Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1791 Raw 1803 : Magnificent Aspiration and Great Ambition

A Demon Blood Vulture!

The Demon Blood Vulture before Xiao Chen was already infinitely close to reaching the strength of a middle-stage Star Venerate and had grown up in this Ash Gray Sea.

To Xiao Chen, who just arrived here, this Demon Blood Vulture offered great benefits.

The Demon Blood Vulture possessed a strong demonic nature. When it spread its wings, it released a surging Demonic Might that caused the sea waves to surge and howl, appearing very mighty.

When Xiao Chen saw this, he thought to himself, I heard that many Demonic Dao experts like to raise this bird in particular.

This bird is compatible with their nature. Moreover, they can use their own Demonic Qi to nourish this bird, gaining mutual benefits.

It looks like the rumor is true. The Demon Blood Vulture does indeed possess a strong demonic nature and is ferocious and violent.

However, now that it ran into me today, it will have to obey me, surrendering itself to capture.

That Demon Blood Vulture charged at Xiao Chen with lightning speed. Its sharp claws looked like they were about to tear him in half.

While Xiao Chen was thinking, the Demon Blood Vulture arrived before him, and a berserk shock wave surged over.

Xiao Chen immediately felt a huge pressure. His entire body felt like a fallen leaf about to be swept away at any moment.

The Demon Blood Vulture was controlling the wind!

If Xiao Chen could not stabilize himself and got swept away by the strong wind, he could only be manipulated by this ferocious beast, helpless to do anything about it.

With a thought, the Ice Feather Divine Incantation silently circulated. Immediately, a huge snowstorm appeared, and cold Qi spread out.

Under the influence of the boundless cold Qi, the Demon Blood Vulture slowed down significantly. The originally terrifying, strong wind gentled.

Xiao Chen laughed coldly and ferociously flung out his sleeve.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

With this casual fling of his sleeve, he drove twenty Cauldron Force of Vital Qi, kicking up a wind that surged out and howled like the sea waves and the mountains.

Xiao Chen scattered the other party’s strong wind, stopping the Demon Blood Vulture’s advance. The ferocious beast, which was very close to him already, immediately felt its progress slow to a crawl.

Left without a choice, the Demon Blood Vulture spread its wings and circled around, building momentum to charge down again.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Demon Blood Vulture opened its maw, and thousands of demonic, scarlet arrows rained down, filling the sky. These arrows contained Demonic Qi, which had been cultivated for several hundred years.

If an ordinary person came in contact with one, that person would immediately die and wither to a white skeleton.

Xiao Chen did not dare to underestimate this threat. Even with his physical body, he could not risk letting this strange thing touch him.


Without delay, Xiao Chen drew his saber and chopped.

This saber strike contained Great Dao Energy and Soul Energy, which he could control freely. As the saber light chopped down, it destroyed all the arrows made of Demonic Qi.

However, the Demon Blood Vulture used this opening to reach Xiao Chen. As it flapped and brought its wings together, space seemed to fold over on itself.

Caught in between, Xiao Chen got compressed by the two forces, falling into danger.

The Demon Blood Vulture quickly pressed its wings together, wanting to squish Xiao Chen to death.

It is really strong!

Xiao Chen did not fluster. A swastika appeared on his forehead.

A tyrannical and strong Buddhist light immediately encased Xiao Chen’s body, then swept out in all directions.

It started to purify the strong demonic nature of the Demon Blood Vulture’s body, burning like flames. The ferocious beast immediately shrieked miserably and loudly.

Buddhist Might!

This was why Xiao Chen was confident of subduing this Demon Blood Vulture. If it were another ferocious beast of equivalent strength, he would find it somewhat problematic to deal with.

The Demon Blood Vulture was a ferocious beast with its foundations built on its demonic nature. This made things much easier.

Of course, that was just relative. If this Demon Blood Vulture were stronger, then the Buddhist Might would be useless against it.

This was just like how water and fire countered each other.

While the Demon Blood Vulture cried miserably, Xiao Chen executed Resolving the Mundane.


An eternal saber light appeared. After eliminating his six desires, Xiao Chen brought out his strongest saber strike.

The strong aura immediately pushed back the Demon Blood Vulture, resolving the danger of being crushed by its wings.

When the boundless saber light landed ruthlessly, a long gash with blood continuously flowing out appeared on the Demon Blood Vulture’s body.

The Demon Blood Vulture immediately screeched and flapped its wings, quickly trying to flee.

To think that the Demon Blood Vulture has such a strong lifeforce. Xiao Chen’s body flashed and landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s head.

The Demon Blood Vulture was unwilling to submit, wanting to fling Xiao Chen off. It did its best to struggle.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and used the tip of its scabbard to smash down on the Demon Blood Vulture’s head.

This gave the Demon Blood Vulture a concussion and aggravated its injuries. A strand of Spiritual Sense entered this unruly Demon Blood Vulture’s mind.

Be obedient. Otherwise, I will kill you!

After struggling a few times and losing out every time, the Demon Blood Vulture was forced to carry Xiao Chen to the Black Cutlass.

The expressions of the Black Cutlass’s crew immediately changed greatly. When these people looked up at Xiao Chen, they all revealed shocked faces.

“Captain actually subdued this ferocious beast!”

Astonishment covered Elder Tang’s face. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen not only defeated this Demon Blood Vulture but even subdued it.


In a flash of white light, Xiao Chen landed beside Elder Tang. “Senior Tang, I’ll leave the matter of taming this Demon Blood Vulture to you.”

Elder Tang appeared to be put on the spot as he said, “Young Master Xiao, I may come from the Beast Governing Sect, but I am not at the level of being able to tame a Star-Venerate-level ferocious beast. Furthermore, the beast taming methods of the Beast Governing Sect rely on raising the ferocious beasts from young and controlling the beasts through music. We rarely subdue a ferocious beast with strength as Young Master did.”

What Xiao Chen did was not beast taming. It was just subduing. There was no way to nurture loyalty in the Demon Blood Vulture.

Furthermore, with Xiao Chen’s strength, why would he spend his time taming beasts?

“Naturally, I know that. Later, come to my cultivation room.”

Xiao Chen did not explain much. He walked over to Xiao Suo and asked, “How is the situation?”

Xiao Suo smiled and replied, “Everything is back to normal. Our Black Cutlass can rival a 6-Star pirate ship. It has no problem with traveling in the Ash Gray Sea.”

Xiao Chen frowned and said, “Just traveling is insufficient. Back then, when Senior Gui reforged this ship, he used the Immemorial Demon Soul Formation as its core. You have not been spending any time or effort on studying this Immemorial Demon Soul Formation properly.”

“Naturally, I know what Big Brother is saying. However…” Xiao Suo found it difficult to express what he wanted to say, unable to continue.

Xiao Chen patted Xiao Suo’s shoulder and said, “I understand what you are thinking. The Immemorial Demon Soul Formation’s demonic nature is too strong and too evil. You fear that you might end up becoming its puppet.”

“Yes, something along those lines.”

“Leave it to me, then.”

Xiao Chen was very confident. At the moment, as he looked at the vast Ash Gray Sea and the circling Immemorial Demon Soul Formation, he felt very carefree. All the Black Cutlass lacked was time.

That Yan Zhe thought that he had the Black Cutlass in the palm of his hand, able to crush it at any moment.

However, the world right now was Xiao Chen’s oyster. The time in this Ash Gray Sea was his opportunity to shine.

Taking out Yan Zhe’s jade strip, Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself. So what if you know where I am?

After seven minutes, Elder Tang arrived at the cultivation room. Aside from the Iron Hand Yama, he did not see anyone else here.

“Old Yama, what do you think Young Master Xiao called us here for?”

The Iron Hand Yama drank wine and smiled. “Little Brother Xiao Chen spent a long time preparing for this trip to the Ash Gray Sea. Now that we are here, he should be putting his plans into effect.”

“What do you mean?”

The Iron Hand Yama smiled mysteriously. “Did you not notice that after Little Brother Xiao Chen discovered that Yan Zhe’s scheme, he was not flustered at all? He definitely has a plan and does not fear Yan Zhe. Otherwise, given his character, he would travel alone and not bring us along to risk danger.”

Elder Tang’s expression flickered, as though he had thought of something.

Just at that moment, Xiao Chen walked out from inside and gave the two a slight nod before sitting down.

Xiao Chen looked at Elder Tang and said, “Senior Tang, this is a beast taming Cultivation Technique that I just copied out. Take a look.”

“Beast Taming Art?”

Elder Tang felt slightly surprised. There were many beast taming Cultivation Techniques with that name in this world. There was no way to make out anything special from just the name.

However, after Elder Tang scanned through it for a while, his expression changed drastically. “This is the ancient Beast Taming Abode’s beast taming Cultivation Technique. Young Master Xiao, where did you get this?”

Where did Xiao Chen obtain it? Naturally, it was in the hidden library in the underground dragon city.

That was also where Xiao Chen obtained his Ice Feather Divine Incantation.

Xiao Chen possessed an astonishing memory. As long as he had seen a Cultivation Technique’s manual before, he would not forget it.

When looking through his memories, he had found a Cultivation Technique related to beast taming.

Created by an expert with original ideas, this Beast Taming Art could place a formation in the mind of the subdued ferocious beast.

The formation fused with the soul and bloodline. It would control not only the ferocious beast but also the succeeding generations of the ferocious beast.

By relying on this Cultivation Technique, any disciple of the Beast Taming Abode on long journeys during the Ancient Era could easily control hundreds of ferocious beasts.

The strong experts could even control thousands or tens of thousands of ferocious beasts.

That was not all there was to the Beast Taming Art. When cultivated to a high level, one could continuously change the formation and strengthen the ferocious beast that one controlled.

“What do you think? With this Beast Taming Art, are you still not confident of completely taming that Demon Blood Vulture?”

Elder Tang laughed and said, “It will be easy. Young Master Xiao, rest assured.”

In his excitement on receiving the Beast Taming Art, he immediately took his leave and started studying it.

Now, only Xiao Chen and the Iron Hand Yama remained in the cultivation room.

“Old Yama, you are the most experienced on the Black Cutlass. Do you know why I gave the Beast Taming Art to Elder Tang only after we reached the Ash Gray Sea?”

The Iron Hand Yama smiled faintly and replied, “Our every action could not escape Yan Zhe’s eyes in the Pirate Hall. If even a single blade of grass moved, it would startle him. At that time, everything we have done would end up in his hands.”

Xiao Chen nodded and praised the Iron Hand Yama in his heart. He truly is experienced.

“Actually, that Yan Zhe is nothing. I have never really cared about him. If we set him as our opponent, we would be setting our sights too low.”

A brilliant light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He had seen true experts before. After receiving the inheritance of the Faux God Flame, his ken was already extraordinary.

“However, we do indeed need to use him on this trip to the Myriad Star Mountain. I’m afraid that even more incredible people will appear at that time. It would be best if we can have him lead the charge. We can also probe his bottom line.”

The Iron Hand Yama felt gratified as he said, “Little Brother Xiao Chen seems confident. It looks like I was worrying for nothing in the past.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. Then, he took out a secret manual and said, “This is the Cultivation Technique and Martial Technique that I specifically chose for you. They are both Medial Grade Earth Ranked. You need them, now that you have advanced to Star Venerate.”

When the Iron Hand Yama received the secret manual and took a look, his heart immediately pounded heavily. It indeed contained a Medial Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique and a Medial Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique.

Even in a Rank 6 sect, such a Cultivation Technique would require extremely high contributions before one could look at it.

Nevertheless, Xiao Chen casually took out two manuals, just like that. He was really generous.

“There is no need to thank me. Danger lurks everywhere in the vast Ash Gray Sea. If we are not careful, we will get wiped out. However, this is also the best chance for our Black Cutlass to rise up. The Scarlet Blood Pirate King is just the starting point.”

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