Episode 1

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In the middle of the graceful ballroom where a classical waltz song flows, I was surrounded by three men and women staring at each other like they wished the other person’s death.

Breaking the heavy silence, a man with black hair like ebony, brought up his words.

“I say again, I was the first who applied myself as a partner with Yerine. And she definitely said she would dance with me. So you guys have no business here.”

No, I definitely don’t remember saying I’d dance with you.

“What are you talking about? She never said that.”

said the man in a neat black tuxedo, wiping his silver hair.

“Hey, don’t dance so stupidly and trample people’s feet, just follow me. I’ll teach you.”

I’m sorry, but I don’t need it.

Then the woman with red hair pulled my arm and said,

“I’m sorry, but Yerine said she doesn’t like dancing. So, we were about to go and eat a delicious dessert.”

Why is everyone deciding my schedule without even consulting with me?

Because of the three conspicuous looks and their significance, all eyes were on this side.

“Oh, they’re fighting again?”

“It’s been a long day, and they are still not tired.”

“By the way, doesn’t Miss Yerine look pretty today?”

“That’s right, the performance earlier was so cool and…..”

Regardless of the other, the three men were growling at each other, emitting sparks from their eyes.

“Can’t you see people waiting? Let Yerine go quickly and you guys can find another partner.”

The silver-haired man said, pulling my other arm towards him.

But the other two couldn’t have remained still.

“No, Spade feels uncomfortable dancing with you. You’re talking nonsense again!”

“That’s right! Yerine said she wouldn’t dance and would walk with me!”

“Stop it you both, Yerine has a troubled look on her face.”

As time went by, the sound of three people fighting grew louder than the sound of the band playing, and the conductor began to frown.

Moreover, the place where the three of them fought around me, was in the middle of the ballroom, right in the centre.

As the fight grew more intense, the three began to stare at each other with combat readiness, and the people who were dancing looked around with anxious eyes.

“Okay. To bring this matter to a conclusion, let’s duel…..”

At that moment, a small spark rose in the air, and the three people, who were biting and tearing at each other like a flock of dogs, finally stopped moving.

“Stop that.”

I tried hard to quell my boiling anger and said.

“Will you all get out of here?”

All of you should get out, so others can live well without dying!



“Who brought you up and raised you, you bitch? Someone who had nowhere to go, how dare you to look at me like that?”

At the sharp hissing sound scratching my ears, I opened my eyes.

When I came to my senses, a woman with grey hair and dark makeup was looking at me with fire in her eyes.

I felt the heat in my tingling cheeks and realized that I had been hit by the woman.

The problem is that I have no idea who this woman is and why I’m being hit.

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“You’re so useless!”

The woman pointed at me with her fat fingers and shouted.

I don’t understand the situation in itself, but the woman’s whereabouts were all the more spectacular.

A rich dress is worn by the old Western aristocrat as seen in the movie.

I didn’t know where to look, as the woman’s clothes were covered with colourful lace and all kinds of glittering ornaments.

Besides, why is this crazy woman, who I never have seen before in my life, standing in front of me in a costume, screaming?


I didn’t even know a thing.

I’m sure I fell off the veranda and died, but why would a strange woman come out of nowhere and slap me in the face?

“Huh? Did you just say, uh? You don’t listen to people, do you?”

With the words, the woman has just begun to scowl at me looking more frightening than before.

I recognised another fear from falling off the veranda, at the sight of her raising her huge hand with her eyes lifted, I instinctively backed away.

But as soon as I stepped back, something hit the back of my knee, and soon fell to the scary woman.

With the sensation of the knee hitting the hard stone floor, the tangled violet hair poured before my eyes, blocking my view.

“Haha! You can’t avoid that kind of thing properly? That’s pathetic.”

Surprised by the sudden voice, I saw a boy with freckles on his cheek standing proudly with his arms folded.

‘What the hell’s he doing?’

The boy’s twisting and giggling on one side of his lips was really like a little devil.

At first glance, he seems young, but his temper was no joke.

By the way, what do you mean, avoid it?

I held my hazy head as I tried to lift myself from the ground.

Then the boy, whom I met eyes with, grinned, snapped his fingers and bounced.

Surprisingly, something hit my forehead strongly at the moment.


As I sat there screaming, the boy giggled again and talked to a woman who had not moved at all until then.

“Mom, look at her, isn’t it really exciting? With her ugly face, she should have done better with magic.”

‘What’s wrong this bastard?’

All kinds of curses came up to the end and tickled my throat, but for now, I endured it.

Because the word ‘magic’ that he is talking about was very annoying.

“Fernand, get in there. It’s no good to associate with something like that kind of thing.”


What he said earlier is magic. Is this world with magic?.

I shook off my clothes in silence and stood up from the ground, glared at the boy, thinking I should keep my head on edge.

Only then did I see the scenery in the room with an antique atmosphere like the castle of an old nobleman.

“No, does it make sense that the famous Spade native can’t do magic? If she had not been born, the family wouldn’t have been destroyed.”


The woman’s gaze at the little boy was unusual.

The woman didn’t say anything, but the meaning of “shut your mouth right now” was so clear to me that I looked at the boy.

The boy, who saw the eyes, hardened and couldn’t bring up another word.

The boy, who was looking around, turned to the corner and disappeared far away, and the woman’s gaze, who had been watching him until then, turned back to me.

“Get out of here, too.”

She threw such an intense remark and trudged away to the other side of the hall.

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Left in the middle of the hall, I looked around and tried to grasp the situation.

‘Spade? I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere.’

Only then did the novel that I read a few months ago went through my mind.


A world in which all power is determined by mana and magic skills. There’s no person who could not use magic in that world at all.

And shaggy purple hair.

When I thought about it up to there, memories of this castle, which had never occurred before, flowed into my head.

The legs moved first before I even realized. Although it was certainly a place I had never been to before, I noticed familiar sights from time to time as I walked along the corridor.

It’s as if some of someone else’s memories showed up into my head.

Relying on the fragmentary memory, I climbed numerous stairs and stood in front of the high spire’s corrugated chamber, and suddenly a name came to my mind.

“Yerine Spade.”

That was the name of this body’s owner.

Unfortunately, it was the name of the villain who dies trying to undermine the heroine who is loved by everyone also because she is angry at the fact that she cannot use her mana at all.

“I’m doomed…”

That was the first sound that could be heard in the room.

I can’t believe I’ve been possessed by a terrible person who’s going to die miserably. It’s just the same as being dead, then alive, and dead again.

An ugly villain who even hides her face with her shaggy hair, which everyone hates.

“I’ll have a hard time…”

In the Tigris Empire, the setting in the novel, as I said earlier, mana and magic skills are the power to live. It was obvious that Yerine’s life, who could not use magic at all in such a place, would fall into the gutter.

As I lay in a small bed in the corner of my room, I saw a ceiling made of stone.

From the small window on the wall, the room was cool with the cold wind.

“Oh, my God……this is really cold.”

Do I have to keep going like this? I don’t like this.

‘I wouldn’t know if I were just a supporting character, but if I were a villain, I couldn’t even meet my favourite heroine……’.

The heroine of the novel, Erica Blothea, was a cute girl with pink hair. As soon as I saw the cover of the novel, I knew Erica would be my favourite.

In addition, the early timid and cute appearance stimulated my protective instinct.

Since then, I’ve completely fallen for Erica’s unexpected charm in the second half, recovering confidence and courageously moving forward, and Erica had overtaken the handsome Male Lead and become my favourite in my heart.

‘But what can I do?…as long as I’m a villain, I can’t even stay on good terms with Erica.’

If I get involved, I might die like the original, so if I see it, I’ll just have to look at her from a distance.

As I lay still thinking so senselessly, I felt my vision was quite strange.

As if one side was blocked.

Only then did I notice that something like cloth was covering my left eye.

“What is this…”

When I touched around my eyes, I felt something like a string.

“It’s like an eye patch…….”

I guess she was trying to cover her left eye while she was walking around with her long hair.

‘Cause your eyes are all slanted, right?’

The memory of Yerine did not fully return, and the novel did not mention her left eye, so it was hard to know.

As I stood up from my bed and looked around, I saw a square mirror attached to one wall.

As I stood before it, I saw the grim figure of Yerine, with her hair hanging down like a lion’s mane.

“The hair colour is fine, but…..”

In fact, even if she brushed it every day and cut it in moderation, it wouldn’t be this bad.

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I felt a bit sorry for her being treated so badly.

“What the hell does she look like……”

The moment I lifted my bangs to untie the eye patch pressing my left eye, I had no choice but to open my mouth and look in the mirror.

“What, what’s this?…”

Yerine’s face, with her forehead wide open, was really pretty.

A violet eye, as shiny as a jewel, with snow-white skin. And with a long nose and long eyelashes.

It was a beauty of a slightly sharp and dark-looking figure. It wasn’t my favourite face, but it was really pretty from an objective point of view.

Except for the rest of the face which was covered up with an eyepatch.

“No… …why did she cover this up?”

The moment I untied the tight black eye patch, I stepped back with a shudder.

I could immediately see why Yerine covered her left eye.

“Red eyes…..”

Yerine’s left eye was really emitting a strange red glow.

In fact, it was a colour that was naturally hard to find in human eyes.

Not only was it just red, but it came close to the mirror, gazing at the pupil of the eyes, which radiated like a blazing flame.


Thanks to the red eyes, I felt that Yerine’s impression was much sharper than when she covered her one eye.

But the thing is,

“She is still pretty…..?”

Even with her red eyes, Yerine was still pretty.

And the glowing eye was sharp, but at the same time, it had a mysterious charm.

“You’ve been hiding your face like this.’

Hmm. I don’t know what people here are going to think, but I think this face will help us find a decent living.

Something that doesn’t require magic.

At a time when I was pondering while overlooking in the mirror alone, I heard a man’s thick and low voice with a knock on the door.

“Yerine, I’m coming in.”

For a moment, I was panicked and couldn’t turn my head.

And less than a second after the voice was heard, the door creaked open.

Soon, a man with a fluttering blonde and blue eyes stood on the doorstep, reflected in the mirror.

The man in the best suit who could be counted as one of the male protagonists.

‘There was a character like that…?’

If he had such a good appearance, he would have to serve as the Male Lead.

But no matter how much I looked through my memory, I couldn’t remember anything about the character at all.

As he walked toward me with a smile on his face, he began to chatter with a sweet voice with a bright smile on his face.

“Yerine, did you sleep well? Did anything happen today?”

“Huh? Yeah…”

Still turned my back from him and answered silently.

I didn’t know who he was yet, so I didn’t know how to respond.

“That’s good.”

That’s what he said, hugging my stiff shoulder and whispering in my ear.

“I missed you, Yerine.”

‘What the hell is he…..?’

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I know, I must have been an unloved villain extra.

So, who the hell is this guy who talks like he likes me?


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