I Turn Out to Be a Grand Master

Chapter 113: Someone is Preparing to Attack the Danxia Holy Land?!

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Although he was jokingly wondering if Shang Chan was some kind of cannibal demon...

In reality, Liu Changgong didn't take this matter to heart. On the contrary, he was very interested in the few paintings that suddenly appeared in his mind when he happened to look at the immortal mountain shrouded in clouds.

In any case, he had only come to the Convention of Ten Thousand Immortals to experience it. Liu Changgong didn't have any clear purpose!

Now, since he had an inspiration, he might as well draw it out first.

With this thought in mind, Liu Changgong directly opened his mouth and said to Wang Yuyan, Yu Hongye, and the others behind him, "Help me prepare the brush and ink. I want to draw a painting!"

Wang Yuyan and Yu Hongye looked at each other, their eyes filled with surprise and joy!

They had seen Liu Changgong draw before. That kind of magnificent scene that could shake the sky with a single stroke was something they couldn't forget!

Now, the Senior reached the Convention of Ten Thousand Immortals and was actually going to draw?

'If the celestial phenomenon is triggered again, won't the immortal cultivators who come to the Convention of Ten Thousand Immortals be scared out of their wits?!'

Wang Yuyan thought so in her heart, but her hands didn't stop moving.

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Together with Yu Hongye, they found a small pavilion. Then, they took out tables, chairs, brushes, ink, and other items from their storage magical artifacts.

This small pavilion looked simple and natural. It was also a good place to dance and play with ink!

After Liu Changgong sat down, he thought carefully for two seconds and then immediately put down his brush!

When he put down his brush, his entire mind was focused on this painting. Naturally, the things in the outside world could not affect him!

As the brush and ink fell, an immortal mountain that was surrounded by Immortal Qi gradually appeared on the white paper. It looked as if the immortal mountain of the Danxia Holy Land had really been moved into the painting!

As for the changes in the weather that Wang Yuyan, Yu Hongye, and the others had expected, they did not appear.

The few of them were a little stunned, but they did not take it seriously.

They were all focused on watching Liu Changgong's painting!

The charm of Dao permeated the air. Every stroke seemed to carry the Dao and the principles. Those ink marks seemed to be the manifestation of the rules of the Great Dao!

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Even though it was not the first time they had seen it, the few of them were still deeply immersed in it, unable to extricate themselves.

For a moment, in this small pavilion, besides Liu Changgong, who was engrossed in painting, the others all sat down cross-legged and began to comprehend the Dao!

In the depths of the Danxia Holy Land.

A million miles of immortal mountains were enveloped by the eye of the Great Array Formation.

An old man with a white beard and hair was closing his eyes to rest. This person was a supreme elder of the Danxia Holy Land. His cultivation base was heaven-piercing and he had already reached the middle stage of the Tribulation Transcension stage!


The old man frowned, and his eyes instantly opened. A ray of divine light shot out from his eyes!

"What's going on? Why did the sect-protecting formation suddenly fluctuate? Could it be that someone is taking advantage of the Convention of Ten Thousand Immortals to make a move against the Danxia Holy Land?"

The old man snorted coldly, stood up, and raised his hand. A ray of light shot into the eye of the formation, and he began to observe it carefully!

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This formation was indeed extraordinary!

Tens of thousands of years ago, the Danxia Holy Land was the most powerful force in the Southern Domain!

At that time, the Danxia Holy Land had produced many mighty figures. Every once in a while, a senior mighty figure would ascend to the Immortal World!

The Danxia Holy Land had even produced an elder who had stepped into the Dao of formations!

It was precisely that elder who had created the great formation called the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths!

He had brought all the immortal mountains within a million miles around the Danxia Holy Land into the Danxia Holy Land!

This kind of great formation required a lot of materials, and it wasn't easy to maintain!

However, under the adjustment of that almighty expert who had entered the Dao of formations, the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths formation had gradually given birth to a formation spirit!

With the help of the formation spirit, the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths formation could completely absorb spiritual energy from the Million Li Immortal Mountains and operate on its own!

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It could be said that the most important thing in the entire Danxia Holy Land was none other than the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths formation!

At this moment, the white-bearded old man was communicating with the formation spirit!

After a wave of indistinct fluctuations, the formation spirit emerged from the eye of the formation. It was a delicate little doll!

Although it looked like a little doll, this formation spirit was over ten thousand years old!

In front of her, the white-bearded old man could only call himself a junior!

The white-bearded old man cupped his hands and bowed as he said respectfully, "Senior Formation Spirit!"

"No need for formalities! White-bearded little doll, why did you summon me?"

This little formation spirit, which was carved out of jade, put on an act. With a pair of chubby little hands behind her back, she called the white-bearded old man a 'white-bearded little doll'. Although there didn't seem to be any problems with her age, this scene was still a little strange!

Fortunately, the white-bearded old man had experienced it a few times and was already used to it.

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"Senior Formation Spirit, just now, my mind suddenly discovered a ripple on the formation. It seems to have affected the operation of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths formation. Therefore, I specially woke Senior up to ask what exactly happened."


The little formation spirit frowned and carefully sensed it before shaking its head.

"There's nothing unusual!"


The white-bearded old man looked hesitant. He was also a bit puzzled. Could it be that he had sensed wrongly?

After all, this formation spirit was the main body of the array. If she said that there was no problem, then perhaps he had sensed wrongly.

"Alright, thank you, Senior Formation Spirit!"

"In addition, recently, the Danxia Holy Land is holding the Convention of Ten Thousand Immortals. I'm afraid that there will be many immortal cultivators from all walks of life coming to the Holy Land. Senior, please take care of them!"

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The entire Danxia Holy Land was covered by the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths great formation. Naturally, the formation spirit could take care of any part of the formation.

"No problem! Don't worry! With me around, there won't be any problems!"

The little baby pretended to be mature, waved her hand, and spoke.

The white-bearded elder cupped his hands and said with a smile, "Then I won't disturb Senior's cultivation!"


The formation spirit child nodded her head vigorously and her figure disappeared from the center of the formation.

After disappearing from the formation, the child arrived at a strange space!

This place was the true core of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths great formation!

The child sneakily looked around, then raised her chubby little hand and waved it forcefully!

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The situation in the space instantly changed!

A picture instantly appeared in front of the little kid!

In the picture, a green-clothed young man was crouching on the table and drawing. The content of the drawing was the Million Miles Immortal Mountain of the Danxia Holy Land!

"Humph! This white-bearded little kid is definitely trying to snatch my opportunity! I'm not a young kid who just entered the cultivation world. I can tell what he's thinking with one look!"

"This great immortal is actually improving the structure of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths great formation in the Million Miles Immortal Mountain?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's really magical! If he can really change everything, perhaps I can grow up!"

The little kid muttered to herself for a while. Then, she suddenly thought of something and hurriedly waved her hand.

An invisible ripple instantly spread out from the great formation and directly covered the small pavilion where Liu Changgong and the others were!

At this moment, from the outside, the figures of Liu Changgong and the others had disappeared!

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