I, The Dragon Overlord
I, The Dragon Overlord

I, The Dragon Overlord

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I, The Dragon Overlord novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Green Moon. 571 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Louie became a mythical dragon that was capable of traveling between Earth and the Otherworld at will.

From this point on, the number of races in the Otherworld became more plentiful. His territory was orderly and clean, with incredible cuisine, countless novelties, and civilization and philosophy ahead of the whole world.

On Earth, his existence caused the rebirth of magic and mythology, allowing him to become the only God.

“I am the Golden King, the Giver of Life, the Champion of Magic, the Weaver of Dreams, the Guardian of the World, the Master of Time. Let mortals bow down before me and look up! Let the Gods tremble in fear before me!”

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  • 8destroyer 2

    um when will new chapter of this novel release

  • kinggun5151 2

    now it has dragon in its name so im hooked. but the question is is this good? i read it and racism ruined dragon so ok

    Edited: 3mo
    • Suza751 10

      All earth chapters are garbage - all fantasy world chapters are wonderful

  • Cappy 4

    Intelligent life my *ss, it only considered the energy efficiency for a worm hole by taking it from a Being with strong energy without considering the level of risk and danger for its Host. I’m not surprise that their civilization got destroy.

  • FernandoLuiz 1

    Here are some recommendations of all the good one's I know Lord of mysteries Second coming of gluttony The beginning after the end Reverend insanity Shadow slave Supremacy games Omniscient readers viewpoint Legendary mechanic The mother of learning Trash of the count family Return of mount hua sect Kidnapped dragon House of horrors Solo leveling Second life ranker Overgeared Versatile mage Reincarnation of the strongest sword god Supreme magus Sword god in the word of magic Realm of myths and legends Taming master Custom made demon king Release that witch Rise of the undead legion Everyone else is a returnee A Returner's magic should be special Ending maker My three wives are beautiful vampires Supreme harem god Son of the hero king Martial peak Martial world True martial world Battle through the heaven martial universe great ruler Peerless martial god peerless martial god 2 Soul land

  • Einstein 4

    Not all the chapters are back, there were more that 500 chapters before the website got ‘hacked’

  • lnwUser109809 4

    The chapters in the original world is pretty boring.

  • Ashwindmt2001 1

    A shitty chinese novel, as always

  • MrXandrei50 1

    Its a good novel but i feel that it became a Kindombuilding?

  • RickKraut 1

    `Editor: I’m so sorry everyone for the author’s nonsense. But we’d have to rewrite the plot if we corrected all his errors. Please bear with it for this arc. TLN: This is fiction everyone, don't take it too seriously. ` the editor and translator had to start putting in a warning on the amount of wack ass stuff the author was putting in select chapters, and that's not even about the political stuff he talks about in this book. . . dodge this one, 291 chapters was my limit, don't find yours out the hard way.

    Edited: 1y
    • Mastaa 1

      Its funny to think that the editor and translator talkshit to the author. u sure are good friends

  • King_Asura 5

    Chapter 289 reference, just so you know, i think it might be from shadowhunters, he was in there, somewhere