Kill the Sun
Kill the Sun

Kill the Sun

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Kill the Sun novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Warmaisach. 510 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Earth, thousands of years after the apocalypse.

Countless technologies and advances had been lost to time as the Specters, horrifying beings with terrifying powers, arrived and destroyed the world.

Over the coming thousands of years, humanity had built itself up but always died again.

Nobody remembers the past.

Nobody remembers what humanity had once accomplished.

Now, everyone is living in a world where the Specters reign supreme.


A boy with amnesia woke up in the middle of the Dregs, the worst part of Crimson Fungus City.

The boy grows up and manages to become strong enough to pass an exam for one of the most prestigious jobs in existence, a Zephyx Extractor, someone that can harvest the powers of Specters.

Sadly, he had already gained a power from a Specter in the past, which made him ineligible for the position.

But then, a mysterious man visits him.

And his luck finally turns around.

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  • AnimeOverlord856 18

    My only thought is does the author sleep or did he have the chapters already because I remember it being early 100s . . Anyway my stacking is now at 502

    Edited: 19h
  • FoolishOldManYigga (Banned) 4

    I think,therefore I am.

  • The_Fool_0 6

    well actually I want to read this novel but I hate indecisive MC . is it okay for me to read or is it just not my cup of tea.

    • FoolishOldManYigga (Banned) 4

      oh,you better not start this bcz the mc is very indecisive in the starting chapters but in the later chapters he is so decisive that if he accidently said he will kill all his loved ones he would do it but sadly at the latest chapter he has already done it sooo u know.Sorry for the spoiler

      • Csialdark_4 1

        ... I don't see the difference though. He was a guy who valued numbers (1000>1)in the early 100s where I stopped. And now he is a guy who kills his loved ones if it is necessary from what you are saying, so 1000 people>better than 1 loved one. That isn't any different.

  • Deep_Sea 1

    should I start reading now or wait to start in future ??

  • Orius 10

    Wait... If Nick "kills" the Sun, wouldn't he become another Shang? Virtually all humans would die, except ranks 3 (veterans) or higher.

  • Haughty_WalterJr 14

    I take back what I said a while ago, this is peak!

  • Joseee 10

    No chapters in 2 days 🥲

  • EnjoyTheTravel 1

    I had stacked 250chapters should i read them all rn or i should wait more ?

  • Veresta 8

    How do you even kill the sun? The name is why I'll give this a try lol

  • EmlynAppreciator 16

    Vote Nick for president 2024