Kill the Sun
Kill the Sun

Kill the Sun

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Kill the Sun novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Warmaisach. 322 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Earth, thousands of years after the apocalypse.

Countless technologies and advances had been lost to time as the Specters, horrifying beings with terrifying powers, arrived and destroyed the world.

Over the coming thousands of years, humanity had built itself up but always died again.

Nobody remembers the past.

Nobody remembers what humanity had once accomplished.

Now, everyone is living in a world where the Specters reign supreme.


A boy with amnesia woke up in the middle of the Dregs, the worst part of Crimson Fungus City.

The boy grows up and manages to become strong enough to pass an exam for one of the most prestigious jobs in existence, a Zephyx Extractor, someone that can harvest the powers of Specters.

Sadly, he had already gained a power from a Specter in the past, which made him ineligible for the position.

But then, a mysterious man visits him.

And his luck finally turns around.

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  • Desskman 24

    I am reading kill the sun and Regressors tale of cultivation side-by-side. Both have Kind MC but with one major difference, Seo's(MC of RTC) kindness steam from maturity while Nick's kindness steam from flawed logic and naivety. Irl Seo would be like a WW2 veteran grandpa who has opened an orphanage with his own funds. Whereas Nick is like a "Fossil fuel protestor" blocking busy roads while preaching about harms of fossil fuels, not knowing his own car runs on petrol. Apathy without logic backing it can be worse than cruelty. Not saying Nick is a bad character at all. I think it takes a genius to purposefully write a flawed character.

    Edited: 1h~
    • Nine 9

      Wait till chapter 327 drops you'll hate him more

      Edited: 48m
      • Desskman 24

        Already read it, that's why I made this comment.

  • SleepyNinja 3

    Funny how ‘ it's not about getting to your destination, it's about the journey you took to reach it’ doesn't necessarily say the journey's a walk in the park but d*mn MC can't even enjoy a good meal without rationalising spending money, he ain't even.. argh... Anyway, welcome new readers as we brace this new journey

  • Rarr 2

    dont open any of the spoiler comments below me, its too strong a spoiler.I gaurantee youll regret it just wait for 1 more chapter or look for the new chapters elsewhere, dont be victim to strong spoilers

    Edited: 14h
  • Zephhhyr 10

    Sh*t we aint ready for what is going to happen i guess

    • shang_sword 11

      Everybody getting hype man wth is going on

  • Jack_of_Ass_Trades 3

    I am scared to read comments. Can't risk will come here after catching up later.

  • Daix 3

    does it have like academy arc exc.

  • MariMaCheri 4

    Ya'll help me, I can't seem to get past the sewage scenes. I legit stopped weeks ago in fear of vomitting. Can I skip?

    • Joker777 1

      Yeah, all that happens is he ends up catching the owl and wyntor jumps in to help save him with is fire powers when he’s making his way back that’s pretty much what happens lol

  • Nine 9

    Anybody here wants some spoilers👻 a bomb gonna go off in the next few

    Edited: 18h
    Admin Edit: 22 Feb, 05:49

    Spoiler alert enabled. Make sure to enable the "Contains Spoilers" option in your comment.

  • Tsukuyomi 5

    hey guys, is this novel good compared to sword god ?

  • sibisasvin 3

    Well well, successfully stacked 100 chapters ...all hail stackers sama