Kill the Hero

Chapter 150: Qualification Test (1)

Kill The Hero – Chapter 150 – Qualification Test (1)

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The biggest beneficiary of the attack on the Forest of the Dead dungeon was, of course, Isaac Ivanov.

[What else did Isaac Ivanov gain in this dungeon?]

[Isaac Ivanov hits the jackpot!]

[The value of the things Isaac Ivanov gained in this dungeon might be comparable to the gains from a 6 Floor Dungeon!]

Some people estimated his gains to be even more than those from a 6 Floor dungeon.

Considering the fact that there had yet to be a successful attack on a 7 Floor dungeon, it could be said that he had gained the greatest reward possible in this dungeon.

Unsurprisingly, those who invested in Isaac Ivanov also gained some benefits from his achievement.

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[Isaac Ivanov thanks Park Yong-wan!]

[Isaac Ivanov, “This was only possible with the help of many people, including Park Yong-wan.”]

Especially Park Yong-wan.

[Isaac Ivanov mentions Park Yong-wan by name!]

Moreover, until now, the only sponsor that Isaac Ivanov had mentioned by name, was Park Yong-wan.

This gave the world no choice but to reevaluate Park Yong-wan, who had been generously sponsoring Isaac Ivanov.

[Park Yong-wan discovers a savior who can save the world!]

[Does the Phoenix Guild intend to walk the same path as the Messiah Guild?!]

[Park Yong-wan, truly the Dark Knight!]

Park Yong-wan’s reputation improved to an extreme level, and the Phoenix Guild, which had been considered the root of all evil in Korea, had become a guild that strived to follow the footsteps of the Messiah Guild.

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“It’s full of news about Isaac Ivanov.”

From Park Yong-wan’s point of view, this made him so happy that he could not stop smiling.

The perception, which had not changed even after they used a lot of money and effort, had started to change just because of his investment in one player.

“It was worth it to follow your words and invest in him. We hit the jackpot this time.”

Therefore, Park Yong-wan didn’t forget to thank Kim Woo-jin, who had advised him to make the investment.


Kim Woo-jin responded calmly to Park Yong-wan’s gratitude.

“I’m happy to help.”

“You didn’t just help. If I’m honest, I’d have loved to give you a legendary item. If I could afford it.”

Of course, that was only his gratitude.

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“Why did you want to see me?”

Kim Woo-jin knew that Park Yong-wan was not the type of person who’d call him just to express gratitude.

Park Yong-wan also knew this.

Therefore, he didn’t try to pretend in front of Kim Woo-jin, who had already grasped his intentions.

“I called you here because I have a request.”

“A request?”

“First of all, you have to accept it. You can’t refuse.”

Kim Woo-jin’s expression stiffened as he heard this condition.

It was clearly unusual to not give him the choice to refuse.

“Of course, a great reward will be given.”

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Park Yong-wan knew that, so he emphasized the compensation part. 

“What reward?”

“It depends on your performance, but I can guarantee that you will get at least a Unique rank Skill Page.”

“At least Unique?”

Park Yong-wan continued explaining to the surprised Kim Woo-jin.

“A player has requested you be their partner in a dungeon. It seems they want to see your skills. This works because I also want to plant someone near to that person. It’s like you were tailor made for this role.” (TL: *cough*)

At those words, Kim Woo-jin’s expression once again became stiff and serious.

“Who is the person that requested me?”

Park Yong-wan’s expression also became serious as he responded.

“The person who requested you is Isaac Ivanov.”

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As a player’s level increased, so did their value.

At the same time, the risk that the player had to shoulder in the dungeon was comparatively higher.

That was why all players and guilds did everything within their means to increase their success rate in a dungeon, even if it was only a little.

Of course, there were certain ways to increase the success rate that worked better than others.

One of them was to attack the dungeon with skilled players.

No matter how well prepared they were, if the skill level of the players participating in the dungeon attack was low, then the probability of success would also be low.

“What’s the next scheduled 3 Floor dungeon for the Great One Guild?”

“Contact the Frontier Guild. Ask them if they have any more slots for their next 4 Floor dungeon attack.”

“Orochi, is there still no news of the 3 Floor dungeon attack?”

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That was why players and guilds paid keen attention to the dungeon attack schedule of talented players.

It was the same for the press.

It was not possible for them to interview the players in the dungeon, so they used any means necessary to contact well known players before their dungeon attacks.

This period was commonly referred to as the ‘storm’.

However, if the target was not just a common player, but the main character in a historical event, then it could no longer be called a ‘storm’, instead, it became a ‘typhoon’.

And the typhoon caused by Isaac Ivanov had begun.

[What is Isaac Ivanov’s next target?]

[What will Isaac Ivanov do next?]

[Are the rumors about Isaac Ivanov’s guild transfer true?]

[Is the rumor that Isaac Ivanov is recruiting party members true?]

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The media paid enough attention to his every move to even create a category of news called Isaac Ivanov.

-Isaac is changing guilds?

-There’s a rumor that he’s joining the Messiah Guild.

-Wasn’t there a rumor that he was going to join the Great One Guild? Isn’t the Merlin’s Staff his transfer fee?

-There are rumors that Isaac Ivanov is ending his solo play and recruiting party members! (TL:…Lee Jin-ah is invisible…confirmed)

ㄴDidn’t Isaac already have a teammate?

ㄴI don’t think so

ㄴHe doesn’t.

And public opinion became more fuel for the typhoon, scattering new suspicions and rumors upon the stage created by the media,

Of course, it was the guilds who were affected the most by the typhoon.

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In particular, those players who were active in 3 Floor dungeons whose very fates could change depending on Isaac Ivanov’s moves, were desperate.

“Find out what Isaac Ivanov’s next move is.”

“What happened when you contacted Isaac Ivanov’s side? Can you join him in his next dungeon attack?”

“If you stick with Isaac Ivanov, you can clear the dungeon!”

Above all, the fact that Isaac Ivanov cleared all of the dungeons he participated in with results far surpassing common sense made the reactions of the players and guilds even more sensitive.

“It’s okay to lose some money. After all, there’s nothing safer than attacking a dungeon with him.”

If you failed to clear a dungeon then you would die, this was why there was nothing more sought after than a player who could eliminate the risk of failure.

In other words, players at the same level as Isaac Ivanov no longer considered him as a competitor.

They simply looked to him as a being who could keep them alive.

The entire world was swept into Isaac Ivanov’s typhoon.

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Of course, there were some who enjoyed the ride.

Park Yong-wan was one of them.

Many people asked him questions about Isaac Ivanov since he was the only sponsor who had been called by name so far.

“I’ll talk to him for you when I see him later.”

They wanted to know if he could help them build bridges with Isaac Ivanov, what they could do to sponsor Isaac Ivanov, and if he was his secret weapon.

“Everyone’s asking me about Isaac Ivanov now.”

He would receive call after call about Isaac Ivanov to the point where he had to get a new phone.

“This is the first time since I became a player that I’ve been asked questions like this.”

This was a strange experience for Park Yong-wan, who was one of the strongest players in Korea, who had successfully cleared two 6 Floor dungeons, and was considered to be one of the Guild Masters of the Phoenix Guild.

“It isn’t so bad.”

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He quite liked the experience.

It would be weird if he wasn’t happy in a situation where his own value rose while he simply sat in a room. Especially in an era where a person’s value could only be raised by creating results with their own hands.

And it wasn’t just his value that was increasing.

There were also many people who promised him great rewards on the condition that he helped them form a connection with Isaac Ivanov.

“I didn’t expect even the Messiah Guild to come to me.”

Even the Messiah Guild had contacted Park Yong-wan to find out information about Isaac Ivanov.

“Still, they were too embarrassed to use their own name. So they only contacted me through a different route.”

Of course, it wasn’t the official route.

The Messiah Guild had approached him using a different name.

However, Park Yong-wan had the ability and intelligence network to find out the source of that route.

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“It seems that Isaac Ivanov has very few contacts.”

In other words, there were very few people in the world who could contact Isaac Ivanov the way Park Yong-wan could.

“Right, I was lucky.”

From a certain standpoint, Park Yong-wan could be considered lucky to even have a way to contact Isaac Ivanov.


“If we hadn’t learned that he wanted the Skeleton Knight skill, then we never would have gotten this opportunity.”

As he recalled that incident, Park Yong-wan smiled.

“So today is the day that Kim Woo-jin meets Isaac Ivanov?”

“It was said that it is only a meeting with Isaac Ivanov’s partner.”

“You mean the guy called Spashiba?”

“His correct name is…”

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That was the reason.

“I don’t need to know his name. They’ll be targeting a dungeon right after the meeting right?”

“Yes. That’s what the schedule they gave us states.”


The reason he had spared no investment for this interview.

It was then.


A text message came to Park Yong-wan’s secretary’s phone and after reading it, her face became a bit stiff.

“The signal for the tracking device attached to Kim Woo-jin has disappeared. It seems the meeting has begun.”

Park Yong-wan smiled at those words.

“Their security is quite thorough. I like it.”

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