I’m a Villainess but So Popular

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Not my cup of tea. Personally, the story isn't interesting or enjoyable, It's boring and she's basically a Mary Sue but if you like that then good for you, I guess. . .


I get how there's people that have actually enjoyed reading this, having said that, I personally did not. I read through the first 10 chapters and it wasnt that interesting of a plot, nor was it particularly well written. The descriptions are awkward and the characters are far too cliche for my taste. I wouldn't really recommend it.


This is lovely! the prologue was awkward but that's the usual when they are future scenes. I like our MC and I'm a dork for overpowered FLs so Im peachy :3


It's not boring to read. The continuous character development of the villainess makes the story exciting to read. : D

And I don't like the personality of the crown prince lol