised at the nearing Park Noah, who had been ignoring her all day, his green orbs showing a glint of interest and curiosity. Park Noah only stopped when the distance between them was so close that a fist could barely fit in between their faces. Then, she looked up and stared at his face.

In contrast to his behavior on the first day they met where he had suddenly grabbed her waist, Adrian didn’t move an inch, his hands tucked in the pocket of his pants. After a moment’s silence of staring at each other, he suddenly muttered.

“It makes me feel weird when you look at me like that, Eleonora.”

At the last word, his voice sounded unsteady. Park Noah remained silent, observing the waves of emotions in Adrian’s eyes.  Simultaneously, the sea breeze swept his bright blonde hair up into the air. She then extended her arm, brushing softly his disheveled hair, and asked.

“Why did we break up, Adrian?”

“Why are you asking me that now? I know you’re not really curious at all.”

“How are you so sure?”

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“The look you make now is just the same. Everything else is different. It’s quite different from the past, so it’s safe for me to say you’re someone else. But at times, the Eleonora I know suddenly shows up. ”

Adrian usually used to look at her in deep interest, but now his eyes showed conflicted emotions. A deep resentment flickered for a moment and soon turned into longing. But then he clenched his jaw as if he was holding back something.

“I asked you why we broke up. Were you too harsh for me? Did you cheat? Did you have many other partners besides me?” Park Noah asked at once.

“That’s not what happened. You liked my face a lot.”

She assessed Adrian for a moment, narrowing her eyes in suspicion. She had thought it over and over again, but his feelings for Eleanora Asil wasn’t something he could forget so easily. Behind his

jokes were lingering emotions that were hard to let go.

Although Park Noah still doubted his intentions, that was as far as she could go. Adrian had professed his love for Eleonora Asil but unfortunately broke up with her two years ago for some reason. What followed then was the witch’s death. Still, it is reckless to rule out the possibility that this man had murdered his lover.

“If I had hurt you in any way, I would have hated myself. Isn’t that right?”


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“What do you want me to say? You think I have a grudge against you and try to kill you? You confirmed with your eyes last time that I’m not stronger than you.”

So he knew my intentions. Park Noah sighed, thinking she simply didn’t possess the talent to investigate like Kyle Leonard.

“I barely survived the risk of dying two years ago, but I lost my memory. So I don’t want to let anything slip past my hands. I’m asking because you noticed. Have you ever tried to kill me?”

“No.” Adrian’s answer came out almost immediately.

“Do you have evidence for that?”

“When you get to the capital, ask the investigative security office for my alibi for the past two years. I’d rather you see it with your own eyes than say it a hundred times.”

Adrian shrugged his shoulders when he noticed Park Noah still wore the same face of doubt, despite his explaining.

“If I had to face your murder charges just because I fought with you, there would be about fifty suspects in Laurent alone. There are more people who have a grudge against you than you think, Ellie. One, the general manager of the Bureau of Investigation Security.”

“He’s not. I’ve already checked myself.”

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As if her answer was too absurd, Adrian chuckled.

“That’s strange. Since when did you trust him more than me? No matter how much you lose your memory, he and you can’t get close. You are enemies by nature.”

“I told you I confirmed it myself, why are you picking on me? Try and act innocent so I will believe you.” Park Noah shot back. A moment later, she thought to herself. Kyle and Eleonora, you really hated each other.

“I really don’t intend to attack anymore. More than anything, I actually like you more now.”

“Yes, you like who I am now… What?” Park Noah looked at him in bewilderment. In return, Adrian smiled softly.

“So don’t push me away too hard, Eleanor. Is there any other man in the world who’s clinging to your favor?”


“Give me another chance. You never know, our ending may be a comedy this time.”

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