Is that a Wisp?
Chapter 1074: The One with OP Uncles and Aunts

"Aunt Seamstress, I've finally arrived!" Followed by a powerful bellow, a man flickered into existence.

"Idiot! I told you to remain below. It's not safe here!" Seamstress shouted, lightly smacking Solare on the head. "You should have come up a bit later."

"What really happened?" Solare was confused as he asked her. "I came up because I already grew to my limit there. Even my active ability has reached the peak of its development now. And...I was getting kind of lonely there."

"Fine," Seamstress sighed as she listened to his words. "I guess there's no use chiding you anymore since you've already arrived."

"Then, what do I do now?" Solare asked, looking around in curiosity.

"Well, for the time being, swallow this," Seamstress told him, feeding him a tiny sphere. "In Layer 2, we grow by increasing our body density. The one I fed you will grant you a kilogram of weight daily. I have condensed enough in it for you to reach the peak of Tier 6."

"That's amazing," Solare said in response, not aware of just how amazing the thing he had swallowed was. Like usual, he had a chirpy attitude about things, accompanying the Seamstress as they left the city.

"I wanted to roam around the city," Solare pouted, unwilling to leave so abruptly. From a single glance, he noticed many things here that weren't present in Layer 3. So, he wished to explore them further.

"Had you arrived a bit later, then it would have been possible. Sadly, the situation is a bit different now," the Seamstress said. "Something happened farther from here that we need to check."

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The moment they reached the end of the battlefield, the Seamstress summoned her Great Dipper. The two of them boarded it as the Great Dipper flashed through the sky, heading straight towards the source of the power that had caused the sky to crack.

She had an idea as to who might have caused it, the one individual she had known of beforehand, someone that always never conformed to logic. Even she was curious as to how he had achieved it since all of them had regressed in strength to mere mortals.

Soon, she approached the source area, flinching once upon gazing at the more than a hundred Black Demons silently standing in the place. She then observed Krune and Zamura standing in the center, shouting, "Cultivator! Were you the one that cracked the sky?"

"The Seamstress?" Zamura was surprised for a moment as he laughed in response. "Yeah, I did that. Is that the reason you arrived here?"

"Uncle!" Solare noticed Krune, shouting at the top of his lungs as he jumped on the ground, rushing towards him. "Have you been well?"

"Were you bored of Layer 3 already?" Krune was surprised to see him here. "Weren't a lot of things happening there?"

"Yeah, so many things happened every day that it seemed like a constant festival," Solare replied, scratching his cheek a bit as he laughed awkwardly. "But I was starting to miss the two of you. So, I came up. Thankfully, you haven't left yet."

"We were planning to leave soon enough." Krune laughed as he heard that. "You'll need at least a decade to gain all the strength you can from here."

"Well, I already gave him what he needed," the Seamstress laughed as she replied, retracting her Great Dipper. "He'll be gaining a kilogram until he reaches the peak of Tier 6. There won't be any problems as long as we leave after a couple of days."

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"Well, aren't you lucky?" Krune patted Solare's back, noticing something as he remarked, "Even though you've just arrived from Layer 3, you're quite strong already."

"Of course." Solare laughed as he told them, "A week ago, I defeated Gehen in battle. I'm the strongest in Layer 3."

"You defeated Gehen?" Krune and the Seamstress exclaimed simultaneously in surprise. "How?"

Even though defeating Gehen for their current selves was easy, had they been at Layer 3, they wouldn't have been able to. They had witnessed Gehen's strength personally and were aware of just how strong he was.

Over time, he would only grow stronger. But it made no sense as to how Solare was able to defeat such an individual.

"Well, I spammed long-range attacks on Gehen while recovering my expended energy constantly. I forced him to defend passively while ensuring the gap between us never reduced. Had I been forced into close combat, it would have been hard to defeat him, but yeah, it wasn't too hard," Solare flashed a thumbs-up as he explained.

'Right, this guy was awarded two cheats by the Sub-Realm. Of course, it allowed him to recover his energy constantly while spamming attacks. I wonder what other abilities he had obtained right now.' Krune thought, patting Solare as he told him, "Well, now that you're here, I'll train you further."

"Yay!" Solare was overjoyed when the Seamstress patted him, adding a bit more strength than usual as she glared at him. "Didn't you say you'll train with me first? I have better abilities than him."

"Hmph!" Krune snorted, condensing an ice sculpture of Solare beside him. "Your skill and control over an ability matter the most. I am undefeated in that. If she can teach you ten things, I can teach you eleven."

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"I can train you better."

"I was called the training god in the past."

As the two people closed in on him, Solare began to sweat, recalling similar incidents that happened in the past. As they competed against one another, they fed him passive abilities in the past, many times at that.

It was to the extent except for the two passive abilities he was born with, the remaining three changed almost every month. There was no entertainment in the Secondary Landmass where they worked to the bone daily, nonstop.

During their fun time, they played with Solare. To the two workaholics that had nothing else to do while resting, he was their pastime.

Just as he worried about how to evade them, he looked at Zamura, noticing the other party's aloof gaze, recalling his appearance from a picture Krune had drawn while bored, shouting, "Are you Uncle Cultivator?"

"Uncle Cultivator?" Zamura was surprised, taking a glance at Krune for a moment as he replied, "No, I'm called Zamura. And, I'm no uncle."

"Just call me brother Zamura." Zamura laughed, pointing at Krune and the Seamstress. "I'm young, unlike these two oldies. See how much white hair they have. Obviously, they're too old."

"But uncle…" Solare pointed at Zamura as he could not help but say in response, "Your hair is completely grey."

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Is that a Wisp? Chapter 1074: The One with OP Uncles and Aunts
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