Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss
Chapter 2251: 1 Tense Atmosphere

Chapter 2251 Tense Atmosphere

“News of this should already have made its way round. Mother might already know about it.” Wu Qi Yao drank the last bit of his soup.

Wu Xiao Dao kept the bowls and tables away, asking, “Are we going to head down now?”

Wu Qi Yao nodded, “Almost. There are many people down there right now. We wouldn’t attract too much attention if we headed down at this time.” “Let’s go, then!” Wu Xiao Dao took out a red bead and inserted her spirit energy into it. Then, she placed that bead onto the barrier. The bead then released a red ray of light and the barrier started to disappear, starting from the parts in contact with the red bead. In a short moment, the entire thing had dissipated.

“This is so useful!” Wu Xiao Dao kept the bead away, “It’s a good thing that Uncle Huan gave this to me before we left. Otherwise, this barrier would have been difficult to deal with.”

“Let’s head down!’ Wu Qi Yao pushed something that he carried on his waist, and a ray of light appeared around him, surrounding him from head to toe.

Wu Xiao Dao gave it a push as well and, once they were completely protected, they hopped into the water.

Shortly after, Sima You Yue and Jia Nan Xin arrived here as well. They saw the fishbones around the place and her eyes filled with glee.

Those two brats. They had clearly been abducted, but they were still acting so leisurely.

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“I really didn’t think that this place would really end up having a mausoleum.” Jia Nan Xin sighed. He and Yan Zhi had already healed from their injuries and were prepared to say their goodbyes to Sima You Yue when they heard the prophecy. Since there really was a mausoleum here, they just had to participate.

“Let’s head down.” Sima You Yue was worried for these two brats and took the initiative to hop down.

Jia Nan Xin wanted to remind her that she hadn’t yet formed a protective barrier, but she had already sunk to the bottom. They hurriedly formed a protective barrier and went down, but they saw that she was completely fine. Upon closer inspection, you could see a light radiance shining on her that kept the water outside.

On the surface, it appeared to be a tiny little pool of water. However, you would realise upon going down that it was like its own universe. Sima You Yue used the glimmering light to survey her surroundings. She waved to Jia Nan Xing and the three of them swam over to the cave by the side.

There were many dead bodies floating in the water and Sima You Yue avoided them nimbly.

Not far from where she was, Wu Xiao Dao and Wu Qi Yao were up ahead, avoiding those dead bodies carefully. “Little Yao Yao, this place is too weird.” Wu Xiao Dao avoided a corpse as she caught up with Wu Qi Yao. “So many people have died below but we didn’t hear a single thing even though we were up there for such a long time.”

“It really is extremely strange. Stick close to me, don’t run far.” Wu Qi Yao turned around to warn her.

“I got it.” Wu Xiao Dao stuck close to him and stopped running around.

The two of them entered the cave and found that there were more corpses the deeper they ventured. The miserable way they died was extremely nauseating. It was a good thing that they longer had to bear being in the same place as those corpses once they reached the end of the cave.

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“There’s some kind of power in the front that has stopped all the water.” Wu Qi Yao said.

“That’s true!” Wu Xiao Day stretched out her neck and took a look, “Let’s be careful.” “Mm. Stay behind me.” Wu Qi Yao held Wu Xiao Dao’s hand in case there was some power that would split them up.

The duo ventured forward very carefully and arrived right at the boundary of the cave. The attack that they anticipated did not come, so they held each other by the hand as they hopped down from the mouth of the cave.

Below this place was very spacious and deep. As they hopped down, they seemed to have been supported by something as they gently floated down to the ground.

This place was so spacious that it was like a plaza. Many corpses littered the ground, and some were still warm. It was clear that the battle had taken place not long ago. “This is way too exaggerated isn’t it? They haven’t even gone in but they’ve already killed so many people. If they really found treasure while in there, who knows how many more they’ll kill?” Wu Xiao Dao pursed her lips. “Once they reached the entrance of the mausoleum, they lost all their intelligence. It’s no wonder they killed everyone so that they could monopolise this mausoleum.” Wu Qi Yao said lightly, ‘In any case, this mausoleum is so great, so those people must have wanted to obtain some kind of useful information like being able to break through to the monarch rank and obtain eternal life.” “Pfft, is this mausoleum really that great? Since they’ve all obtained eternal life, how did they end up dead? Even setting up a mausoleum like this? Are these people all idiots?” Wu Xiao Dao mocked them.

“They have to have hope. Otherwise, they will find life to be meaningless.” “That’s true.” Wu Xiao Dao agreed with his words, “However, we’re really lucky that we didn’t encounter any battles.”

Based on their current abilities, if they had gotten caught up in a battle like this, they would probably have lost their lives.

The dup arrived by the main entrance of the mausoleum where the door had already been opened by somebody else. There were the dead bodies of two guards lying by the side. Their eyes were wide open, unresigned to their death. They had already arrived here, but they did not have any chance to enter, which made it impossible for them to accept!

“I heard that those cemeteries have mechanisms. Will we be shot into pieces?” Wu Xiao Dao giggled, not showing an ounce of fear. “Even if there were mechanisms, they would have shot at the people in front. At a time like this, the most dangerous things are still people.” Wu Qi Yao replied. “The two of us are weak. Others may just defeat us.”

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Wu Qi Yao glanced at her, but he did not reply to her baseless statement.

The duo walked towards the direction where there were corpses. On the way there, they would occasionally see a few corpses here and there. Some of them were killed by others while some died to mechanisms. It seemed like following the path that others had treaded was a very intelligent decision. “This mausoleum is a little strange.” Wu Qi Yao saw those dead bodies and said with furrowed brows.

“What’s strange about it?”

“Don’t you feel like there are too few mechanisms in it?” Wu Qi Yao asked.

Although they had been following behind others, there was no way that there was not a single mechanism that had not been activated. Those walking in front of them were powerful, but there was no way that they could have broken all of the mechanisms.

Wu Xiao Dao felt differently, “Didn’t we encounter a split in the road just now? Maybe we got lucky and chose a safer path. In any case, we’ve already walked up to this point. Are we supposed to just stop here?”

Wu Xiao Dao was right. They had already walked all the way here. They couldn’t just give up halfway. The duo continued to walk forward, and they encountered a few forks in the road along the way. Each time, they would rely on their intuition to select the path. It was unknown whether or not it was really like Little Dao had said, that they had excellent luck. In any case, throughout their entire journey, they didn’t encounter a dangerous situation at all.

Wu Qi Yao groped about at the wall for a moment and found an inconspicuous little dot, where he pressed. A stone room was revealed and Wu Xiao Dao saw a coffin placed right at the back. There were also three to four people.

The originally hostile atmosphere in the stone room calmed down as a result of their sudden appearance. Wu Xiao Dao appraised those people. They were all experts at the pinnacle paragon realm. One of them was even the old man that had captured them. Every single one of them was injured, and it was unknown whether or not they had sustained their injuries outside or whether they had fought here.

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