Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN)
Chapter 1031: Overwhelming Strength! II

[Cosmic Dao Essence Integration and Emergence]!

An ability that made him an extremely poor being as nearly all of the Skill Points that he gained from the conquest of two Universes were spent, but the results were stupendous as they brought to fruition a way for him to gain access to other Cosmic Daos!

Although the method of usage of this skill...was a bit unique as Noah had to take in the essence of the Cosmic Dao from others into his own Origin.

This method could be from a being willingly infusing the essence of the Cosmic Dao they studied to Noah, or it could be from an enemy that Noah faced who was throwing attacks that contained the Cosmic Dao he wanted to integrate!

He just had to receive the attacks of an enemy with a powerful Cosmic Dao as after he absorbed enough of the Cosmic Essence they threw out and integrated it- he would actually gain access to the very Dao himself. The skill mentioned that a certain "Value" had to be met before the essence of any Cosmic Dao could be fully integrated before Noah himself was given the comprehension of this Dao.

The restrictions of a cooldown were negligible, but the restriction on mana meant that aside from Noah...nobody would be able to utilize this Skill even if he put it in the [Library] feature of his Universal Core. It needed the output of the full mana reserves of a Hegemony every passing second, such a thing being something that only a creature with endless mana could even dream of...or an existence of a much higher level than the Universal Realm that they could consider their mana reserves negligible!


Mana began to swirl around Noah powerfully as from his throne, his golden flames locked onto the figure of Lich Emperor Agobo that he had subjugated first when he arrived in the Necrotic Universe.

He planned to test the [Cosmic Dao Essence Integration and Emergence] skill on this being first as the Lich Emperor had begun comprehending the Cosmic Dao of Necromancy! He would see just how fantastical the effects of this Cosmic Dao would be on the undead as the conquest of the Necrotic Universe would become an even smoother task.

"Agobo, come!"

He called out to the Lich Emperor that was moving just behind the Sins in the chaotic void, this being nodding and heading towards Noah as the first test of [Cosmic Dao Essence Integration and Emergence] was about to begin.



A second later, Noah's body erupted with a flood of the golden essence of Destiny as far away from the Necrotic Universe, the vast seas of Universal Fortune above his main body churned!

His eyes released beams of golden light as he stopped his actions, knowledge coming to him that an even grander opportunity for [Cosmic Dao Essence Integration and Emergence] was coming on the horizon!


It truly was on the horizon as an instant later in the Necrotic Universe, the Undead Legion of Trillions that Noah led came to a stop, sensing a horrendous wave of power appearing thousands of miles away as it was barreling towards them at insanely high speeds.

The wave of power was soon accompanied by another, and another...over 20 shockingly powerful auras that far exceeded any PARAGON appeared on the horizon, bringing with them waves of immense power as at the speed they were coming at, they crossed the few thousand miles in an instant as they appeared in front of Noah's Legions in a stellar fashion!


20 figures appeared majestically in the deathly chaotic void of the Necrotic Universe as Noah's eyes began to shine brightly at them, the auras they gave off making the surrounding void shake as shockingly- it was 20 Undead Paragons that held various forms but were connected by a singular factor.

All around the bodies of these figures, the illusory outline of a certain expert Noah had seen before was convulsing in and out of existence constantly, this being the source of the immense power that these existences were currently releasing.

It was the form of a being that held a black hole for a head- the form of the Goliath of the Primordial Cosmos!


Noah's eyes shined brightly as he utilized [Eyes of Truth], a set of details appearing in front of him that caused his bones to begin trembling in excitement!

[Lich Emperor Zadon](Incarnation of Chaos) :: A powerful Lich that has roamed the Necrotic Universe for half a million years, leading many Legions over the millenniums. This being has swallowed the Origin Essence of the Goliath of the Primordial Cosmos and gained a portion of his power, being able to display great proficiency in the Daos of Extinction, Chronos, Purity, Annihilation, Necromancy, Phantasm…


"No way..."

Noah couldn't help but utter out loud as he looked at the beings releasing the terrifying essence of numerous Cosmic Daos from their bodies, each of them literally vibrating with power it didn't seem they could contain as their eyes were all locked onto him menacingly!

His heart was actually trembling in excitement at this moment as when he read over the details of these beings, he actually found that one of the most powerful beings of the Primordial Cosmos had given away a small portion of his Origin Essence that contained his comprehensions of his Daos...and he gave these to Paragons to come stand against him!

Paragons that exceeded all scales of power of such a level- beings that held a portion of power from a Hegemony.

And it wasn't just any Hegemony...but one of the strongest ones in the Cosmos!

All of these factors should have caused any being to shit their pants in fear but in front of Noah...his eyes were those full of joy as he stood up from his Throne.


The bright flames in his eye sockets raged powerfully as towards his joy, the 20 newly arriving Incarnations of the Goliath of the Primordial Cosmos roared out.



They roared out grandly as the surrounding chaotic void shattered apart, half of their figures beginning to move towards Noah as streaks of light while the other half raised their hands to the skies and summoned Legions of Undead.

In front of Noah, the Seven Manifested Sins reacted the fastest as it was Pride that appeared in front of the central leading Incarnation fearlessly!

The body of this powerful Sin shone with glorious golden splendor as it raised its enormous axe that carried the might of millions of exploding suns towards the rushing enemy, his expression that of utter arrogance and might as he uttered out.

"Who said you could make a move under my gaze?!"


A golden luster flashed across the deathly chaotic void as it signified the start of the first warfare that would involve the Incarnations of Universal Experts!

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Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN) Chapter 1031: Overwhelming Strength! II
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