Fortunately, Ling Lan's domineering presence allowed her to suppress all these tall people. No one seemed to notice that Ling Lan was shorter than them.

Of course, there were also men who were shorter than her. Luo Lang was an instance of such men. If you just took a glance, you might think that Ling Lan was the same height as Li Lanfeng and Lin Zhong-qing. This was the power of a strong presence.

"Yes, I understand." Li Lanfeng smiled. As expected, Ling Lan didn't like people talking about his height.

"Since you want to go, don't embarrass me." Ling Lan looked at Li Lanfeng with a threatening gaze before turning to leave.

Li Lanfeng quickly caught up with her with a brighter smile on his face. He realised that Ling Lan was quite susceptible to his teasing.

'Ling Lan, are you giving me a chance to be shameless so that I can get what I want?'

Li Lanfeng suddenly slowed down a little with a dreadfully pale face as a voice similar to his echoed in his mind.

"Li Lanfeng, you said that you won't do anything to Ling Lan anymore. Why did you change your mind after a few words? If you continue to be like this, you'll eventually make mistakes you will forever regret. Wake up! Remember that he treats you like his best friend and confidant. He… doesn't like men."

"What happened?" A warm hand suddenly grabbed Li Lanfeng's cold hand as he was falling in a dark pit in his mind.

Li Lanfeng looked up with tearful eyes. He saw a pair of dark eyes that were filled with care and concern. Ling Lan was frowning too. She was worried about him.

"Did you take the medicine?" Ling Lan's gaze turned sharp. "Why didn't you go to the medical department for treatment? Do you think I'll be happy if you do this?"

Li Lanfeng shook his head. "I didn't take the medicine. You told me that with my physical constitution and spiritual power, it's not suitable for me to take the medicine. It'll just bring me more harm than the rest of the people. Why won't I listen to you?"

"I might not listen to other people but I'll definitely listen to you," Li Lanfeng continued earnestly.

"Why is your body reacting so violently then?" Ling Lan continued frowning. She couldn't understand what was happening to Li Lanfeng's body.

"Having a strong spiritual power has its implications." Li Lanfeng smiled bitterly. He could only just push the blame to his strong spiritual power.

"Really?" After the Qi exercises helped her to recover her health, Ling Lan never experienced any more implications of having a strong spiritual power. However, she had a powerful bug known as Little Four. Even if a part of her spiritual power leaked out, Little Four would help her seal it. Li Lanfeng didn't have anyone helping him. He could only rely on himself so it might be possible that there were implications even after using the Qi exercises.

Ling Lan looked at Li Lanfeng with pity. She decided to think of a solution for him so that he would never be affected by his strong spiritual power again.

Yes, maybe she could disturb Number Two. He had been studying spiritual fusion for a long time so he might have learned something that could help Li Lanfeng's situation

If Ling Lan didn't have any questions about this, she wouldn't disturb Number Two if she didn't need to as she was quite afraid of the mysterious Number Two.

"I'll do research and see if there's any way to solve your problem. If you have any issues, don't keep it to yourself. Remember to tell me." She held Li Lanfeng's hand and squeezed it. His hand was so smooth… wait, I should be comforting him, not taking advantage of him.

Li Lanfeng's eyes lit up. However, in the next second, he gave a complicated expression.

"Okay." Li Lanfeng finally managed to squeeze an 'okay' out of his mouth. Then, he looked down and pulled his hands back from Ling Lan's grasp. He was afraid that if he stared at Ling Lan for any longer, he wouldn't be able to control himself and reveal his feelings for Ling Lan.

Li Lanfeng was filled with emotions but he remained logical in the end. He knew that once he told Ling Lan his feelings, he wouldn't be Ling Lan's most trusted comrade anymore. He could almost imagine Ling Lan's eyes turning cold and looking at him as though he was a stranger.

'I can't say it. I can't!' Li Lanfeng clenched his fist and controlled his emotions. He looked up and forced out a smile. "Ling Lan, thank you for your concern but I'm fine."

Ling Lan looked at him intently. She knew that the smile he was showing her wasn't sincere. However, she never liked to force people to do what they do not want. Hence, she didn't say anything and turned around. She walked out of the place.

"You know that I'm lying? Right, how can I fool you? You understand me just like how I understand you. I thought that we could be each other's confidants for the entire life. However, the friendship between us turned into a one-sided love. I try to cover up my feelings carefully but… it is slowly coming out. If you take pity on me, why don't you expose me? That way, I can confidently stand in front of you without any secrets and continue to be your friend."

Li Lanfeng looked at the figure in front of him in a daze. He never knew that one day, he would be so pitiful that he would pray that he could stay beside a person and that the person wouldn't hate him. He never knew he could be so desperate for a person to like him.

The two of them quickly arrived at the command center at the base. The moment Li Lanfeng entered the command center, his gaze turned cold. The Li Lanfeng who was in love, was gone. The cold-blooded Adviser Li Lanfeng was now online.

Many regiment commanders were already at the command center. Some of them gathered together and were chatting while others walked around lazily. Some went around the place and greeted one another.

When Li Lanfeng and Ling Lan entered the command center, they glanced at them before continuing what they were doing.

"Regiment commander, if I'm not wrong, they're all here for you." Li Lanfeng stifled his laughter as he continued, "However, they don't know what you look like."

"Maybe they're here for something else." Ling Lan felt that this was the case too but she was embarrassed to admit it.

However, it was true that not many people had seen her face before. Besides meeting Yu Huan on the first day she came and challenging Piercing Arrow, she never revealed herself.

Everyone in Lingtian followed after her too. The leaders of Lingtian seldom revealed themselves so most of the people in the base didn't recognize them.

Even though most of the regiment commander didn't recognise Ling Lan, there were still people that knew her.

One of the regiment commanders who were chatting in a group looked up and saw Ling Lan coming in slowly. His eyes immediately lit up with fervour. He hurried over and said loudly, "Regiment Commander Ling, you're finally here."

All the other regiment commanders stopped what they were doing and looked at Ling Lan with surprise.

This young regiment commander was the regiment commander of Lingtian?

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