Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1698: Raw 1710 : Leaving Easily

“There does not seem to be any more path ahead.”

After parting from Wang Ce’s group of four, Xiao Chen and Yang Qing continued traveling on the mountain path and finally reached its end.

The path terminated at a tall, precipitous cliffside. The Buddha Seeking Mountain’s Buddha Seeking Platform was on the summit above the cliff.

If one wanted to go to the Buddha Seeking Platform, the only way would be to fly up in one go.

However, majestic and boundless Spiritual Energy mixed with the ever-present Fiendish Qi permeated the Fiendish Demon Battlefield. The level of space here was also much stronger than the blessed lands

Aside from these, this cliffside also had a Fiendish Qi that was merged with Buddhist Might, which looked exceptionally strange.

Hence, leaping here would be extremely difficult.

Many sect disciples gathered at the foot of this three-kilometer-tall cliffside, staring at it. They all frowned; no one was willing to try at the moment.

When Xiao Chen and Yang Qing arrived at this place, they did not act rashly. They merely calmly observed their surroundings.

“It should not be much of a problem for me to jump up. The question is, what will I face after jumping up there?”

After looking carefully, Xiao Chen felt confident. However, he did not know anything about what the Buddha Seeking Platform on top of the cliff looked like or what kind of Fiendish Demons were there.

Yang Qing had come prepared. She said, “There is an expansive temple on the Buddha Seeking Platform. After jumping up there, you will see the huge temple gates.

“The temple has the most Fiendish Demons of various strengths. The strongest is a tree spirit. I heard that its strength is equal to a Cloud Sea cultivator’s. Of course, this is information from twenty years ago. I do not know if it is still accurate or not.”

A tree spirit was not easy to deal with.

For a tree to become a spirit, it had to have lived for at least a thousand years. Furthermore, growing on this Buddha Seeking Platform probably influenced it, giving it a Buddha-like heart and intelligence, which would make it even harder to deal with.

“Does that mean that there is no way to go up?”

With a Cloud Sea Fiendish Demon guarding there, going up meant death. How could one go to the Buddha Seeking Platform?

Yang Qing smiled and said, “How can that be? No matter what, this Fiendish Demon Battlefield is the place where the Divine Vein powerhouse left inheritances after all. He would not let the Fiendish Demons gain true control. Although he died, the will that he left behind would have an invisible restriction over the Fiendish Demon Battlefield.

“Just think about it. If not for such restrictions, how could the Fiendish Demon Battlefield prevent the Cloud Sea experts of the outside from coming in?”

Xiao Chen pondered her words. “You mean that the tree spirit might not personally take action. However, it would be hard to avoid some form of testing. Passing the test left by that Divine Vein powerhouse would be the crux of whether one can obtain a fortuitous encounter?”

Yang Qing nodded and said, “That’s right.”

“Who is Xiao Chen?! Get out here!”

As the two discussed, a shout suddenly came from below. This voice contained a Buddhist sect incantation. Just this simple line made everyone’s eardrums tremble and their soul shake. Some blood even leaked out of several people’s noses and ears.

“The Buddhist sect’s Guardian Deity Lion Roar…it’s someone from the Profound Light Temple.”

Yang Qing’s expression changed slightly. When she looked below, she saw Yan Feng, whom Xiao Chen defeated earlier, leading a square-faced monk dressed in yellow monk robes. Those two rushed over and leaped up.

“Zhen Xuan!”

Upon seeing that square-faced monk, several people immediately revealed shocked expressions.

Zhen Xuan was a Zhen-generation disciple of the Profound Light Temple and one of its top ten true inheritors. He possessed exceptionally terrifying strength.

Everyone knew that due to the need to establish a firm foundation, the cultivation of the Buddhist sect disciples grew the slowest. Many of such cultivators were not famous in the early stages. However, when they reached the latter stages, their strength would be even stronger than the disciples of the same generation.

This was also the same for Zhen Yuan, the strongest person of the three blessed lands, who surpassed Shangguan Lei and Wang Yueming.

Although this Zhen Xuan could not compare with Zhen Yuan, he was still one of the top ten true inheritors in the Profound Light Temple. Against a backdrop of the three blessed lands, he was definitely among the peak of the true inheritors.

Everyone was shocked as they had not expected someone of Zhen Xuan’s status to come to the Buddha Seeking Mountain, a land of fortuitous encounters that was not popular.

However, after a while, everyone understood and looked at Xiao Chen.

They all showed an enlightened expression. It turned out that Zhen Xuan was here to stand up for his junior brother. Previously, Yan Feng lost badly to Xiao Chen.

They came really quickly, Xiao Chen thought to himself. Then, he stepped forward and said calmly, “I am Xiao Chen. What do you have to say?!”

“You are the one I’m looking for. Obediently hand over the Buddhist prayer beads in your hand and all the Buddhist sect items.”

Zhen Xuan arrived ferociously, not thinking much of Xiao Chen at all. The moment he spoke, he charged at Xiao Chen.

Forming claws with his two hands, he spread his arms apart, looking like a divine eagle soaring in the air. His entire body radiated golden light and a heavy Buddhist Might.

As Zhen Xuan launched himself at Xiao Chen, the screech of a divine eagle rang out in the air. He knitted his brows heavily as he swung a clawhand from overhead.

Immediately, he materialized a huge and very realistic-looking eagle claw, swiping it at Xiao Chen.

A boundless suction came from the claw, pulling sand and stones on the ground into the air as a strong wind howled.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The people in the surroundings all felt the suction. They quickly moved away after letting out startled cries, afraid of getting implicated.

“What arrogance!” Xiao Chen shouted coldly as his expression turned serious. The Seven Deadly Sins merged into one, and he quietly spread out his Great Dao Energy.

Planting both feet on the ground, he became immovable like a mountain.

Just as the huge eagle claw was about to land, the saber strike that was infused with Great Dao Energy turned into the Dragon Subduing Slash as it berserkly launched out.


Space trembled, and the two’s instantaneous attacks created terrifying shock waves that surged out.

Xiao Chen leaped up, appearing like a treasure saber being unsheathed. Then, he executed the Army Breaking Saber Technique, forcefully clashing head-on with the other party.

The emphasis of the Army Breaking Saber Technique was the word “break.” One charged forward courageously. Even if there were a vast army, one dared to use the saber to bring down men and horses alike, breaking and killing the army.

Zhen Xuan’s Divine Eagle Claw was also extraordinary. He moved like a divine eagle, kicking up boundless strong winds.

His fingers became as hard as a divine metal. As he moved, he exuded a startling Buddhist Might.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

After exchanging ten moves, the two looked equal, neither obtaining the upper hand.

Zhen Xuan’s initial burst of momentum could not gain him the upper hand. It slowly diminished, and left without a choice, he turned around in the air and landed once more.

The moment Zhen Xuan landed, his clawhand changed to a palm instead, creating illusionary copies. Then, he threw a palm strike at Xiao Chen.

In midair, Xiao Chen felt space twisting as a palm shining with Buddhist light drifted towards him.

Break! No matter how illusionary it is.

Xiao Chen could not make out which one was real, so he just raised his saber and used the Flawless Saber Technique’s Heaven Swallowing Stance.

Various mysterious phenomena shot out from Xiao Chen’s body. Just as that palm strike was about to land, his saber move completely swallowed it up.

Xiao Chen immediately felt his entire body swelling unbearably as if he would explode soon.

The Veritable Essence Energy Taiji diagram in Xiao Chen’s dantian spun rapidly. Light and shadow swirled, completing an even larger Taiji diagram harmonious with the surroundings.


After barely suppressing the force from the other party’s palm strike, Xiao Chen swung his saber again. He infused the force of the other party’s palm strike into this saber light and returned it to the other party.

“Damn it!”

This counter caught Zhen Xuan off guard, forcing him to use his full strength. A scary Buddhist Might burst out, inspiring fear in everyone.

Zhen Xuan punched and shattered the saber light containing the force from his palm strike.

However, he still staggered back ten steps before he stood stably, which made his face sink.

“Senior Brother!”

This outcome shocked Yan Feng. He had not expected that even after his senior brother made a move, his senior brother would not have much of an advantage.

When facing the other party’s full-power attack and surging Buddhist Might, Xiao Chen barely managed to block it by holding his saber horizontally. However, he took merely three steps back.

Zhen Xuan truly lived up to being one of the top ten Profound Light Temple’s true inheritors. Even within the three blessed lands, he might still rank among the top ten.

Although the other party could not do anything to Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen did not want to face a terrifying opponent attacking at full force, either.

In the end, both sides would get injured. Zhen Xuan held the upper hand in cultivation and physical body. He might have the last laugh.

Clashing head-on with the other party now was not wise. At the very least, Xiao Chen should wait until he broke through first.

“Let’s go!”

With this thought, Xiao Chen stopped wasting time and grabbed Yang Qing’s hand. Then, they soared into the air and flew towards the Buddha Seeking Platform.

Wang Ce, who rushed over, happened to see this scene and could not help being startled.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen actually managed to escape Zhen Xuan so easily.

Wang Ce was still waiting for Xiao Chen to truly fall into danger before helping him, to use that as a bargaining chip.

Seeing Xiao Chen soar into the air, Zhen Xuan immediately felt furious. “You want to leave? Get down here!”

Zhen Xuan roared, and a gigantic Divine Eagle Claw suddenly descended from the sky. It tore apart the clouds and swooped down towards the soaring Xiao Chen and Yang Qing.

The gigantic claw covered a large area, simply leaving no chance to dodge. It looked like it would smash Xiao Chen and Yang Qing to death.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, and his figure trembled. He executed Dharmic World and sent a saber light into the sky.

This directly chopped apart that gigantic divine eagle’s claw, causing it to fall to the ground.

Blood leaked out between Zhen Xuan’s lips. As he watched the gigantic divine eagle’s claw descend, he quickly dodged, dragging along Yan Feng.

Chaos ensued below. No one dared to stay. In their fluster, they could not think of where to go, except away from this place.
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