I Raised A Black Dragon (Web Novel)

Chapter 90: Before the Sun Rises

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Chapter 90: Before the Sun Rises

“Didn’t you find your way out? Or is it blocked?”

“I’ve found an emergency exit that appears to be used by the crew, but it’s locked. I couldn’t even access it to see if it was broken. It is a very finely woven framework that couldn’t be pierced by a bullet that neutralizes magic. So, I was looking for another way.” Kyle explained.

“There’s no other way. Let’s go over there first. With Mu, it’ll be easy to make a decision. Right, Mu?”

Muell, who was sitting on a dust pit, nodded his head fervently.

“Then you’ve relieved yourself of the worry that you can’t go up. So first, Miss Noah goes, disengages the exit, and opens the door…” Kyle paused, frowning slightly.

“You want me to go and open the door? You’re not going with me? Why?” Noah looked at him incredulously.



“Come close.”

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As she wriggled her body, Kyle wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body to his.

“Huh?” Noah blinked blankly, her face rested on his shoulder. She could feel the loud and erratic beat of her heart. On the contrary, his was calm and constant. The contrast was so great that she realized she was not in a very good condition.

Perhaps Kyle had sensed the same thing. His grip loosened, and he pulled her back slightly from him.

“Did you bring your medicine?” He asked.

“I brought it with me.”

“Take one now.”

Noah untied the pouch she strung to her pajamas and took out the medicine bottle and poured one tablet into her mouth. Soon, Kyle completely let her go only after he had made sure she finished her medicine.

She grabbed his sleeve and opened her mouth to speak. The medicine left a bitter taste in her tongue. “Why do you want me to go open the door by myself? Is there still one more guy left to catch? The guy who just stepped out of the door.”

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Kyle straightened himself and loaded his revolver. “All you have to do is keep the passage open. The other one will be pushed up. Until the sun rises.”

“I think it’ll be dangerous. If you go up now and ask Mu to seal the passage again, won’t this space be sealed again anyway? Then we can get to Tezeba and search right away.”

“It’s not that simple. There are concerns of destruction of evidence.”

Instead of heading towards the door, Kyle shifted his steps to the other side. Noah turned her head to where he was headed and realized that the place they entered was not a room, but a corridor. It was a narrow corridor about half of the first-class.

“This is a corridor used by sailors who manage the mana operating room. If you go straight this way, you’ll find a staircase in the middle. If you go up half a floor, you can see the iron door right away. You can leave it open.”

“Okay, okay.”

She stared at the man’s back; Kyle was fixing the buttons of his uniform. “By any chance, is there something you didn’t tell me?”

“What?” He glanced at her. Then, he laughed. “Well, can I tell you all the evidence I’ve collected over the course of a day here, dozens of assumptions based on it, and even the most promising ones? We can do that up there.”

Noah remained silent.

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“Miss Noah did a great job just coming down here. I just hugged you and your heart was beating so fast. Go up, lock the room door, and get some more sleep. Do you understand?”

Still, there was no response.

“You have to answer.”

Noah finally nodded at his stern voice that was urging her to answer. However, it did not quench her doubts. There was no reason to stay here when there was a way to go up. Moreover, there was an opponent he couldn’t handle even though he had already spent a whole day and a half.

“Okay…” But if Kyle had something he didn’t tell her, she had one too. Lenia’s voice crossed her mind.


“Tomorrow at three a.m. to five o’clock in the afternoon, Room 409. I’ll leave the door open.”

It was around eleven o’clock in the evening when she left the cabin. No matter how long I spent here. it wouldn’t be dawn yet. Noah raised herself, along with Muell, and asked Kyle. “Sir, you said you’d drive the other one up before sunrise.”

“Yes. I have to get the job done before the people on the ship wake up and feel strange.”

You said your clock was broken earlier, but how do you know it’s dawn?

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However, instead of prying, Noah took a small watch out of her pocket and handed it over to him. “Take this.”

Kyle looked at the watch and smiled lightly.

“Come up before six o’clock. Do you understand?” Noah demanded.

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