Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer
Chapter 254: Idle time

Ashton sat in his office, watching a live broadcast of the guild's expansion.

Today was the day that the expansion ends. Thanks to the efforts of the Guild Members, it went faster than they all expected. Now, the guild territory has more room for members and a few other stuff as well. This will serve them well later on.

Once he saw that the last areas of the expansion were covered, Ashton turned the broadcast off and walked out of his office. Just like this, he's free for the rest of the day.

Ashton didn't really have anything to do. He could obviously train but it wouldn't make much difference today. Plus, he already mastered all of his skills and spells according to his new power level so there's no reason for him to hole up in his training area.

As his mind wandered off, his foot took him to the Guild Hall, where he could see the members socializing or planning for a mission.

He was greeted by the members as he walked past them and he returned their greetings. Due to his close relationship with his guild members, he wasn't estranged here, they treated him warmly and acted like how they usually do, which made Ashton relieved.

He still have no idea what to actually do so he just sat on the bar stool and ordered some drinks while spreading his senses to eavesdrop on others' activities.

"It's been crazy lately. A lot of people have been applying for rank promotion." He heard one guy say.

"Yeah, I heard about it. Apparently, a lot of people experienced some form of mutation in their aptitudes. Almost all of them received a boost in strength overnight, it's crazy!"

"Right? And somewhat unfair too. Like, I've been working my ass off, taking up missions like a madman, where's my mutation? Hello?"

"Do you think Guild Master had anything to do with it?"

"Nah." One guy immediately disagreed. "If he did it, then all of us would've benefited from it. He doesn't discriminate you know, so it can't be him."

'This guy deserves a bonus.' Ashton snorted to himself as he continued eavesdropping on their conversation.

"The mutations are weird too." One guy pointed out. "My friend's Battle Spirit completely changed. Before it was just some sort of coiled headband that doubles his strength but now it turned into an awesome Staff."

"Oh? If you said that it's awesome, then it should be awesome. Did you ask what the staff does?"

"Obviously!" The guy rolled his eyes, "Anyway, the staff could extend as far as the eye could see and could shrink as small as a toothpick. It could also clone itself and could become super fucking heavy to others."

Ashton nearly spat out his drink when he heard that description. The corners of his eye started twitching as he continued listening to them.

"Oh, that's neat."

Ashton nearly raged upon hearing that. Neat? That's it? That artifact is just neat?

"Did you know what it's called?"

"I did ask him, but I can't recall it properly. It's gibberish and didn't make any sense. It's 'Ruyo-Jangu-something', I don't know..."

'It's fucking 'Ruyi Jingu Bang', you imbecile. It means 'The Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod'. God damn it!' Ashton grumbled inwardly.

Thankfully he had mastered the art of poker face, allowing him to just exist there without being a menace to people around him.

He's not jealous, obviously.

He's just not.

Why should he be jealous? He's happy with what he has.

It's just a staff, nothing to be so crazy about. It's not like it's awesome or anything.

It's just a weapon...a weapon that the Legendary Monkey King used to wreak havoc on the Heavenly Court.

He could do that with his scythe too if the chance presents itself.

So there's really no need to be jealous.

'...okay, maybe I am a little jealous too. I gotta get out of here now, or else I might just actually lose it.'

Ashton has heard enough. Nothing is interesting happening in the guild right now it seems. It's just the usual.

He left after paying for his drink. Still having no idea what to do for the rest of the day.

'I could hang out with Aria...' He thought to himself, 'Actually, no I can't.'

'It's work hours right now. She's probably in the middle of forging something. She'd be mad at me for interfering with her work so I can't go there.' Ashton pursed his lips.

'Blake, Mary, and Alice aren't here either. They went out on a date and I don't want to intrude on their fun. They won't welcome my presence if I did so anyway.'

Yes, Blake is indeed dating both Alice and Mary.

At first, it was just Alice. And she had to, according to her own words, put her tongue in his mouth for him to finally get a clue. Blake was oblivious to the clues she says so she did that to get what she wants.

Alice also knows that Blake always had a little crush on Mary when they were still young. But since she was cursed back then, Blake stopped himself from pursuing her since he'd afraid that he'd hurt her.

That was a long time ago and Alice didn't know if that was still the case. She didn't bring this up to him during their relationship with him but Alice truly didn't mind if he still does have feelings for Mary.

In fact, to prove that she wasn't against it. She outright told him recently that she's okay with him pursuing Mary as well.

Blake was of course flabbergasted by that but Alice ensured him that she was truly okay with it.

And as it turns out, Blake indeed still has the hots for Mary. He just tucked it away expertly that he convinced himself that there was none anymore.

When he was given the go signal. It came crashing down on him so he wasted no time. Especially now that Mary is free from her curse.

He said that it was better to strike while the iron was hot.

Mary was one of the 'faries' of the guild. If she were to announce that she's looking for a boyfriend or a husband, the line of her suitors would be enough to fill the entire guild... post-expansion.

She was shocked when Blake suddenly came up to her like that. Even more so when she heard his confession and Alice's part in all of this. She even went out of her way to confirm it with her and she got the same response.

This concept was crazy to her but it's something that she's willing to experience.

That's how Blake ended up dating both of them.

'That old man got some game, huh?' Ashton chuckled to himself when he recalled that whole fiasco.

Well, he called Blake an old man because he is on. That guy's on his 9th reincarnation. He is fucking old. And both girls he's dating know that, so it's consensual.

Anyways...Ashton still doesn't know what to do to pass the time so he started brainstorming again.

'Should I make more dinosaurs?'

Now, that's an idea. If only the zoo's not filled to the brim of them yet, he might just actually do that. Unfortunately, this isn't the answer either.

He can't create more of them because he ran out of space recently. If he created more, there will be a serious disruption in their ecosystem and chaos would ensue. Ashton didn't want another headache of his own doing.

'I've watched all the movies and series that I like already. The rest there is are just plain garbage.'

'I could tend to the El-Tree for a bit, except not at all since the Fairy Queen is already doing that in my stead.'

'Roaming Fantasia...I've done that pretty recently. If I do it again now, I'd just be seeing the same shit so it's just a waste of time.'

'I could help out Jerry, but the little dude will resent me for taking away his fun. At the end of the day, working is Jerry's sole purpose so if I interfere, he'd get mad at me.'

Ashton sighed and sat on some random bench, staring at a blank space. He's really not used to being this free.

Unknowingly, he had turned into a workaholic without him knowing. If he's not working, he feels like he couldn't function properly.

He could just go for a quick tour outside of Last Bastion. Maybe hunt some demons and angels on the way.

Except...yeah, that's right. He already gave that chance to his Guild Members to serve as field experience. And that is something that he can't take away from them because it will hamper their growth.

Releasing another frustrated sigh, Ashton got up from the bench and teleported to his and Aria's home.

He plopped down face-first on their bed and started getting rid of his clothes.

Well, since he had nothing better to do today. He'd just sleep instead. Hopefully, by the time he wakes up, there'd be something for him to do.

And so, Ashton closed his eyes.

Not knowing that he'd be visited by someone he didn't expect in his dreams.

Chapter 254: Idle time
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