Walking through the dense forest, there is a jade-like yellow lake, embedded in the low-lying place. On the lake lies a small island with green trees. The romantic scene looks like an oil painting. Lin feels as if she was in the story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Red maple leaves are like fire, reflected in the clear water. Lin Luoran has only seen something similar in one place— Jiuzhaigou in Huaxia before the New Era. She went there because it was very close to Rong City. That was probably the only scenic spot she visited during college.


Vague in mist, the island in the yellow lake looks even smaller than Mount Jun Island. However, delicately decorated houses stand there.

At one glance has Lin Luoran recognized the red wall and green tiles. Those are ancient Huaxia buildings.

The cyan little fox did not lie! Lin Luoran breathes deeply. If cultivation is only for Huaxia people on earth, why are there cultivators on this wild star in space?

But… it is not impossible.

“You mean when you caught the goblin, a light from the island took Han Weiya away?”

Lin Luoran stares at the cyan little fox, making it secretly anxious.

But this is what happened. Despite its pride, the cyan little fox has to admit Han was lost in front of it. The fox can certainly deal with a little goblin— Which goblin dares to show tricks before a fox lady? However, the fox was too arrogant to capture the goblin without playing it around. That’s why it missed the light shooting from the island. Of course, the goblin took the opportunity and ran away.

Pulling the fox’s ear hard, Lin Luoran speaks to her communicator, “Xiaozhi, let’s follow the plan.”

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“Roger that.”

Lin Luoran looks up at the sky. An airship is going towards the other side of the star.

Finally, there may be cultivators on the star that disrupt her plan.

“Let’s meet the cultivators on the island.” If they are still there. Lin Luoran silently adds that.

With the help of the breeze, she walks on the waves. In a moment, she reaches the island with the cyan little fox.

“This is Lin Luoran, an individual cultivator. I happened to pass by the beautiful island and decided to visit. May I see the owner here?”

No one answers her. Lin Luoran frowns. She stops on the edge of the island for two reasons. First, she is being polite. Second, there is a protection circle on the isolated island. She doesn’t want to venture in.

However, since Han Weiya was taken into the island, Lin Luoran is not sure if it is empty, or they just don’t want to reply.

She is hesitating, while the cyan little fox jumps off her shoulder and runs into the bushes.

“It’s dangerous! Come back!”

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The bushes are clearly within the magic circle, Lin Luoran just has not found the core of it. Breaking in is too impulsive and dangerous, but the fox is always impatient. In a blink of an eye, it disappears. Lin Luoran has no choice but to follow it.

The magic circle doesn’t start. She easily walks through. Haven’t figured out what happened, the scene in front of her changes greatly.

The island was full of ancient trees but after the light changes, it suddenly turns into a peach blossom forest. Peach trees on the edge of the island are just budded. The new branches are still half green, half yellow. Inwards for one kilometer, the peach blossoms are colorful and bright, attracting Lin’s eyes. The further they go inside, the more mature those trees are. In the end, the peaches are all ripe.

This perhaps has only appeared on Peach Blossom Island in Louis Cha’s book.

Walking a few steps, petals fall on Lin Luoran’s shoulders. The cyan little fox holds two big peaches in each hand and throws one to Lin Luoran. “They are as good as the ones you grow.”

Since the fox is so relaxed, there should be no other people.

Lin Luoran takes the peach and gently peels it off. The juice is sweet. It is indeed as good as the ones in her space.

“Where is Han Weiya?”

The fox is not very happy. “We are worried about her, yet she has got her lucky chance.”

Lucky chance? Finding no danger on the island, Lin Luoran actually kind of knows what has happened. She throws the peach core on the cyan little fox and smiles. “It all starts with you teasing her. Now that the goblin has escaped, you have to go and catch it!”

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Han Weiya is very lucky, although she still hasn’t woken up.

It is a pity that the girl does not have the Taoist root. She can inherit the legacy from her predecessors, but can’t use it. Lin Luoran goes to a thatched cottage found by the fox. Three or four small rooms are hidden deep in the peach blossom forest. Perhaps because of the magic circle, they look like they have just been set up. Caught by the light, Han Weiya is in a coma on the bamboo bed in the middle of the room.

A crystal suspends above her. Its gentle energy is improving Han Weiya’s body.

Lin Luoran doesn’t disturb it. She goes to another hut, where she finds a bronze furnace with endless fire and smoke. An elder Taoist in a green robe sits there crossing his legs. Although his face is ruddy, he has died for a long time.

Having experienced Possession, Lin Luoran is very careful at first. She checks around on full alert.

She spots the bronze furnace. It relies on hellfire to burn. No one knows how long it has last. Is the elixir inside burnt into gray smoke?

A Jade Map lies on the bamboo case. Lin Luoran hesitates for a while but picks up the map and reads it.

To her surprise, there is no life story of the dead Taoist, but mere elixir making notes. It records some grotesque formulas of Bolus and the Taoist’s experience in making elixir.

Lin Luoran’s heart beats fast. The legacy for Han Weiya actually works the best for her.

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Lucky chance and blessings are the most important in cultivation. Han Weiya seems to be blessed by the Peach Blossom Island— However, this little girl does not have the Taoist root. Is it destined?

Lin Luoran puts down Jade Map. She has to think about it.

According to Jade Map, the elixir in the furnace is left to someone destined to have his legacy. Lin Luoran is familiar with the elixir. It is called Bone Marrow Cleansing Elixir.

An elixir of the sixth grade upper rank!

Taking this rare elixir, cultivators who haven’t come to the period of Bearing the Essence can improve their personal ability. Its formula of Bolus is complicated, and the medication hard to find. Even spirit herbs in Lin Luoran’s space are not enough. To pass on his legacy, the Taoist made efforts.

However, though Han Weiya is the lucky one, she can’t even solidify the elixir.

The Taoist’s way of selecting a successor is pretty good. First, that has to be a Huaxia person. Only those born on earth can improve their personal ability. Second, that person has to reach this star. Before getting the period of Bearing Essence, they can only follow the elders to travel in space— The problem is with the following development of technology, everybody can reach this wild star. Han Weiya has the blood to inherit the legacy, but she has no Taoist root.

Lin Luoran sighs. She wants the formula of Bolus and this supposedly excellent alchemy furnace, but she hasn’t determined to shape her Taoist root. It costs an enormous amount of the power of faith. Without a guaranteed supplement of the power, she dares not take the risk.

Thinking for a while, she uses the solidifying technique in Jade Map. Relying on her personal ability in the late stage of Bearing Essence, she collects the sixth Grade elixir that has been in the furnace for years.

Those are crimson red elixirs. Lin Luoran doesn’t know if it’s because they are hard to make, or that she is not familiar with the solidifying techniques. She only gets three, and she puts them up in a jade box.

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Looking at the old Taoist on the couch, she wants to bury him in this beautiful peach forest. However, a question popping in her head makes her pause.

Why did she assume the Taoist was waiting for some descendants with Huaxia blood?!

She starts to recall the peach forest, this cottage, his appearance, and the text on Jade Map… he was an earthling himself! Lin Luoran suddenly realizes. She apologizes in a low voice, checking the four grass rooms. Still no trace of the Taoist’s history. Except for the elixir making notes and the elixir, the only thing he left is the crystal suspending above Han Weiya’s body.

Without checking the crystal, she can’t keep investigating. Taking the crystal will interrupts Han Weiya’s treatment, and she will be guilty. But if she doesn’t take it… Lin Luoran calls out White Fairy from the space.

“White Fairy, please look at that Taoist.”

White Fairy concentrates her power, looking at the lush peach forest, and then at the deceased Taoist.

She looks a little confused, for she seems to have seen this face. However, she doesn’t remember what happened more than a thousand years ago. After a second look at the forest, a memory of her childhood pops up in her mind.

“He… he is Taoist Danling!”

Lin Luoran also feels shocked. Now that White Fairy knows the Taoist, he must come from the earth as Lin thought.

But why did he die on this star? He has a peaceful face, which means he wasn’t seriously injured. Reiki here is far richer than that on the earth… Why didn’t he advance?

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White Fairy looks even more shocked than Lin Luoran.

“That year I just laid my Foundation. A guest visited the Misty Palace. The grandmaster asked me to meet the visitor. That was Taoist Danling. As the ancestor of Gathering Vitality, he was a very important guest for Misty Palace. The grandmaster told me Taoist Danling’s favorite thing is the peach blossom and he lived on an island overseas… Later it was said in the world of cultivation in Huaxia that he has reached Divinization and become immortal.”

Divinization! Becoming immortal!

Does the so-called immortality after Divinization only mean leaving the earth for another star?

Lin Luoran’s a little overwhelmed by confusion.

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