I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child

Chapter 214: You Jing was always insecure in front of Meng Jie (1)

Chapter 214 – You Jing was always insecure in front of Meng Jie (1)

To make a movie, you needed money at every step. Whether it was to pay the cast and crew or the expenses for post-production and publicity, all of this required large sums of money.

Director Ning’s full name was Ning Yang. He had started off in acting school, but he had been unsuccessful due to his height, so he changed careers and served as an assistant director under a group of directors for seven years.

Although Ning Yang was currently a young director with no experience in independently directing a movie, Ye Zhen knew that Ning Yang would soon establish a position for himself in the director circle.

After all, this director, who currently wasn’t well-known, would miraculously set a domestic box office record. This miraculous box office record would bring his reputation to its highest point.

Unfortunately, what goes up must come down. It was too easy for young people that were too talented to rouse jealousy in others and get suppressed.

Ye Zhen was quite interested in this director, who had achieved short-lived fame in the novel. She also sighed that this director’s ending was being blacklisted.

“Investment?” Meng Jie was puzzled. “From what I know, Lu Corporation doesn’t have any relevant experience in investing in the film and television industry.”

“No one starts off having experience. There always needs to be a first time.” If Ye Zhen didn’t know about this decisive opportunity from reading the novel, she wouldn’t dare to extravagantly spend Lu Beichuan’s money with such great fanfare. Since she knew how the story would unfold, there was nothing to fear when she solemnly vowed, “Don’t worry. Even if you don’t believe in my ability, you have to believe in Lu Corporation’s ability.”

“I didn’t mean it that way.” Meng Jie explained, “I meant that since Lu Corporation doesn’t have any experience in the film and television industry and isn’t familiar with it, if the movie doesn’t sell well…”

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“Excuse me for my rudeness, but although Director Ning is talented, he’s young and has no one to rely on. He’s even more likely to fail in getting investors because he invited you to be his female lead. When that time comes, are you going to withdraw from the cast and crew?” Ye Zhen attentively looked Meng Jie in the eye. “I know there’s risks in investing. It’s normal for there to be wins and losses. You don’t have to be worried for me.”

Ye Zhen had spoken too frankly. For a while, Meng Jie was overcome with surprise. She had been in contact with many investors in the past. Not knowing the future prospects of a movie, those investors would do a lot of research and investigation before making any investments. After all, there was a chance they might not be able to recoup the tens of millions yuan they invested.

She had seen too many investors go bankrupt after one failed movie or TV show. The film and television industry was tangled and complicated. It wasn’t as simple as Ye Zhen said.

Meng Jie was silent for a moment before she replied, “Okay, I’ll contact Ning Yang and ask him what he wants to do. Mrs. Lu, it’s not that I want to offend you, but I want to remind you that the film and television industry isn’t as simple as you think it is. If you really want to expand into the film and television industry, then I suggest it’ll be more appropriate for you to seek out professionals and listen to their advice and opinion.”

“Thank you Miss Meng, I’ll do that.”

Meng Jie glanced at her watch. “It’s getting late. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first. You can contact me directly for the endorsement shooting.”

Ye Zhen stood up. “I’ll send you off.”

The two people walked out of the meeting room, side by side. They idly chatted while waiting for the elevator.

When Ye Zhen asked Meng Jie about her future plans, Meng Jie softly smiled. “Take things one step at a time. I don’t know what will happen in the future either. Maybe I won’t act again for another four years after I star in Director Ning’s movie. Who can predict the future?”

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Her tone was very calm. She was the type of person that would stay calm even if the sky was falling. During the four years she had been blacklisted, she had lived peacefully. Other than occasionally missing acting, everything else was good.

Of course, if You Jing didn’t exist, her life would be even better and more peaceful.

Ye Zhen slightly furrowed her brow. She didn’t know much about the entanglement between Meng Jie and You Jing. These two people’s eight year history had been summarized by only a few phrases in the novel.

There was one thing that Ye Zhen was sure about; although You Jing was a jack*ss, he was genuinely in love with Meng Jie. Even when Lu Shaoyan had taken everything from him, he still didn’t give up on her.

Ye Zhen didn’t have the qualifications to concern herself in someone else’s relationship, but if You Jing dared to interfere in her matters, then don’t blame her for being ruthless by advancing the timeline of when he became penniless.

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