Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System
Chapter 1: Start the Round as a Dragon

Chapter 1: Start the Round as a Dragon

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August had just begun, and rain came pouring on the ground. The rain was so heavy that the raindrops could bounce off the floor.

In the quiet school compound, one or two students were sprinting towards the dormitory under their umbrellas.

Yet, a student was sitting outside of a pavilion at the side of the lake as rain fell on him without any mercy.

Within seconds, he was all drenched from the rain.

“Heh, I’m poor!”

The young man stared at his reflection in the lake with a pale face. He felt a sense of bitterness when his reflection was distorted by the falling rain.

“Why is God so unfair?”

A mocking expression surfaced on the young man’s face.

His name was Wang Xian. When school reopened, he would be a second-year student at the University of Rivertown. Since a young age, he stayed with his younger sister and grandmother.

But his grandmother had passed away a few years ago. Wang Xian and his younger sister, Xiao Yu, were left to depend on one another.

Both of them were smart students. Wang Xian had enrolled in the renowned university, University of Rivertown, with excellent grades, while his sister had gotten into the same school this year.

Besides having an adorable younger sister, Wang Xian also had a like-minded female friend. Even though neither of them spelled out their relationship, they were as close as a couple.

Hence, Wang Xian was satisfied with his life despite having to spend all his spare time working part-time just to earn a living for his younger sister and himself.

The girl whom Wang Xian shared an intimate relationship with had been working part-time with him all along. However, she had left him for a man with a luxury car yesterday.

In a cold voice, she said to him, “I’m sick of such a poor and miserable life. I want a brand new life now.”

Wang Xian could still remember the scorning and disdainful sneer drawn at the lips of the luxury car guy when he left with the girl in his arms.

“Reality and money. Heh.” Wang Xian showed a scornful expression as he stared blankly at the lake in front of him. Getting drenched from the rain was nothing to him.


Wang Xian dug out his phone when he heard the buzzing sound. A faint smile surfaced on his face when he saw the message sent by his younger sister.

“Hi everyone, I’m Louis Koo. And I’m Nick Cheung. Tanwan is a brand-new game that you have never tried before. Just three minutes, and you will love this game as much as I do.”

Drops of rain fell on the screen. As he unlocked his phone, a pop-out was playing loudly.

“Lousy phone…” Wang Xian’s expression was full of bitterness. The shoddy phone which he got as a gift for topping up his pre-paid card often had pop-out s.

He closed out of it.

After he cleared the away, another one popped out again.

“Start the round as a dragon. At the later stages, you can roam the universe!”

“Are you bullying me too?” Wang Xian grasped his phone with force.


A clap of thunder was heard suddenly as his hands went numb.

“What’s going on?” Wang Xian felt pins and needles in his body as his expression turned apprehensive.


A silvery-white thunderbolt landed in his hand without any warning. Wang Xian’s body went stiff and plunged into the lake.

“Start the round as a dragon. At the later stages, you can roam the universe!”

The continued to play on his worn-out phone. With a stiff body, Wang Xian realized that the screen was giving off lights.

An image of a divine dragon appeared on his phone. It was letting out a silent bellow before it sprang out from the phone.

Yes, the divine dragon sprang out unbelievably from the phone.

Wang Xian saw the palm-sized divine dragon went right into his head.

“Start the round as a dragon.”

He suddenly heard a voice in his mind. Soon after, he was shocked to see the image flashed out in his mind.

Name: Wang Xian

Race: Human (with ability to transform into a dragon)

Level: 1

Dragon Energy: 1/1000

Superpower: Dominate the marine animals (Ability to rule any marine animal that is lower than your own level)

Devour any form of living (for extraction of dragon energy)

Art of Cultivation: Divine Dragon Transformation

“What is happening? What are all these things in my head?”

Just as Wang Xian was astonished about what he saw in his mind, he realized he could actually breathe in the water.

“I can breathe and talk in the water. This…” With his wide-opened eyes, Wang Xian felt more comfortable in the water as compared to living on the land.

“What does “transform into a dragon” means? Does that mean I can turn into a dragon?” Wang Xian stared at the image in his head and murmured in shock.

“Start the round as a dragon. You can become a dragon.” A voice suddenly echoed in his mind.

Wang Xian was dumbfounded as he said unbelievably, “I can become a dragon. A dragon.”


At this moment, Wang Xian realized that his body seemed to undergo a massive transformation. He moved and shook his body slightly.

“This…” Wang Xiang felt that he had turned into a long creature. He lowered his head and realized he had four claws. On each of the claws, there were nine toes.

The claws were similar to eagle claws while the palms were like those of tigers. Fish scales were all over his body.

“I’m really a dragon.” Wang Xian stared with his eyes wide. He had horns that looked like a deer’s, a head like a camel’s and a pair of rabbit-like eyes. Besides that, his neck moved like a snake, and his stomach was like a clamshell. With fish-like scales, eagle claws, tiger palms and a pair of ox’s ears, this is the Divine Dragon of the Chinese legends!

Wang Xian slightly moved his body, and he could easily swim seven to eight meters away.

“A divine dragon.” Wang Xian was excited. “But I’m only baby size now.”

As a fish swam past him, a message appeared in his head.

Little Sharpbelly: Level 0

Extractable Dragon Energy: 0.001

Wang Xian hesitated before he moved and swam at a fast speed with his mouth open.


Before the little sharpbelly could react, it was swallowed by Wang Xian.

“Dragon energy was increased by 0.001.”

A notification showed up in his head, bringing a halt to his movement.

“Since I can become a dragon, can I change back to my human-form again?” asked Wang Xian.

“Yes.” The voice in his head sounded off.

“What’s the use of dragon energy?”

“Dragon energy can be used to level up and cultivate your superpower. It can also be used to upgrade marine animals.”

“Cultivate superpower? What do you mean by upgrading the marine animals?” asked Wang Xian immediately.

“The divine dragons are one of the most formidable living beings in the universe. Their power comes from their dragon energy as the energy can enhance their bodies and cultivate their superpower. The Divine Dragon Transformation is all about the use of the dragon energy.”

“Divine Dragon Transformation?” Wang Xian thought of the skill that he possessed.

“Divine Dragon Transformation!”

At this time, an imposing and mighty voice echoed in his mind.

Soon after, divine dragons were circling around within his head.

Among which, there was Inferno Divine Dragon with its red-hot body in flame, Frosty Divine Dragon that was covered with thick frost, and Azure Dragon which possessed unlimited vitality. There was also a dragon with a charcoal-like body that was burning in black flame, Black Dragon, and one that can sweep up a windstorm with its wings, Wind Dragon.

A myriad of divine dragons circled and eventually formed three great and majestic words – Divine Dragon Transformation.

Chapter 1: Start the Round as a Dragon
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