Chapter 352

“What are you trying to prove by telling us this?” Xu Ziyan asked.

The devil curled his lips, “there is only one thing I want to tell you – the demons are bound to win this mine of spirit transforming, and…” He smiled slyly, “even if you can hold this place, do you think that monster clan will fight to death against the demon race for this unworthy mine?”

He specially emphasized the word “unworthy”.

Xu Ziyan’s facial expression suddenly changed. Human beings were obviously more superior in the Xuan Yu realm, yet they hadn’t occupied the whole realm.

In the vast land, humans were certainly the masters, but in the remote places in the northwest and the vast ocean, the monsters were the overlords.

There were mines of spirit transforming on the ground, and there were naturally the same on the seabed. If the demon race got hit by the human race there, they might return and contact the monster race.

The relationship between the monster race and the human race in Xuan Yu realm wasn’t that ideal. Although their relationship was also very tense in the outside world, it hadn’t reached the same level of intensity between the human and demon race. The Xuan Yu realm had been closed to the outside world for several thousands of years, and the monster race there might not be as tense with the demon race, but if they ever united, then the human race would be in big trouble.

Seeing Xu Ziyan’s expression becoming increasingly serious, the demon guy’s smile also got wider.

Fortunately, the human race and the monster race in Xuan Yu realm didn’t get along, or he really wouldn’t be sure whether he could use his chips to exchange for something he needed.

“Tell me, what is the deal that you want to propose?” Xu Zirong gently squeezed his brother’s fingers to comfort him, then turned his head to the demon guy and asked coldly.

Since the other party was putting the matter so seriously, he must want to achieve a deal. Xu Zirong thought that he might as well listen to the proposal. If it wasn’t a good one, then he’d just kill the demon guy directly.

The demon smiled, “the so-called deal is obviously beneficial to both parties. Your purpose is to prevent the demon race from building the teleportation array, and mine is to survive and become a human again.”

Xu Zirong raised his eyelids and sneered, “what? Back then, you betrayed humans and transformed yourself into a demon man, and now you regret it?”

The demon guy laughed at himself, “If I tell you that I was framed, will you believe me?”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows, but did not answer.

The demon guy did not expect to gain the trust of these two people immediately. The reason why he mentioned Lin Xiaotian was just to win a chance for himself to state the terms of the deal. He’d also find it ridiculous if the Xu brothers believed him so easily.

“In short…” The demon guy took a deep breath, staring at Xu Ziyan with burning eyes, “the demon race needs a lot of rocks of spiritual transformation to build the teleportation array, and without your mine, the demon race may not be able to get them from other mines. If you want to destroy the teleportation array, you must destroy their most important parts!”

“You mean the Rock of Empty Space?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes flashed.

“That’s right.” The demon nodded, “and I know where to look for it. However, I cannot steal it alone.”

He glanced at Xu Ziyan, “don’t expect me to destroy that thing silently inside the demon race, as it will definitely alarm those of deity. My goal is to survive, not to look for death.”

Xu Ziyan silently swallowed back what he wanted to say. This demon guy made a lot of sense – such an important thing must at least be guarded by a demon of deity. It was impossible for the other party to take such a big risk.

“I can provide you with information about the Rock of Empty Space, and if necessary, I can also cooperate with your people to steal it. However, you must protect me to survive the chasing and killing of the demons of deity. Also…I still need something else.” He took out a list, Xu Ziyan looked at it, and they were all precious materials, but they were far inferior to the value of the Rock of Empty Space.

“How about that? Do you agree?” the demon guy asked.

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, “I don’t think there is any problem.”

The demon sighed secretly, but he still looked very calm, “it’s good that you agree. Just in case, you have to make a demonic oath. I don’t want to be abandoned by you after stealing the Rock.”

Xu Zirong said coldly, “my brother always keeps his promises!”

The demon guy shrugged his shoulders, “you can just take me as a paranoid guy. My best friend once sold me to the demon race, and if I hadn’t…forget it, if you don’t make the oath, then this deal is void.”

Xu Ziyan looked at the list again, and then agreed to the demon guy to make a demonic oath together. Then, the demon guy left.

Before leaving, he seemed to have thought of something and he smiled at Xu Ziyan, “if you ever see Xiaotian, please ask if he misses the taste of Wonton noodles.”

Xu Ziyan: …how come this has a rich sense of adultery…

“Ah, by the way, if you think this is a trap, you can discuss it with Xiaotian. I believe that by then, you will understand why I need to be turned back into a human.” The demon guy smiled.

After he left, Xu Zirong’s face turned cold. In his opinion, his brother should not be involved in this matter at all. He could just report it to Big Foot Luo instead of taking it onto his shoulders.

Xu Ziyan patted him on the head, “this matter is related to Xuan Yu realm’s safety, so I can’t afford to delay it. I believe that master will definitely agree with us.”

Xu Zirong was still not excited about it. It’s true that his brother was really strong, yet it’s another matter to work with a demon guy to steal the Rock of Empty Space. He really didn’t want his brother to get involved in it, but it’d be too late now as his brother had already made the oath.

“I want to go with you.” Xu Zirong said while holding his brother’s hand.

Xu Ziyan glanced at him and said with disdain, “you were going to go with me anyway, and I’ll be stupid to not use this great power! Not only you need to go, but master will go too…if possible, let’s bring the elder of deity on the back of our mountain. In that case, our safety can surely be guaranteed! Just like what the demon guy said, we’re going to steal the Rock of Empty Space, not to go for death. I am quite sure that the elder of deity will cooperate with us.”

Xu Zirong: …Well, it really isn’t my brother’s style to be a lone hero, breaking into the camp of the demons alone…

After Xu Ziyan reported the whole matter to Liu Guang sect, it immediately attracted the attention of those people at the high level.

Both the cultivators of Teng Lan and the higher-level ones of Liu Guang sect were half doubtful towards this news. They suspected that it’s not a trap made by the demon race, as they’d never heard that a demon guy could ever turn back into a human being.

Fortunately, Xu Ziyan thought of something that the demon race had said before leaving and he managed to contact Lin Xiaotian, who’s still at Tian Yu sect. What shocked him was that – when Xu Ziyan asked him about the taste of Wonton noodles, Lin Xiaotian’s usually serious face quickly turned red…

If he didn’t know that the other party was a powerful cultivator, Xu Ziyan was even worried that he would die of sudden cerebral hemorrhage…

“Are you alright?” Xu Ziyan looked at Lin Xiaotian who was behaving strangely.

“It’s okay…” Lin Xiaotian squeezed out two words between his teeth.

“Then why did you react so strongly to this?” Xu Ziyan was still puzzled.

The expression on Lin Xiaotian’s face was indescribably tangled. He looked at Xu Ziyan silently, hoping that he would give up asking.

However, this matter involved the safety of Xuan Yuan realm, and Xu Ziyan couldn’t give up at all. Also, Wuchen and the two cultivators of Teng Lan were standing behind him, waiting for Lin Xiaotian to answer!

Xu Ziyan moved away silently, revealing the serious faces of Yun Shang, who’s a nascent soul cultivator of Teng Lan, and Wuchen from Liu Guang sect.

Lin Xiaotian: …

He seemed to have spent a lot of effort to recover from the shock of the two nascent soul cultivators eavesdropping on him, and gave Xu Ziyan a complicated look.

Xu Ziyan returned him with a mournful look…

Lin Xiaotian once again: …

He calmed down himself and turned back to the majestic and domineering chief disciple of Tian Yu sect (at least on the surface). Then, he said slowly, “may I ask what it has to do with two cultivators here?”

Xu Ziyan glanced back, Yun Shang and Wuchen looked at each other, then Wuchen nodded at Xu Ziyan.

Only then did Xu Ziyan tell the story about that demon guy bit by bit.

The more he talked, the stranger Lin Xiaotian’s expression became. In the end, he resumed his expressionless face.

“I see. Within three days, I will bring him to the Liu Guang sect.” After Lin Xiaotian finished speaking, he signaled to the two nascent soul cultivators before cutting off the communicative array.

Xu Ziyan looked at Wuchen who was obviously in doubt too, yet he left quickly with Yun Shang. Since the whole Xuan Yu realm was in battlefield and he was very busy with Yun Shang. There’d be no problem for them to wait for three days.

Three days passed in a flash. When Lin Xiaotian arrived at Liu Guang sect with a mortal driving a flying sword, Xu Ziyan was really taken aback.

At this time, Lin Xiaotian’s face was dusty and his eyes were bloodshot. Although for a golden core cultivator, it wouldn’t take so much spiritual power to fly on a sword, it’s still a great challenge for him to do so for three days without any rest.

Xu Ziyan didn’t know why Lin Xiaotian was acting so weird, but when he saw the sleeping mortal, he immediately understood.

——This seemingly ordinary mortal man had a face exactly like that demon guy!

The mortal was wearing a blue robe, and his long black hair was tied together by a very rough wooden hairpin. The wooden hairpin was very simply crafted, almost like a child’s work, but its owner seemed to like it very much. Judging from the very smooth surface that had been polished, its owner must be often touching it.

Chapter 352
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