Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)
Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)

Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)

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Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Yuzu. 434 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


– The planet [Earth] has entered the abnormal state [Apocalypse].

– You have failed in saving the Earth. The Authority, [Vintage Clock (EX)] rewinds the world’s time.

For Yu Jitae, it was a message he had seen many times.

It was tiresome.

It would have been great had he died with everyone else.

But he couldn’t, for his authorities that made him the strongest existence, brought him back in time whenever he did.

And even with his strength, he couldn’t protect the broad earth against the maddened dragons.

– The world’s time will soon begin.

As the clock resumed ticking in the direction it should, his 7th iteration came to a start.

Fortunately, he finally had a gist.

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  • That_nerd_01 7

    Good novel, loved it

  • Diarrhea_1 23

    left this at ch 70, months ago... time to dig in 😋

    Edited: 3d
  • Sam_Ren 2

    Is it good? I am planning to read this after finishing "Second Coming of Gluttony", need your short reviews guys

  • Luthor 1

    no s*x no read

    • SSSKidnapedYeoromFan 8

      There is s*x so read

  • Mosquito 2

    Whoever gave it low rating please DIE 😊😊

  • PancakeOverlord 8

    Meh, tried giving it a fair shake and read like 50 chap or so, the hook didn’t land. Yet another book with high ratings that I can’t seem to get into.

  • Dictatorias 15

    I briefly returned to the comments section to tell someone who is looking at comments to see if it is worth reading... Yes, absolutely yes, perfect and unique novel. Among ALL the ones I have read, this one and second coming of glutonny are in my TOP 1. An absolute marvel

    • Axdv_gevo 7

      can you please recomend any with good romance? with fantasy setting??

      Edited: 9d
      • Dictatorias 15

        The romance in second coming of gluttony is very good, The women whom MC loves have suffered a lot for him and those feelings were strong enough to be transmitted to the reader, now another novel with good romance... Against the gods, another of my super favorite novels, I remember that the feelings of love They were very strong, for some time they were very pure moments of happiness and joy with their loved ones, but at some point something happened with one of them that turned the soul and mind of our mc into an infinite void of pain and agony and a desire to that by carrying out the most brutal revenge, he would close his eyes forever... ufff I still remember after so long the moment of the tragedy... Mc died at that moment, only a shell remained (temporary). Purely romantic novels... I don't think I've read them.

      • SpicyCheese 1

        Wait, in against the gods the Mc loses his wife?

      • Dictatorias 15

        Read it, is one of the best cultivation novels, in some moments of the story, I cry :'/ I remember that,

      • Axdv_gevo 7

        aight... thanks man. I'll check them out.

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  • Raii 4

    Ha beautiful story, characters development, psychology, tragic and 2 crazy ml&fl in romance 10/10!!!

  • Ruthenium 13

    Some of you don't understand. This is not peak. This is THE peak.

  • Error_404 1

    I want a spoiler Who is the FM?