Indulging in Carnal Desire
Chapter 1: Supporting Female’s Carnal Desire System Powering On

Translator’s Note: Hey guys! This novel is a VERY SMUTTY NOVEL which you’ll find various H notes placed beside a lot of chapters XD I chose to do this novel because there is NEVER enough smut on novelupdates. 😛

If you enjoy the host-system transmigrating to many different worlds type of series with smut, then you will definitely (probably, hopefully?) enjoy this series. Click the spoiler below to reveal the following different settings/worlds inside the novel.

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  1. Strong, Old-fashioned, Tsundere Second Uncle X Bizarre Small Loli
  2. Cold-faced Iceberg Apprentice-Doting Master x Lovable, Charming and Obedient Disciple
  3. Big Director Suppressing His Love for Furry Things x Sticky Soft and Small, Adorable Cat Spirit
  4. Two-faced Cunning Father-in-law x Good-looking Widowed Daughter-in-law
  5. ROC’s Stern Bigshot Warlord x Willful and Spoiled Miss Jiao
  6. Overbearing and Fierce Barbarian Khan x Smart and Sincere Princess
  7. Wise Future Emperor x Cross-dressing Charming Eunuch
  8. High IQ Infatuated Scientist x Naive Android Girlfriend

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Warning: This arc contains triggering themes (Pedophilia) in the early chapters (Ch. 6-7) that viewers may be uncomfortable with. Viewer discretion is advised

Chu Jiao(1) felt her own name was a joke.

  1. Jiao 娇: lovable, pampered

Jiao? Jiao Mei? (Sweet and Charming?), Jiao Qiao?(Good-looking?), Jiao Chong? (Spoiling?), Jiao Yang? (Doting?)

Not a single word could come close to her current situation.

In the curtain of the night, rain poured. She sat alone on the platform of the empty public transport station. Looking at her rough inflamed hands and her face that had a big birthmark reflected on the glass board, she smiled bitterly.

Ever since she could remember, she had lived in an orphanage. She didn’t have any relatives nor any lovers and because of the scary birthmark on her right cheek that was the size of half a palm, there were no families that were willing to adopt her.

Having experienced isolation since childhood, she didn’t blame the gods nor accused others and only grit her teeth, studying hard. She got into the best university and landed a job at the most reputable company, however, she still couldn’t escape the peculiar gazes and had to endure people’s gossips behind her back.

These were nothing to her, after all, she was used to it.

Even though there already existed technology that could remove her birthmark, Chu Jiao was not willing to remove it.

There was a faint small hope in her heart.

She hoped that her parents would recognize her through her birthmark. She hoped that someday in the future she could enjoy the warmth of a family.

Yet she only realized today that her life was a joke.

She had always been keeping her feelings for the company’s director Xiao Qi, a secret. She knew that she couldn’t match him whether it was her appearance or her family background. She also didn’t make any unreasonable requests. However, she had kept a stolen photo of him in her phone and would have never imagined that, when her phone fell on a seat, a fellow colleague had unfortunately seen the picture and in the next moment, the company forum had burst with news that called her a toad that wanted to eat swan meat.

And in the middle of preparing tea, the director’s assistant, rumored to be the scandalous girlfriend of the director, Wen Jiaojiao, poured boiling hot water on her hand under the guise of “an accident”, advising her to take care of her hands and feet.

Both of them were “Jiao” but one was high above, the other was down below.

What was even more ridiculous to her was that.

A strange voice suddenly appeared inside her head.

Telling her that the world she was living in was only just a book.

And that she, was just an insignificant supporting actress in that book.

To set off the beauty of the heroine, she was made to carry all the mistakes since childhood. Having a birthmark, an ugly appearance and a malicious heart was only a stumbling block between the female and the male lead.

And replacing her as the one who enjoyed the relationships and the family she had deserved was the female lead Wen Jiaojiao.


Supporting Actress.

Her existence was just a few strokes of a pen made by somebody else.

Chu Jiao grit her teeth. She hated it! She couldn’t accept it! Based on what! Based on what reason did somebody else decide how her life should be!

The malevolence on her face made the birthmark on her face appear more vivid.

“Do you wish to take revenge?”

Do you wish to relive the life that should have belonged to you?”

An ice cold machinery voice rang inside her head.

A decent person would never talk about supernatural and superstitious things but Chu Jiao couldn’t care less about the current situation. There was some unwillingness in her heart and she didn’t know how to vent her anger. She wanted revenge. She wanted to prove that her own existence had meaning.

“Sensing the host’s anger breaking through the power value, the Supporting Female’s Carnal Desire System is powering on.”

“The host will now enter the supporting female’s world of counterattack and complete the mission of capturing the male lead.”

“If the capture fails, the soul will be erased.”

“If the capture is a success, you will be able to accumulate points to pass the goal to return to your original world and turn back time.”

“Do you accept?”

She already had nothing worth remembering fondly about in this world. Chu Jiao mocked silently in her heart. Stepping into the rain, she let the rain pour on her, soaking her entirely.

“I accept.”

Chu Jiao softly answered.

“System is preparing…”

“Binding of the host’s soul is a success.”

“Special reminder: To capture the male lead, there must be contact between the bodies.”

“To accumulate capture points, body fluid must be absorbed.”

“Counting down to start up, 3, 2, 1.”

Everything turned dark before Chu Jiao’s eyes. Before her soul entered a deep sleep, she thought to herself.

Hold on a second, what was this system called again?

Ca-carnal desire?

Also, what the heck was with the point accumulation method?

She didn’t hear wrong, right?

B-body fluid???

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Indulging in Carnal Desire Chapter 1: Supporting Female’s Carnal Desire System Powering On
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