I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Chapter 356: As long as you are willing to believe and give me a chance, I will show you that I have truly changed. (2)

Chapter 356 – As long as you are willing to believe and give me a chance, I will show you that I have truly changed. (2)

Something else seemed to have occurred to Mother Lu. Looking over at Lu Beichuan, she asked, “It’s almost time for the mid-year board of directors meeting, right?”

Lu Beichuan thought about it some and nodded. “Next Thursday.”

Mother Lu frowned. “Zhenzhen had 10% stocks, but she should skip the meeting next week anyway.”

Ye Zhen had been to these meetings in the past. Mostly they talked about the company’s investments in the past year. That being said, as the Lu’s Corporation was a family business, many of the shareholders were distant relatives of the Lu’s. Nevermind that they contributed nothing to the company, their habit of throwing out ideas during the meeting was very irritating.


Ye Zhen never planned to attend the board of directors meetings and Lu Beichuan was right in that there wasn’t a lot going on at her company. Qin Zhiyin was more than capable of handling anything that might come up, and she didn’t need to be there at all.

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Meng Jie was the first to find out about Ye Zhen’s pregnancy outside of the Lu’s family. She went into the office to sign the contract and was shocked when she learned the news.

Looking at Ye Zhen’s stomach that was still flat, she asked, “How far along?”

“Two months. You can’t really tell yet.”

“Zhouzhou is just three years old, right? It’s only been three years. Can you body handle that?” Meng Jie had been pregnant before, even just for a short few months but she had read up a lot on it and knew the pain of being an expecting mother.

“I’ve gone for a checkup at the hospital already. The doctor said both me and the baby are very healthy.”

The smile on Ye Zhen could not be faked. Compared to the despair when she first found out about her pregnancy, now that Ye Zhen had made up her mind and had her issues sorted out, she had a much healthier glow and she looked happy and sweet all over.

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Meng Jie smiled as she looked at Ye Zhen. “You look just like a woman in love. Yup, love will surely blind a person.”

“But love also makes one rational, don’t you think?”

Meng Jie was taken aback a little. She looked down slightly and looked at the contract laying in front of her. Sighing, she said, “Yes, love can also make one rational.”

“Are you sure you want to sign with Chaoxun Entertainment?”

Meng Jie teased Ye Zhen half-jokingly, “Is Mrs. Lu worried that You Jing will cause troubles for Chaoxun Entertainment?”

“No, I am not worried about him…” Meng Jie’s cellphone started to ring before Ye Zhen could even finish her sentence.

Meng took a look at it. It was from You Jing.

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Meng Jie casually answered the call. “What is it, Mr. You?”

Meng Jie no longer avoided answering calls from You Jing. She no longer tried to avoid him. She treated him like a regular acquaintance with her most common tone, her calmest mannerism, and her politest words.

“I’m sorry. Who I sign with is a personal decision of mine. I don’t see how it has anything to do with you.”

You Jing said something else over the phone that made Meng Jie frowned and remained silent for a long while.

Ye Zhen had no intention to get in between these two. She wasn’t even going to talk things out between them. Meng Jie was one who could sever ties. She might be one who was blind in love, but as far as Meng Jie was concerned, she would only become more rational after a failed relationship.

As Ye Zhen was studying Meng Jie, Meng Jie, too, looked up at Ye Zhen before she stood up and gave Ye Zhen an apologetic smile.

Ye Zhen knew what she meant by that and gave her a “feel free” gesture.

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I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child Chapter 356: As long as you are willing to believe and give me a chance, I will show you that I have truly changed. (2)
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