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At dawn, Yelena, who skipped her meal as she had been buried in her thoughts finally made up her mind.

She will raise him.

After the child’s born, unlike the heartless parents of her husband, she will surely take care of the child with love.

She won’t let people around her point fingers and chatter.

“My child, I will love you as a mother.”

Although she was a long way from giving birth to that child now, Yelena vowed so anyway.

It was a big decision for Yelena.

‘…….I’m hungry.’

When the time of distress was over, her hunger belatedly returned.

Yelena hesitated for a moment. She then pulled the rope and asked the maid for a simple meal.

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Yelena sighed after swallowing the warm soup brought by the maid.

“Ha, I think I’m alive now.”

She couldn’t believe she had been lost in thought with a stomach this empty.

‘But I can’t even solve the important thing.’

She made up her mind to be a mother, but she had to think first about how to become a mother.

‘If you close your eyes and make the child with me, I can raise the child really well…’

However, it would definitely be of no use to blindly advocate like this.

‘If I persuade you…’

“Hold on.”

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Yelena, who was sipping on the remaining soup, stopped.

‘Why did my husband suddenly say that to me today?’

Yelena blinked.

Come to think of it, it was strange.

So far, he had been so indifferent and adamantly refused to sleep together, so why today?

Not just that.

He not only told her the reason, but he also briefly told her a story of his childhood.

It was quite a personal story now that she thought about it.

Perhaps, closer to a weakness.

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Such a story was usually told to someone close, or at least to someone they trusted.

‘Someone he trusts.’

Yelena put down the spoon that was stirring the soup and covered her mouth.

‘I think I’ve become someone he trusts!’

Or someone close to him.

Anyway, it was good.

What’s important was that her husband told Yelena a personal story that he wouldn’t normally tell others.

‘Why? Why all of a sudden? Oh, is it because of the Incan thing?’

The realization lit up Yelena’s mind.

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‘That’s it!’

Indeed, seeing through Incan’s nature and taking action in her own manner must have gained his trust.

That was the only thing that could have changed her husband’s mind.

‘Trust… Has he come to think of me as a trustworthy person?’

Her heart pounded.

Yelena covered her mouth with her hand.

For the first time, she felt a little grateful to the human-like trash, Incan.


Laughter leaked out.

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Yelena laid back in bed and hugged her pillow.

Her heart fluttered.

“It wasn’t a vain effort.’

Uncovering Incan’s criminal activities.

In addition to the honorary aspect of realizing justice, it was meaningful.

‘Good. Good job. I’m proud of myself. Then, if I take a step further from here…’

Her husband was beginning to trust Yelena.

Well, what if they developed further from here?

What if the faith grew and the trust increased?

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When that moment arrived, she might be able to tell him.

All the facts she knew.

About the miserable future she’d seen, and how to prevent it from coming.

‘If I could…’

If she could tell everything to her husband and he believed it.

Yelena closed her eyes tightly, imagining a hopeful future.

The beating of her heart sounded pleasant.

Was her heart filled with passion and excitement from the hope of saving the world, or…

Yelena fell asleep before she could agonize over the question she didn’t know the answer to.

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“…Madam, madam.”


Yelena groaned and opened her eyes at the touch of someone waking her from a short sleep.

She fell asleep too late last night, so her eyes were stiff with fatigue.

“Is it morning already…?

“Yes, madam. The butler is looking for you.”

“Huh, who…?

“Ben, I heard he found a person…”

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“A person…”

Yelena blinked blankly and then jumped out of bed.

Yelena looked back at the maid with an urgent face and inquired.

“Where is Ben now?”

* * *

‘We found the old woman.’

It was beyond belief.

On the way to the drawing-room that Ben guided her to, Yelena wondered if it might be a dream.

‘I can’t believe we found you.’

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