Is that a Wisp?
Chapter 1075: United Collaboration

"Fine, I'll join the sect," Zamuria said, gazing at Feifei as she spoke after a sigh. "Might as well try something new."

"I thought you would need a lot more convincing to join." Feifei was surprised at how quickly Zamuria accepted the invitation. She had assumed she would need to offer lengthy explanations about the benefits of joining this sect in comparison to returning to the Zamuria Empire.

"Well, there's the fact that my siblings are somewhat toxic," Zamuria lamented. "Also, when I return, I'll be forced to give everything I have to the eldest sibling."

"How can that be possible? Aren't your abilities yours?" Feifei was confused when she heard that.

"Spiritual Incarnation!" Zamuria replied. "The eldest sibling has a special Spiritual Incarnation that was modeled after the Spirit Aberrant. So, if he devours my Spiritual Incarnation, he'll gain my body cultivation method and all my passive and active abilities."

"The Spirit Aberrant…" Feifei frowned, knowing very well of the ancient and terrifying race. It was said that they were capable of devouring people and absorbing all laws they had comprehended. It was a cheat they had been born with, allowing them to quickly master every law they came across.

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With that, they were a terrifying race. Unfortunately, they were only able to exhibit their true power while in demon beast form. In their human forms, they were weak, weaker than the weakest of races since they were unable to exhibit even the least of their talent.

Moreover, in demon beast form, they lost their sanity. There was also the fact that once they returned to their demon beast form, they were never able to revert to their human forms due to having lost their sanity. Once they used their demon beast form, they became attached to the land, turning into a Land Aberrant.

They were such an infamous race that the mighty Spiritual Incarnations were named after them. That's how the terms Land Incarnation and Heavenly Incarnation came to be, named after the Land Aberrants and Heavenly Aberrants.

"That's a troublesome Spiritual Incarnation." Feifei expressed her worry as she asked her, "So, once he does that, wouldn't you die?"

"No," Zamuria shook her head as she answered. "We'll set aside a tiny fragment of my Spiritual Incarnation. With it, I'll revive eventually."

"But..." She snorted as she continued, "I don't like the fact that I have to hand over my hard work on a silver platter to a snob who does nothing but sit on his ass every day. His only accomplishment was creating a troublesome Spiritual Incarnation. Other than that, he hasn't done anything. Even for the Spiritual Incarnation, he stole the ideas that I had formulated for all my life."

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"There's no way in hell am I going to hand him my body cultivation." She said, smiling as she looked at Feifei, "So, I'd rather join the sect. Even though I am named after the continent I was born in, I dislike many things there. Well, it's more like my ego wants me to be the one to rule others and not be ruled upon."

"That's great then," Feifei nodded in response. "You'll be an elder of the sect once we expand. Using your active ability, we'll be able to allow every sect member to embark on the path of body cultivation and obtain passive and active abilities as well."

"Indeed," Zamuria nodded in agreement. "Also, I feel like my body cultivation would progress faster when I'm with you guys. Pooling all our abilities together, we'll be able to grow stronger at a faster rate."

Besides..." She sighed. "Whether I hate him or not, he's still my brat. I already abandoned him once. At least, back then, he had his father to rely upon. But, now that he has no one else to call his family, it won't be cool of me to abandon him once again. Personally, I really hope to set aside my hatred. Maybe once I see him enough, I'll be able to gradually accept him."

'So it seems she was also working towards that from the start.' Feifei thought, saying, "As for the sect members, we'll see if it's possible to bring in people from the Godly Path Realm. That's what Krune and I had thought about."

"The Godly Path Realm?" Zamuria asked, curious about it when Feifei told her everything about the Four Realms.

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"I see." Zamuria nodded as she could not help but say, "Since those below would have spent many centuries to attain our level of power, they have a plethora of experience. Once they join our sect, their experience would shine tremendously, giving rise to stronger people. This way, our sect would grow to greater heights within a couple of decades."

"Once we return to the God Realm, I'll consolidate my powers a bit before attempting a breakthrough to the Semi-God Realm," Zamuria said, condensing a fish that she and Feifei rode to return to the place everyone had gathered at.

It had already been a week since Zamuria and Zamura fought. So, when they reached the meeting location, they noticed Krune brewing a tea of sorts while relying on the fish bones to create it.

As for everyone, they were just seated in the place. The Black Demons calmly took a sip, double tapped their glabella, grinned like idiots while gazing at their tablets, retracted them, took another sip and repeated the process in a loop.

Krune, Zamura, Seamstress, and Solare were seemingly discussing the details they had to incorporate in the sect. Moreover, just in case they needed the use, everyone had hunted the demons and had accumulated a certain level of Godly Points.

Now that they were prepared with everything, they were waiting. When Feifei arrived with Zamuria, Krune smiled, realizing that she managed to convince Zamuria.

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"Shall we get going now?" Krune asked, summoning his Cloud Whale upon seeing Feifei nod.

All 108 Black Demons, Hazak, Krune, Feifei, Zamura, Zamuria, Seamstress, and Solare were now present within the Cloud Whale. Albeit with great difficulty due to the weight, the Cloud Whale barely shot up into the air after Hazak and Doit supplemented its flight with their powers of wind.

"Let's head into the water pillar now," Krune said, causing the Cloud Whale to slowly fly towards a city. Even though running would have been many times faster, he wanted them to go as a group, just for that level of flexing.

Is that a Wisp? Chapter 1075: United Collaboration
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