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10 users have written reviews for the Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System novel and rated it with an average score of 3.6 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 240th among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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BilalAkhtar 5
Chapter 1 one month ago

On a Chinese machine translated site i read it till like 4000+ chaps Its a good novel with interesting story but only recommended if u have nothing to read plus its not finished yet even with 5k+ chaps The main story is of mc getting a dragon cultivation system thats quite unique and powerful and be starts his journey from earth to alternative planet to milkyway to galaxy to cluster to blablabla to Eastern universe to central Thats where i stopped

Yuki5 15
Chapter n/a one month ago

It's entertaining enough to give it a read, but not enough for one to take it seriously. It's just the classic face-slap we all are familiar with, but translation is also kind of bad, so. . . give it a try if you've got nothing better to read.

HeavyWeightSpoon 0
Chapter n/a one year ago

It is a face slapping heaven if you like that kind of stuff here it is. He starts as a hard-working older brother barely able to make ends meet, then suddenly hes a tycoon with extra face slapping ability. I have read to about 160 ish the love intrests are really forced like hes only met them once and now they are practically fighting over him and he is portraid as a loving brother who will smash anyone who comes close, but he is just as arrogant. There comes a part where he's having a "debate" over medical prowess and knowledge and he literally has no idea about medicine or the power hes using but acts like hes better than all of the doctors there like i get it his stuff works better but he does not have to be arrogant about it especially coming from a very recently poor college student.

Wekyll 4
Chapter n/a 2 years ago

does the author love making people fight for the mc like wahts the use of him being powerful if he will not even take action total bullshit what a waste of a good story !!!!!!!!

  • KariAri 3

    So true

Ainz1306 0
Chapter n/a 2 years ago

Really worth the read.Optimum face slapping and arrogance in the right place.Good world background and character development.The sect developing was also good

lnwUser29781 0
Chapter n/a 2 years ago

This started out as a humble university student striving for the best, to a young master that specialises in face slapping and being taken advantage of by the opposite gender. Read until chapter 51

lnwUser26254 0
Chapter n/a 2 years ago

Best Game/Fantasy Webnovel. Very creative story with a lot of good plot twists and a very well-balanced novel with fast detail fights and a descriptive back story.

System_LookingGuy 0
Chapter n/a 2 years ago

It is very good I really liked it, it is a mix about wuxia martial arts and a modern one, the thing that I really liked about the establishment of the dragon sect and his own army dragonians sect member.

Tuthegoat 0
Chapter n/a 2 years ago

this novel is really good. the main character progresses fast enough and is not really the underdog. love the subordinates and the character's personality.

realisk 2
Chapter n/a 2 years ago

A great novel, with a more intellectual subject such as academia and scientific research, I believe that for those who like it, it is the best in this segment.