I Raised A Black Dragon (Web Novel)

Chapter 74: One Condition

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Chapter 74: One Condition

As soon as Park Noah opened her mouth, both spoke at the same time. It took her a little time to understand the situation, but first, she pointed at Adrian with her finger.

“Minister of Magic?”

“Did you go with me without knowing it? I am the current head of the Ministry of Magic.”

The conversation she had with the staff earlier in the morning crossed her mind.

“I don’t know. They says he’s on a long vacation. I’ve heard they’ve lost contact.”


So, the sound of the clock that kept poking on my nerves, was that an emergency call to the minister over the railroad attack? Park Noah was dumbfounded and stared at him. His gaze guiltily shifted to the floor.

“Wow… What a neglect of duty…” She muttered in astonishment.

“I was on vacation. I wasn’t on duty.”

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“I can’t believe the stalker is the minister of the empire…”

Park Noah knew he would be an extraordinary figure, but she never dreamed that he would be a civil servant of the highest rank in the Empire. Laurent, are you okay?

She then immediately grabbed Kyle Leonard by the arm and began to tell all the blond’s misdeeds.

“Sir, he stalked me. He followed me from the train to Battuanu, barged in my compartment, attempted to strike me, followed me when we arrived, and last night he even unlocked the door while I was asleep!”

“You took my milk, too!”

Beside her, Muell gave a sharp yelp. When they looked up at each other with our eyes full of resentment, Kyle Leonard nodded tiredly.

“Yes, yes. I see. He’s a little… Wait. Where did he open the door last night?”

Alert quickly appeared in the investigator’s face. He grabbed one of her shoulders and turned her around. Park Noah circled in place once and then stopped again, completely dizzy. Only then did she realize he was searching her and said quickly.

“Nothing happened.”

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His stiff expression relaxed a little. Kyle Leonard tilted her robe a little and asked in a low voice.

“What did you tell the officers about your identity? I’m sure Park Noah isn’t…”

“I said I had an amnesia. They seemed to believe it.”

Kyle Leonard sighed, taking his arm off her.

“I was going to catch that leech and hand it over to the security forces and call you, but suddenly that security chief caught me. I didn’t crawl in on my own feet, blowing my identity.”

“You seem to have a lot of things piled up.” Kyle Leonard muttered and somehow, seemed to be satisfied. Finding it a little strange, Park Noah stared at his face, and Adrian interrupted in agitation.

“Since when have you two been so close? As far as I remember, you were off at each other’s necks.”

“We’re not close.”

Kyle Leonard replied immediately while Park Noah nodded her head profusely. Soon, she realized her mistake. While recording a voice message earlier, she had called the investigator ‘darling’. Adrian shrugged his shoulders.

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“A new lover was born, was he that guy? Yesterday’s enemies become today’s lovers? That’s amazing.” It was pure sarcasm.

When Park Noah glanced at Adrian, she felt quite offended as she saw his bitter eyes. Is this… the old boyfriend’s nasty lingering feelings of seeing his new girlfriend?

However, it was none of her business. Park Noah smiled innocently at Adrian. “Mr. Stalker, who is best at neglect of duty. If I tell you, would you go to work now?”

“What am I supposed to do here, Ellie?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

Adrian’s green eyes turned to the curly-haired boy. Oh, that’s right. Park Noah recalled a fact she had forgotten for a moment: one of the reasons Adrian stalked her. He knows Mu is a dragon. If he goes to the imperial city and tell the emperor about it…

Park Noah quickly handed the child onto Kyle Leonard and walked towards Adrian. She grabbed him by the collar, pulling him close to her.

“Mr. Stalker. You blow it and I’ll tell Mu to burn you to the ground.”

“It’s cute to threaten. But you can’t.”

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“You’ve been saying that since last time, why are you so sure?”

“Our Eleonora, you’ve become so gentle since you lost your memory. You would have killed me the moment I got on you last night.”

Park Noah’s gangster temper reached its peak. She was fuming. Whether or not Adrian noticed her expression had become grim, Adrian hurriedly spoke in a gentle tone.

“Just promise me one thing and I’ll keep my mouth shut. I mean it.”

“…What promise?”

“When you come to Tezeba, keep meeting with me.”

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