Imperial God Emperor

Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 1175: Tell him to come see me

The camp adopted a militarized system, and promoted a martial spirit. Usually many disputes, especially between the aristocracy, if cannot be resolved with the camp's law and decrees, will need to be settled with one’s bravery and martial ability. A duel, an unfailing way of settling a matter since ancient times, was naturally the best choice.

In Royal City, there were many duel arenas that were steeped in history.

Azure Cloud Platform was one of them.

But Azure Cloud Platform was undoubtedly the most outstanding one.

Because only a King was qualified to set foot on the Azure Cloud Platform to settle a feud. Other people did not have such qualifications.

It was precisely because the conditions to step onto the Azure Cloud Platform was demanding that the last time the Azure Cloud Platform opened, when two Kings shed blood there, was two hundred years ago. For the Guardian Royal City, any time the Azure Cloud Platform opened was a major event that shocked all sides.

Ye Qingyu was naturally aware of this.

He had looked through the books in the military collection library, and naturally had an incomparable understanding of this.

“I am willing to step onto the Azure Cloud Platform.”

Before anyone else could react, King Zhenyuan had already spoken out and accepted this way of dealing with the matter.

Countless eyes were fixed on King Zhenyuan.

The high and mighty King Zhenyuan who must not be violated moments ago was now unexpectedly forced to step on the Azure Cloud Platform. Although it was a kind of glory to step onto the Azure Cloud Platform, the forces of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence obviously did not want such glory. After all, judging from the whole process of this incident, it was clear that King Zhenyuan was forced to go up, and was driven up by an opponent who didn’t seem to carry much weight.

How would King Zhenyuan not know about this?

But he had no other choice.

Ye Qingyu had the support of a sovereign, who did not hesitate to say that he would ‘fight to the death’ for him. These words indicated that, besides the opportunity to step on the Azure Cloud Platform, the King of Zhenyuan’s residence has no other way to retaliate against Ye Qingyu——unless they can first get rid of the sovereign existence.

Ye Qingyu raised his brows slightly, saying, “Well, I also agree.”

Behind King Zhenyuan, there was similarly the support of a sovereign-level existence. If he were to refuse this arrangement, it was hard to guarantee that the sovereign would not think of other ways to make things difficult for him in the future. At that time it would be equally as dangerous. Moreover, Ye Qingyu's rapid progress in martial arts these days was all from self-enlightenment. He urgently needed a great battle to prove this enlightenment. After all, all his previous battle strength and cultivation technique were developed little by little through battles of life and death. An opponent like King Zhenyuan was undoubtedly the best choice for this.

There was uproar at the east city gate.

Both parties had agreed to the duel. Didthis mean that, after a lapse of hundreds of years, the Azure Cloud Platform was going to open again?

As expected, after Ye Qingyu spoke, the sovereign of the Sun clan no longer remained silent, “Well, three months later, the Azure Cloud Platform will open again. King Zhenyuan and the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] will duel on the Azure Cloud Platform.”

“Good.” The other sovereign agreed.

Then, those two magnificent and vast Dao auras abruptly vanished from the void, everything returned to normal. The wind was blowing gently, white clouds leisurely fluttering, and golden rays of sunlight sprinkled on the earth; the scenery was bright and beautiful.

For many aristocrats at the east city gate, it was like a great dream.

The appearance of a sovereign-level existence, once spread out, was enough to spark a sensation.

“Let's go.” King Zhenyuan wore a solemn expression.

He turned back to the flagship, escorted by guards. The Crown Prince, the Second Prince, the Poison Flower Princess and other people also boarded the battleship, cut through the sky toward the Royal City, directly leaving the aristocrats who had come to the east city gate to show their support.

Ye Qingyu was standing in the void with an indifferent face.

“Thank you, elder.”

He gave a cupped fist salute and bowed deeply to the depths of the void, expressing his thanks to the sovereign of the Sun clan.

In the distance, several streams of light were seen streaking across the sky. Clad in military attire, Nie Tiankong, Linghu Buxiu and other people came, and seeing the sparse spectators at the east city gate, were taken aback for a moment. They looked around, and came to stand in front of Ye Qingyu, asking, “Military Judge Zhang Longcheng, is everything all right? Where's King Zhenyuan?”

Ye Qingyu smiled, “King Zhenyuan has left.”

“Left?” Nie Tiankong was slightly surprised. “He didn't make things difficult for you?”

The situation differed a little from what Nie Tiankong had imagined. He originally thought that, at this time the battle should have reached a state of chaos and darkness. He did not expect to see the east city gate so calm and King Zhenyuan having already left. This did not match with King Zhenyuan's usual temper. He had actually swallowed this anger?

It was evident that the news of the arrival of the two sovereigns had not yet spread.

Ye Qingyu found it strange that he did not know, but then on another thought, they were sovereign-level existences. Even without deliberately concealing their aura, the powerful aristocrats in the city also would not be able to perceive their presence right away. It was normal for Nie Tiankong to not know.

“No,” Ye Qingyu answered.

Nie Tiankong was relieved to hear these words.

He had hesitated for a long period of time in the military office, before he finally came under the urging of Linghu Buxui. However, the battle had already come to an end, which made him a little embarrassed, but also inwardly thankful that at least he did not have to go into conflict with King Zhenyuan. Adding to this, he was also able to express his concern to Zhang Longcheng and was the first to come help him. He had fulfilled his obligations.

“That's good, that's good.” Nie Tiankong smiled. “Wait a few days, when King Zhenyuan's anger subsides, I will help you mediate this matter. It shouldn’t be a big deal, we are colleagues after all.”

Ye Qingyu stroke his brows, nodding, “Thank you Commander Nie Tiankong, but I’m afraid it won't be necessary. King Zhenyuan and I have arranged a duel on the Azure Cloud Platform in three months. At that time, everything will be settled.”

“What? Duel on the Azure Cloud Platform?” Nie Tiankong’s countenance changed suddenly.

Behind him, Linghu Buxiu and the others also immediately took on a look of incomparable shock.

Azure Cloud Platform?

Zhang Longcheng and King Zhenyuan were going to duel on the Azure Cloud Platform?

Heavens, what is going on?



Royal City, the aristocratic mansion district.

In an ancient and heavily-guarded mansion, there lies an isolated hundreds of years old cave, where a figure was sat cross-legged on the center of an eight-sided Yin and Yang platform, like a century old ancient pine tree, as though it had grown from the stone platform.

Adding to this, this person was in a very strange state. The left of his body was silvery white like snow, while his hair, skin, brows and pupils were snowy white, and the other half of his body was black as ink. He was completely divided into black and white colour. His hair was dozens of meters long, like a waterfall, scattered on both sides of his body and spread out on the platform.

There was a dozen of imposing figures, with solemn looks, standing below the platform with hands hanging by the sides. Each and every one of them seemed to be an aristocrat with a very high status, but standing here, they dared not even breath loudly.

“Old ancestor, the luck of the Sun clan has come to an end. Their old ancestor was schemed by you hundred of years ago, and had already consumed a huge amount of qi and blood. He now only has a few decades of life yuan left. Why did you back down from him this time?” an arrogant-looking youngster asked.

This was the most outstanding youngster in the clan, thus he had the opportunity and qualification to appear in front of the platform in this cave.

They knew very well about the scene that happened at the east city gate, because the black and white ancient figure was the second sovereign that appeared above the east city gate, a present age Martial Emperor of the Sky Fox clan.

Standing below the eight-sided platform were all top aristocrats of the Sky Fox clan.

They knew about everything that happened at the east city gate through the water mirror imperial technique.

“It is precisely because that old thing only has decades of life yuan left that we cannot get into a conflict with him. Otherwise he would fight desperately like a cornered wild beast. After all, the power of a present age Martial Emperor can still cause great destruction,” another Quasi-emperor from the Sky Fox clan also opened his mouth.

“Yes, there is no need to give that old thing a chance to jump over the wall. The best thing to do is to let him live.” Another Quasi-emperor expert of the Sky Fox clan also sneered.

Hundreds of years ago, the Martial Emperor of the Sun clan showed his divine powers and deterred the world, thereby allowing the Sun clan to enjoy glory for the following hundreds of years. But no one knew how bitter the supreme existence of the Sun clan felt.

Because that time, the Martial Emperor of the Sun clan was forced to take action, forced to wake up from a deep sleep. It was only at the risk of burning his qi and blood that he restored the remarkable ability of the Emperor realm. The repercussions of doing so was costly——The Martial Emperor of the Sun clan originally could have enjoyed another two hundred years of life, but now he only had decades of life left. It was hard to imagine what the Sun clan would become in another tens of years.

There were quite a few forces that schemed against the Sun clan that time, and one of the main forces was the Sky Fox clan which also had a Martial Emperor.

“Tell King Zhenyuan to come see me.”

The black and white strange person on the eight-sided platform finally spoke.

His voice was like clangs of metal striking one another, extremely bizarre and without the slightest emotion.

“Old ancestor, you are going to... support that fellow of the Yuan clan?” The arrogant youngster spoke again, eyes flashing fiercely with hint of jealousy. “Given King Zhenyuan's current cultivation level can he not kill that country bumpkin? Old ancestor, why waste resources and energy to support an outsider, could it be...”

The black and white strange person closed his eyes and did not say a word.


With a blast, the arrogant genius youngster of the Sky Fox clan had exploded into a puff of smoke, body and soul both scattering between heaven and earth and no longer existed.

“Old ancestor...”


The group of top aristocratic Quasi-emperors of the Sky Fox clan was aghast at the sight.

At this moment, the black and white strange person slowly opened his eyes, looking at the crowd with a hint of disappointment. “How remarkable was my Sky Fox clan back then, geniuses were like spring water, endless and inexhaustible. Now, you’re telling me that this is the strongest genius of my Sky Fox clan? With his nature, such narrow vision, and a lack of spirit and courage it is difficult for him to become successful. How can we waste resources on him? If he remains he would only become a scourge. It’s better to kill him and choose another successor.”

“Old ancestor, please calm down.”

“Calm down!?”

“We are wrong.”

A Quasi-emperor of the Sky Fox clan dropped to his knees, trembling with fear, and dared not to have the slightest resistance.

“Quickly tell King Zhenyuan to come see me.”


At the same time.

In the Royal City. The ancestral home of the Sun clan.

An old man with snow-like hair and beard slowly opened his eyes, a bitter smile curving his lips. Although reluctant, the Azure Cloud Platform seemed to be the best choice.

“Go bring [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] Zhang Longcheng to see me.”

The old man spoke.

The hidden masters of the Sun clan beside him immediately turned away to carry out the command——
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