Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1369: Raw 1359 : A Storm Approached

Without needing Elder Ma to say anything, Xiao Chen naturally understood that Meteor Trail City required reinforcements.

“All of you, withdraw. There is no need to defend Maple Leaf Lake anymore. Flee as far as you can, ideally, all the way to Supreme Sky City,” Xiao Chen said calmly and decisively.


Elder Ma and the others gave Xiao Chen strange looks. They could not understand why Xiao Chen did not want them to defend but retreat entirely, instead.

“Don’t ask why. Elder Ma, lead the group and leave quickly.”

As Xiao Chen looked directly at Elder Ma, he burst forth with invisible might. While Xiao Chen’s tone was calm, it gave off a pressure that could not be quantified or resisted. After about three seconds, Elder Ma helplessly made his decision.

“Since the Azure Dragon King ordered it, we will quickly make our retreat.”

With Elder Ma’s call, although the disciples guarding Maple Leaf Lake were confused and dissatisfied, they still left due to the lack of choice.

The main reason was still Xiao Chen’s reputation. It was sufficient for these people to obey his orders. Even if his orders were somewhat strange, no one objected.

After a while, Maple Leaf Lake emptied out, leaving only Yue Bingyun and Mo Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly and said, “I just knew that the two of you would not be willing to go. Promise me this: if we really run into danger, please retreat immediately. Promise me this, and I’ll bring you to Meteor Trail City. If not, I will not bring you.”

Yue Bingyun and Mo Chen exchanged glances as if they were discussing something.

Soon, Mo Chen smiled and said in a soft voice, “Big Brother Xiao Chen, don’t worry. Elder Sister Bingyun and I are not stubborn people. We will absolutely not hold you back or cause trouble. At the crucial moment, we will definitely be able to take care of ourselves.”

“Don’t say that and don’t ever think like that, either. Knowing you is my—Xiao Chen’s—greatest fortune. No matter where, you will never be a burden for me, Xiao Chen, ever!”

After Xiao Chen said that, he stretched out his hand, and the Formation Spirit of Maple Leaf Lake broke out of the water and turned into a large bird radiating spiritual light.

Then, the three soared into the air and landed on the back of the big bird. The big bird let out a sharp cry as it carried the three quickly towards Meteor Trail City.


At the same time, at the node where Xiao Bai was within the ninth layer of formations, everyone showed fear in their hearts. They all stared—tongue-tied—at the fiery light soaring through the sky, lighting the night sky up brighter than day.

“Young Miss, Meteor Trail City requires reinforcements,” Yuan Xu said with a somewhat grave expression. The war was going smoothly. Unexpectedly, Meteor Trail City ended up in peril.

Xiao Bai already changed a lot long ago. She nodded and said, “You and Kong Yuan will accompany me. The others will guard the place, preventing any sneak attacks from the Deity Dao Union.”

After Xiao Bai said that, she gently waved the formation plate in her hand. A strong wind gathered, and a ferocious tiger Formation Spirit with two wings appeared.

The three of them rode the tiger and flew towards Meteor Trail City.

Similar scenes happened at the other nodes. An Junxi, Shui Lingling, and the others rode on Formation Spirits and rushed to Meteor Trail City in the shortest time possible.

Hundreds of Formation Spirits flickered with light, breaking air as they appeared like beams of light shooting over.

These lights were like fire, resplendent like stars.

All sorts of Formation Spirits cried out—bird calls and ferocious roars resounded in the sky for one million kilometers around. The cries of the Formation Spirits rang out endlessly.


At the inner hall of the Supreme Sky Sect, Ying Zongtian and the other Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors looked at the sand table in front with extremely grave expressions.

They could see every single movement of the battlefield on the sand table. Not only the formation at the well-fortified Meteor Trail City but even the vast city was mostly destroyed.

The flame shooting into the sky looked exceptionally piercing.

The allied armies of the four races of the Deity Dao Union gathered in the broken city, killing all the disciples on the Supreme Sky Sect’s side and chasing them down.

However, the main force was the Deity Race.

Occasionally, a divine golden light fell like a star from the sky. These were the “Respected Deities” of the Deity Race, termed the Three Thousand Respected Deities. Each of these Respected Deities possessed the strength of a Martial Emperor. Furthermore, the Deity Race sent one-third of them.

These one thousand Martial-Emperor-level existences worked together and attacked. The formation in Meteor Trail City immediately broke, plunging the city into despair.

No one thought that the Deity Race would use their trump card in this battle. Unexpectedly, after numbing everyone to this possibility, the Deity Race suddenly made their move more than half a month later.

“This is truly unexpected. Now, all paths of retreat have been sealed off. If we had made preparations to retreat before this, the situation would not be as frantic as it is now.” The Thunder and Lightning Palace’s Vice Palace Master sighed, shaking his head.

There were many Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors in the inner hall. However, even with their strength, they could not go and reinforce Meteor Trail City because they too had their own opponents.

The Minor Heavenly Martial Emperors were responsible for defending the nodes, while the Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors were responsible for the enemy’s sudden attacks. These were two different battlefields. They were independent but affected each other.

“We have to think of a way to rescue the Martial Emperors trapped in Meteor Trail City. Otherwise, we will lose all of our formations.” A Fiend Race Greater Heavenly Martial Emperor analyzed calmly.

Most of the Minor Heavenly Martial Emperors on the Supreme Sky Sect’s side were gathered in Meteor Trail City. If they were surrounded and killed, then the sixth layer of formations and the third layer of formations would not have any Martial Emperors defending them.

If they lost all the camps in the periphery, just Supreme Sky City alone would not be able to bring out the might of the Worldly Mountain River Great Sun Formation. With all the Minor Heavenly Martial Emperors dead, the situation would deteriorate.

The entire Supreme Sky Sect would immediately be in danger. When all the Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors thought about this, they all trembled in fear and felt somewhat flustered.

“This is really frustrating. If we go over, the three Holy Masters and their people will block us. We can only watch as this happens.”

“The Deity Race is truly deranged; they even used their trump card. They are pushing us into a corner. Are they not afraid of both sides ending up hurt?!”

“How hateful! If the Thunder Sovereign were still around, how could the Deity Race be so arrogant?!”

“Brother Supreme Sky, what should we do? You decide!”

The Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors here all looked over, turning to this Prime who could defeat the Heaven Punishing Corpse God by half a move.

Ying Zongtian looked at the various scenes on the sand table, remaining silent for a while. After that, he said, “Let’s go. I don’t care whether the Three Holy Masters block us or not; we cannot sit by idly while we watch our brothers die. Everyone, charge in with me.”

After saying that, the Fiend Race’s Peacock King said, “Brother Kong, please let Brother Spirit Fox know.”

The Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors present, as well as the Sovereign Martial Emperors, who were stronger than Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors, all felt the determination in Ying Zongtian’s tone.

This moment was still far from the final battle. If they went out to battle now, the rhythm would fall into the hands of the Deity Dao Union. It would turn extremely disadvantageous to them.

However, due to the opponent’s move, Ying Zongtian still decided to fight!

“We will listen to Brother Supreme Sky. Those three Holy Masters are taking benefits from outsiders; this old man has long been upset with them for that.”

“Exactly. Before the Thunder Sovereign left, he clearly passed the Martial God Medallion to Brother Supreme Sky. No matter how one looks at it, Brother Supreme Sky is the rightful inheritor of the Martial God Palace, yet these people still remain unconvinced of it.”

“Let’s go and kill to our heart’s content.”

Often, the attitude of the central pillar of the group would affect the morale of the entire group. If Ying Zongtian were to give up or choose to protect himself, ignoring the people at Meteor Trail City, the morale would drop significantly.


In mere instants, the many major characters in the inner hall tore space open and headed to Meteor Trail City at lightning speed through the void.


Far away in the distance, the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign, the Heaven Punishing Corpse God, the East Mountain Ghost Monarch, and the three Holy Masters immediately sensed the fluctuations.

Like the Supreme Sky Sect’s side, the Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors and Sovereign Martial Emperors gathered at the Deity Dao Union.

The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign smiled faintly and said unhurriedly, “It is indeed as I expected. Ying Zongtian could not hold himself back in the end. Holy Masters, I’ll leave blocking them to you three.”

The Phoenix’s Passion Palace’s Vermilion Bird Holy Master nodded and replied, “Of course. Since the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign even used the Respected Deities, we will naturally not hold anything back. With the three of us making a move, we guarantee that Ying Zongtian will be blocked. You three Primes will not need to make a move.”

Based on the Vermilion Bird Holy Master’s tone, it seemed like they intended to use the trump cards of the Three Holy Lands, the Holy Beast Totems.

The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign nodded in satisfaction as he watched the Three Holy Masters lead most of the Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors away, disappearing from this place.

“Deity Sovereign, what about the Xiao Chen variable? What should we do?” one of the Ghost Race Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors asked as he pointed at the image of Xiao Chen in water screen in front.

The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign smiled coldly and countered, “How is he a variable? If I really want to kill him, all it will take is a finger, and I can squish him to death at any time. However, I only fear that Ying Zongtian would kill the Divine Son in the same way. The only problematic thing is the convening token in that brat’s hands.

“However, that is not a problem. I have my own ways to deal with that group of Martial Emperors and Primes from the oceanic world.”

The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign’s expression appeared calm as though he was sure of victory, inspiring great confidence in everyone present.

The sudden attack by one thousand Deity Race Martial Emperors caused most of Meteor Trail City to fall. The true final decisive battle seemed to have started early due to this sudden attack.

Rain clouds stirred; a storm approached!
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