“Master?” Ying Bai Chun raised his head and looked at Divine Valley Master. He saw that he had the same expression he did, and knew that you were thinking of the same thing.

“Not bad, not bad. Ol’ Second would be ecstatic if he knew.” Divine Valley Master said happily.

Wu La Li and Wu La Lu were currently wallowing in their sorrow. However, when they saw how excited the other two were, the hope they had rekindled.

“Valley Master, are you saying that the pill did not fail?” Wu La Lu asked.

“Fail? No, he did not fail. He succeeded, and very well at that.” Divine Valley Master said.

“Succeeded? However, wasn’t there some sound?” Wu La Lu didn’t understand. The sound that they head was clearly one of failure, so how come it wasn’t?”

“That sound you heard was of the pill hitting the furnace after forming. The reason this happened was because the pill was refined extremely successfully and became a pill tribulation.

“Pill Tribulation?” Wu La Li was excited. He had spent a longer time on the continents and had naturally heard of pill tribulations. Once a pill tribulation occurred, the pill would be the epitome of its rank.” However, we didn’t properly prepare for a pill tribulation. What if the lightning strikes him?”

“Only he can go through this.” Divine Valley Master said.

“Are we not going to help?” Wu La Li asked anxiously.

“It’s pointless even if we went. The pill tribulations recognises only the refiner.” Ying Bai Chun said.

Sima You Yue opened the cover of the furnace. The moment she opened it, she had to grab ahold of the pill that was trying to fly away.

“Be good, don’t fly away. Otherwise, all my efforts would be wasted, okay?” She grabbed that pill and, along with the other items in the cave, threw it into the spirit pagoda. Then, she turned to Wu La Li saying, “Send me to the surface immediately.”


“Yes, hurry.”

If the pill tribulation did not encounter the pill itself, it would grow bigger and bigger in the sky. It could start from being a simple pill tribulation but end up as a humongous lightning tribulation. Furthermore, she was underwater and the tribulation clouds could sense the presence of the pill. They were already brewing in the waters. If they kept failing to find their target, once it completely filled the seas, along with water’s natural properties to conduct lightning, the spirit beasts in the water would have a bad time.

Wu La Li did not press further when he saw how anxious she was. He led her out of the cave and they swam towards the surface. Once they were at the shore, there was already a thick dark cloud.

“There’s a little island there. Head there.” Sima You Yue saw a little island nearby and secretly rejoiced at her good luck.

She climbed to shore and took the pill out. The tribulation cloud could sense the position of the pill, and immediately drifted over.


A bolt of lightning struck, striking her directly. It obliterated her shield.

“Pa-” Sima You yue knelt on the ground and the already kept the pill into her interspatial ring. At this moment, she had already accomplished the objective of the pill tribulation.

“Such a familiar pain.” She said through gritted teeth.

At that time, she advanced to the divine rank and had been struck. When Little Roc had advance in rank and she had advanced to the middle rank, she had also been struck. When she was advancing to the advanced level of the divine rank while she was in the sect, she ran to the forest deep in the mountains and had been struck. Who would have thought that a simple pill tribulation would result in such a huge lightning tribulation.

She forced herself to flip over and lie on the ground. She yelled at the cloud in the sky, “Hey, bro. Why do you keep striking me? Although I appreciate that you can strengthen my lightning properties, could you just give me a break?”

She never thought that a huge pill tribulation would happen at this moment. That was why she did not prepare for it at all, when the lightning struck her, it hurt like hell!

The shield she had just formed was completely destroyed, and she had no strength left to set up an array. She had no choice but to use the lightning tool and armor that Fatty Qu had once given her. She casually put it on.

After going through so many lightning tribulations, she had pretty much gotten the gist of it. This level wasn’t that bad. At most, she would end up half dead. As long as she continued to survive, she would recover.

Furthermore, it was as if the tribulation cloud had listened to her. The second strike did not land for a long while, giving her some breathing space. Furthermore, it seemed as if the cloud was even fading away.

Sima You Yue blinked in surprise. She looked at the tribulation cloud with disbelief. Did this guy actually understand her?

However, since the strike had yet to fall, she used the opportunity to eat two pills.


The second strike landed, electrifying her.

Afterwards, the tribulation cloud trembled, leaving like a victorious soldier.

Once the tribulation cloud had drifted away, Wu La Li flew to the island. When he saw that she had gone through it in one piece, he recalled what she had said to the tribulation cloud and had to force himself not to laugh.

Sima You Yue was filled with a burning pain. It was a good thing that the pill she ate earlier had healed quite a bit of her vital organs. She saw the smile in Wu La Li’s gaze, but couldn’t do a thing about it. She could only roll her eyes.

“Can you still move?” Wu La Li asked. “If you can, blink once. If not, blink twice.”

Sima You yue immediately blinked twice.

“Shall I take you back?”

Blinked twice.

“I can’t move you?”

Blinked again.

“Alright then. Then you can continue to lie there.” Wu La Li said.

Sima You Yue relaxed when she saw that he was not going to move her anymore. She began to direct the lightning energy into her dantian while Wu La Li continued to watch her from the side.

Once she had absorbed it all, she could finally move. The sharp pain from that dark cloud had also disappeared. She looked at her dry and cracking skin and could not help but appreciate her divine devil body. She didn’t have to waste any effort on ensuring that it wouldn’t scar.

Wu La Li saw that Sima You Yue was almost recovered and was shocked. Even if the devil beasts had very powerful recuperative abilities, even they couldn’t hold a candle to her.

“Let’s go. We should head back.” Sima You Yue said.

Wu La Li turned back into his original appearance and took her back to the Violet Water Clan.

“You guys are finally back.” Wu La Lu dashed in front of them when he saw them. “Father has asked for you many times. He was going to dispatch men out to find you if you tarried any longer.”

“Sima You Yue was injured by the lightning and had to take two days to heal.” Wu La Li explained, “Where is father?”

“With mother. We should hurry over.”

Sima You Yue went to the side palace. She had been here for three months, so was rather familiar with it. The moment she entered the palace, she saw Divine Valley Master and Ying Bai Chun conversing with the Violet Water King.

“You Yue, you’re back. I heard that you have finished refining the pill?” Wu La Mai looked at her eagerly.

He didn’t trust her at first. However, after personally seeing that the queen got visibly better after three months, She had even become a little more conscious even if she was not yet awake.

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